Hip dysphasia affects mobility in Borders and other breeds

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As anticipated in my previous blog on Spike’s Disease, hip dysplasia is another one of the few medical conditions that Borders are inclined to.  We have been lucky so far, as Indy has never suffered displayed canine hip dysplasia symptoms so far.  However, as it appears that Border Terriers are subject to hip dysplasia, I […]

K9 BackPack, a great support

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Since Indy sustained his back injury in the early part of February this year, I made it my job to find out more about dogs back injuries.  The most resonant fact is that there is not one breed more prone to back problem than another, as in fact, and unfortunately, any of our canine friends […]

Pet Cooling Mat

Price:  £9.98 Overview Border Terriers hate hot weather.  Certainly my Indy does!!  For the last few years, and as Indy is getting older, we see that hot weather affects his energy levels greatly, making him very lethargic.  It is crucial that your dog is kept as cool as possible during the warmer months, or else […]

YouMOVE Joint Supplements

Best Buy:  Amazon.co.uk Price:  £17.95 for 120 tablets   Overview It is scary to see your dog getting older under your own eyes, and struggling with every day tasks which only a few months ago he/she was still capable of carrying out.  And it is more so difficult to accept that your dog is growing […]

Spikes Disease-050616

It has to be said that the Border Terrier’s health problems are far and apart, compared to the ones of other breeds which come with inherent health concerns related to their physical structure.  However, and unfortunately, Border Terriers are not completely immune from illness.   What is Spike’s Disease? The most recurrent diseases in Border […]

Where is it, where is it!!

I came across a video on YouTube the other day, which has prompted me to further clarify about Border Terriers.  So, are Border Terriers easy to train, are they a good family dog?  My answer will be with no shadow of a doubt a big fat YES – I’m sure like all dog owners with […]

PlaqueOff prevents tartar


Price:  £7.99 for a 60gr tab   Overview Since adopting our Indy some 6 years ago, it became apparent that Indy’s weak point health wise was his teeth, ever affected by tartar plaque. Especially after he had his first teeth removed, it was our prime concern to retain his teeth as free of tartar as […]