April 2016

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh

Best Buy:  Amazon.co.uk Price: £22 approx. Rating:  8 out of 10   Overview Are Pedigree Dentastix good or bad for your dog’s teeth?  I have recently read several divergent reviews on this product, as there are opinions from owners who do not really see the benefit of this particular stick.  Indy’s ‘Achille’s heel’ has always been […]

My Border Terrier definitely does!!  Regardless of your Border’s coat colour, you cannot notice the moulting on your floor or carpet.  However you will notice his/her fur stuck to your clothes after a cuddling session. Moulting is a natural process in most dog breeds, nor there is a way to prevent it.  Border Terriers can […]

Olive (left) and Indy

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Why you should adopt a dog Naturally the choice is yours, and I’m far from condemning those potential dog owners that prefer to purchase their canine friends. Provided you are sure you are dealing with registered breeders from The Kennel Club UK, by purchasing a dog you will retain dog breed choice, hence you will […]