May 2016

PlaqueOff prevents tartar


Best Buy: Price:  £7.99 for a 60gr tab approx. Rating:  9 out of 10 Overview Since adopting our Indy some 6 years ago, it became apparent that Indy’s weak point health wise was his teeth, ever affected by tartar plaque. Especially after he had his first teeth removed, it was our prime concern to […]

I love shopping with mum in Italian supermarkets


  I am just back from one of my usual visits to Italy, and wanted to post a quick update following from our previous blog Where Are Dogs Allowed.  This time I manage to take pictures (with owners’ permission of course), and here you have them, to prove that other European countries indeed are more […]

Dog nicely trained to walk by his handler's side

The answer is in 2 world-renowned words: Cesar Millan!  And you either love him or hate him.  Personally I love the man, and I am in awe of how easily and naturally is respected by any dog around him.  Indy, well I am not sure he’d be in awe, but rather he would know who […]

Some of Indy's collars

During our walks with my Indy we have recently come across quite a few owners who kept their dogs on harness with no collar. No harm done there, if it weren’t for the fact that the dogs did not have an identity tag on the harness.  The owners kept telling us their dogs could not […]

I love to help mum with the food shopping

  I find it more and more frustrating and difficult to have days out with my dog, and allow him to be a full member of the family’s every day activity, when there are hardly any places in UK that canines are allowed access to.  UK does not allow dogs entrance to shops retailing in […]