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Giulia and IndyMy name is Giulia and, for all my sins, I am the author of this site.


Who and what is Giulia

First of all, let me thank all of you for taking an interest in my site and for visiting it.  In brief, I work part-time for a local authority, and have a wonderfully supportive family, my husband and my teenage son.  And of course the baby of the house, our Indy.

What prompted me to concentrate my endeavours on this site is so I could share with you the loving and fun experience we have every day since Indy became part of our family 6 years ago.

But also, I am trying to set up my online business, in an effort eventually to be able to reduce my working hours of my office job in order to dedicate more time to my family and to our ageing dog.  So, what better way to start than to combine the need of an income with the passion of my life, my dog!


My mid-life crisis

When I first came to this country over 20 years ago, I was young and ambitious.  If they had ever told me I could work part time to have more time to myself, I would have answered: ‘What do I need more time for?  My work is also my time to socialise with work colleagues, to affirm myself and to earn money.  The corporate way is the way forward!’

Fast forward 20 years and my mind-set has completely altered.  As I approach middle age, I realise that I have sacrifices family life for the sake of work.  Because of my work commitments, and due to financial restrictions, I found myself having to work full-time and missing out of beautiful moments in my son’s childhood which, I know, are never going to come back.  I regret this so much!

I also realise that due to work, I have sacrificed not being at home as much as I would have liked with my husband and for my husband.  We keep struggling to find time for holidays, and still see each other only a couple of hours in the evening which we spend having dinner, watching a bit of telly and then going to bed ahead of another working day when we wake up again.  The weekends pass by in a flash with us trying to catch up with housework that we could not do during the week!

And then, as I mentioned above, there is my Indy.  We have had him now for nearly 7 years.  When Indy came in to our lives, my son was 10.  They were both just wonderful together!  So much has happened in the meantime, so many wonderful memories, but all gone far too quickly.

I don’t want to miss out on any of this anymore.

And that is what has pushed me for the last few years to find a way to earn online.


What’s this website to do with money 

There are many ways to earn online, and I have come across many not too reputable schemes which, fortunately for me, I found out in good time they would lead me nowhere.

Then nearly a year ago I came across Wealthy Affiliate, a Canadian based company which has introduced me – FREE OF CHARGE – to online affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Build Affiliate Business

Wealthy Affiliate not only taught me to build my own website.  I could have my website and talk about my favourite subject, my dog Indy at the same time.  That in itself sounded heaven!

But Wealthy Affiliate also taught me how to monetise from a blogging website: through affiliate marketing.


My affiliate marketing disclosure

My intention on this website is to introduce you to items and services that I believe are in the best interest of your dogs and of you owners.

When you buy through one of my links on this website, I may receive an affiliate commission, but you will not be charged any extra from the supplier.  The reviews if the merchandise and service I discuss on this website are my opinion and are not representative of the companies that create these products and services.  My reviews are based on my own personal experience and research.

I recommend never poor quality products, or create false reviews to make sales. 

It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.


I hope you enjoy the journey

I am hoping I shall be able to give as much information as possible about Border Terriers, but please do leave your comments with suggestions (always welcome) and questions.   I may not have the answer in hand, but I surely will research for you to the best of my abilities.

Much love

Giulia, living with her border terrier Indy




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    I truly enjoyed your website, your have the sweetest border terrier. Are you giving your border terrier extra treats for being the star on your website?

    I just love dogs with all my heart, I have had a dog all my life, I am now 57 years old. My present dog is a Rottweiler, without a doubt he is the biggest baby I have ever had and is my best buddy.

    I do not know much about border terriers, have you had many of them over the years or is this your first one. How old does a border terrier get to be, are they very protective of the home and family?

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      Ahhh Rottweilers, they are always so unfairly feared, when I thing they have some of the sweetest eyes ever!

      Re my Indy, of course he gets good boy treats, but especially when I try to make him model for me, which is never an easy task, as being a cheeky monkey, he likes to turn away as soon as he realises I’m about to take his pic. Indy is not only my first Border, but in fact my first dog. That’s why I can’t exactly call myself an expert, but I can only go by my own experience of having my Indy. But I hope my thirst to learn more about this breed as well as the canine world will bring some useful insight.

      I think Indy is protective of us, and particularly me, but in a positive way – he is just very loyal. But he can sometimes be naughty with other dogs because he can be territorial. That’s why we tend to give him walks following differ the routes – we feels this will make it more interesting for both him and us.

      Thank you for your interest 🙂

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    Hi Giulia, you have a great website!!! Your dog Indy is really cute!!! I love terriers, I had a fox terrier when I was a teenager and I just adored him! He is now in dogs haven but I still remember his smiling face 🙂
    I read somewhere that border terriers are originally bred as fox and vermin hunters. Are fox terriers and border terriers very different in character?
    Unfortunately I don’t have a dog now as I leave in a small apartment but one day when I have my dream house I will get one.

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      Thanks for your lovely words Elektra. I read that fox terriers were officially recognised as a breed in its own rich at the beginning of the 19th century, slightly after Borders. And in practice their job was to catch vermin in the same way as Borders, but in spite of their elongated muzzle, Fox Terriers were supposed to hunt on the ground, whereas Borders, with their otter face, were to catch in burrows. Otherwise, they are both excellent family dogs, extremely intelligent, loyal, adaptable, and mostly trainable. Who knows, maybe on day you can get yourself another one! Take care. Giulia ☺️

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    Thanks for sharing your site with me. I too am a dog lover, owner, trainer and therapist. My pets are my children, friends and confidant. I have not yet set up an affiliate website, but am encouraged by your site and insight. Good luck in your on line business. Take Care Gretyl

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      It’s nice when you finally find soul mates, people who understand why you are doing all this. I’ve always wanted and adored dogs, but never bein allowed one when I was younger – my parents never liked pets, and in fairness they would not have been able to look after them. Indy is my fist dog, and given the amount of love he gives me, it is only but fair that I let the whole world know!!
      Thanks for your support Gretyl, and all the best to you too.
      Giulia ??

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    Hi Giulia,

    I was directed to your website via a friend who noticed that you are using a photograph belonging to me as your website banner. This photograph was given by me to The Border Terrier Club for their exclusive use. As I am sure you will I appreciate, I am not enamoured with my photographs being used by third parties without prior permission being sought. Further, as this particular photo is for use by The Border Terrier Club only, I would appreciate it if you would remove it.

    Thank you.

    1. // Reply

      Anne, I do apologised if my choice of picture for my logo caused you upset. At the time I found the picture, I am pretty sure it was listed under Google Images as ‘labelled for reuse’, which would have meant it was free of copyright limitation. If the licensing on this picture has changed since, I was not aware. Nevertheless, I am glad you brought it to my attention, as it is not my intention to breach any legal permission, nor – as I mention – to offend you or anyone else.
      In passing, I have seen your picture circulated on many other websites. I would help if I remembered where I saw it. You may want to consider possibly contacting Google to ensure they are aware of the licensing status of your picture.
      I shall remove the picture immediately, and once again apologies.
      P.S. For all wanna-be bloggers out there, be extra careful when choosing pictures online. Always ensure they are not copyright restricted!!

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    The information on your webite regarding border Terriers is completely wrong. It is not a neurological disorder order at all. It is a gastrointestinal disorder and is controlled by diet alone. The dogs must be on gluten-free diets at all times and must eat no form of gluten at all. You need to go to the Internet and read the latest information of studies done in great Britain on this disease and you will find out the actual facts. You need to redo your website message regarding spikes disease as you are disseminating incorrect information of a medical nature.

    1. // Reply

      Dear Anon, I am sorry to hear that you do not agree with my post on Spike’s. It is not my intention to divulge incorrect information. I make no secret of the fact that I have no veterinarian background, nor have I got direct experience of Spike’s, as luckily my dog has never suffered from this nasty condition. However, my aim is only to make other owners aware, after learning about it though online research. In fact I have recently found another website, http://www.canineepilepsy.co.uk/cecs.html where this condition is listed as neurological. Wikipedia on the other hand mentions the cause as unknown (as I confirm in my post) with possible speculation of the disease as deriving from metabolic, neurological or muscular conditions.
      It appears that you are right when you mention affected dogs are found to manage the condition through a gluten-free diet. But as you can see from comments left on the post, not all dogs respond well to the gluten-free diet, and some owners have to up the antes by removing other types of foods, such as all grains, to then having to introduce to a completed raw diet.
      If you have different findings to support your statement, you are welcome to share them in this forum. It is not my intention to misinform my readers, but I have not yet come across other statements.
      I am pretty certain, and hoping, that as time goes by more will be discovered about the exact causes of Spike’s and how to manage it, or to cure it even, more successfully. If and when I hear more, it is my intention to publish updates so as to keep my audience up to date with the latest developments.
      Thanks for your views.

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    Hi Giulia! I have been clicking around on your site. Your site is filled with great information. I am familiar with border terriers however I did not realize the care and maintenance involved. I also was not aware of the of the health issues this breed struggles with on a daily basis. Glad we connected on Wealthy Affiliate! So glad that I didn’t miss out on this site!

    1. // Reply

      Thank you ever so much for your kind words, Roxana. I hope I have not scared you off from getting a Border, if you were thinking about it. Borders have ailments, but in saying so, they are found to be one of the healthiest and longest living dog breeds at the moment, with their life estimated between 14-16 years. I just hope my Indy matches this average (!!!).
      It was brilliant how we met on Wealthy Affiliate (for those who wonder what we are talking about, this is the platform that enabled me to build this website and where I have learned all I know about online business), and I certainly hope we’ll keep in touch.

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