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Today Indy and I would like to help you find perfect Christmas gift ideas for your hounds – or even better, for your Border Terriers.  And that again is through our favourite suppler Amazon.

As most of you will know, Amazon is one of the best online retailers to turn your Christmas shopping into a bargain trip.  Amazon online Black Friday sales have been amongst the most competitive for many decades.  And now you can carry on your Christmas shopping and get best Amazon Cyber Monday deals for your dogs too.

What’s in it for my Border Terrier

I find it frustrating at times to find anything out of the ordinary for my border Indy when it comes to presents.

Have you noticed that every year the craziest fashion and home ware statements are made by representing the most popular breeds of dogs?  Well, for the last few years, each and every year I have seen labradors, pugs, poodles, and every other breed of dogs printed on cushions, on key rings, as door stoppers – you name it.  But Borders?  Not a sign.

Yet Border Terriers are deemed to be one of the most popular breeds of terriers.  You do not need Kennel Club statistics to realise there are more Borders walking the high streets or the local woods these days than ever before.  And that is thanks to their good nature and adaptability, but also thanks to the cute face: a face that talks a thousand expressions in one pose, the grumpy one.

And again I wonder then: surely such an expressive ‘mug’ should be easy enough to reproduce?  So, why don’t we see as much merchandise dedicated to Border Terriers, or to terriers more in general for all that matters?


Sophie Allport is the answer

This lady is a very gifted and talented British designer who specialises in items to decorate your kitchen, garden and home.  All of Shopie’s designs are inspired by her love for nature and the lovely and picturesque British countryside, and translate in hand made china and textile products.

One of Sophie’s passion is, guess what, for Terriers.sophie-allport-border-terriers

Now, however clever my Indy is, he may not quite appreciate the fine difference between factory produced merchandise and hand made objects.  But I do, and love anything and everything that support local arts and crafts efforts.

And what better opportunity than purchasing Sophie’s Border Terrier inspired ideas at a discounted price directly from Amazon, during Cyber Monday!!!


Ideal as gift idea for Border Terrier owners

Admittedly, these particular items designed and produced by Sophie Allport are possibly not of direct use to your hound.  But as the Christmas festivities approach, they make wonderful gift ideas for your household if you own a Border, or for any family and friends that have a Border for canine companion.

Amongst other items, Amazon proposes mugs and cups and saucers, tea cloths, cushions, plates and bowls, and even hand bags.

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

Sophie Allport has her own website, but has made her collection available also on Amazon, which of course offers items at discounted rates.

As part of Amazon Cyber Monday handcrafted gift promotion, you will be able to purchase some of Sophie Allport’s hand crafted items at an even more discounted price!


Where is the convenience

If you have not yet done so during the Black Friday saving deals, take advantage of Amazon Cyber Monday deals for an extended period of Monday 28th November to Sunday 4th December 2016.  And there is a host of multiple reasons why you should do so:

  • Discounted prices – firstly and formostly, Amazon as per usual proposes unbeatable deals over the high street stores.  Whilst in principle I am against the excessive secularisation of the Christmas period, I also recognise the pleasure of exchanging gifts with loved ones.  But this should not become, if you can help it, too onerous on your purse.  Amazon is the answer to your budget limitations.


  • Home delivery – with Amazon you get the convenience of having your shopping home delivered, and with some items the delivery is free of charge.  With Prime scheme in fact, for a small annual fee you get any type of shopping delivered for you for free the next day, and for an unlimited amount of orders you place.

  • Time saving – it is undoubted that shopping online is time saver.  Some may argue that you get access to a reduced choice where product range is reduced over merchandise available in department stores.  I beg to differ.  You may initially spend time doing online searching, but however long you do spend searching, it is done in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  Not only that, but once you know your favourite suppliers, such as Amazon with your Christmas shopping, your time spent doing your shopping will never be as busy and energy consuming as travelling from shop to shop on the high street for that perfect gift.


  • High end shopping – with this particular range of Sophie Allport designed gifts for Border Terrier lovers, Amazon matches the selections offered in small hand crafted shops, but at a more advantageous price.

What Amazon is going to offer you on Cyber Monday week, will be all you need to complete your Christmas shopping.  So, what are you waiting for?  Put a reminder on your calendar, and log on Amazon on Monday!!



Have you started your Amazon shopping for your dog yet?  And have you found anything of interest on the Amazon websites, UK or worldwide based?  Do let me know, and by all means bring to the table any ideas that could help us all with the last minute Christmas shopping for the furry members of our family and for dog owners.  Leave a comment below.


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    I saw lots of them on the street and this bag really looks nice and I will definitely consider taking one for my friend who has dog. Great writing Giulia

    1. // Reply

      Thank you Furkan. I take if you saw the bag, it may have belonged to a Border owner. To prove that Borders are as popular a breed as any other one.
      Thanks for reading, my friend.

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    I can say the main reason I shop online is to save time and no matter how individuals have personally views about it, I personally fine this means of shopping online a time saving for I have to put up time for other pertinent issues.
    Great post and More Success.

    1. // Reply

      Yes, same here. Personally, I find online shopping a life saver as much as painfully time consuming I find rampaging through shelves and rails in actual stores, shops or supermarkets even. Some people prefer the physical experience of choosing. For me, being a lazy bones by nature, the easier and more strimlined the process, the merrier. And the answer is in shopping online.
      Thanks for reading.

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