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I am not the most active person in the world. You can understand, therefore, why I am not so keen on getting these health monitoring devices available on the market. I hate the thought of being told off by a machine for not meeting targets!!

But, I have to say, when I went on my Facebook account today and found out that one of our virtual Border Terrier friends has a FitBark, I had to look into this. And I was absolutely blown away. Do you want to find out why I think FitBark is the best Border Terrier health monitor? Well, you’ll have to read on!!


Name: FitBark

Founders: Davide Rossi CEO, along with Sara Rossi, Fabrizio Filippini and Michael Chiang

Available from:

Price: current promotion of USD80 / GBP63 up to 16 Dec 2018

Amazon Rating: 4.6 out of 5


FitBark Dog Activity Monitor


What Is FitBark

Anyone familiar with the dreaded FitBit? I call it ‘dreaded’ purely because, as mentioned before, I cannot stand the idea of being monitored for each and every activity I perform each and every moment of my life. But then again, that’s probably because deep down I know my lifestyle is quite sedentary.

FitBark is exactly the same type of device. You hook it up to your dog’s collar, and it starts monitoring your dog’s daily activity, along with yours!

The way it works is amazingly simple. Like with FitBit, you need to have internet, wi-fi or 4G connection. You simply link your dog’s FitBark to your FitBit device, or to your mobile phone, or tablet via the dedicated app.

And the rest is history. Because, every time that you then log on the app, you will be able to see your dog’s data reflecting his or her different levels of activity.


FitBark For Border Terriers, FitBark For Active Breeds

My laziness was one of the many reasons why we were so happy when Indy adopted us. Here we had a very fit and full of life Border, who wanted and could take in very long walks – two walks a day of up to an hour each. Can you imagine how my life was turned topsy-turvy?

And yet, I just didn’t mind. In fact, every morning I found myself looking forward to taking my Indy out in the early hours before going to walk, no matter the weather. That was my way to switch off from anything and everything, it was my ‘me’ time with my dog.

The funny thing is that even today, when Indy no longer walks as much as he used to – and certainly not in the early hours of the morning! – I still look forward to taking him out after work, again no matter the weather. Because to this day walking my Indy is my way to unwind from a busy day, it’s my way to regroup my thoughts. And it’s my way to test whether Indy is still well or maybe a little tired or under the weather.

However, my testing so far has been left to my untrained naked eye. Using a device which records more specific data is something completely different, wouldn’t you agree?

We are talking, here, about a device which can monitor so many different aspects of your Border’s daily routine, hence giving a very accurate view of her or his health:

  • distance and quality of walks and runs
  • calories burnt
  • sleep quality and quantity
  • levels of anxiety
  • changes to skin consistency, hence potential skin problems
  • different behaviours
  • overall changes in health.

Why I believe FitBark is ideal for Borders?

Because Borders are one of the most active breeds I know of. Borders do love their walks and runs. And they love their play time too.

It becomes more so important, therefore, to find out as soon as possible when there are changes to the everyday routines, by monitoring their blood pressure, their heat beats and other signaling indicators.


How Does FitBark Work

All you need is an internet based device, such as your smart phone, tablet, but even your laptop if you prefer. FitBark has devised a free app, which will enable you to link the little box hooked up to your dog’s collar to your device. And that’s where you will be able to see all your dog’s health data.

Currently FitBark are promoting their latest model, FitBark2 (yes, I know, I completely missed out on the first model altogether!).

The difference between this latest version and the first model is in the fact that batteries now last far longer, up to 6 months.


Loved By Dog Owners, Loved By Vets

As a Border Terrier owner of an older dog (sorry Indy, but that’s the harsh truth), I can see how important it is to monitor your dog’s health as much and as accurately as possible.

Especially now that Indy is getting on with years, it is in his and our best interest to monitor how much he moves in the house when we are not around. Does he sleep for the whole morning, or does he bother to go out in the garden for his toilet time? Does he drink enough?

Knowing all this would give us an idea of how fast our dog is getting older. Because, like with humans, some dogs take on older years with much more energy than others, right?

That’s why I believer all dog owners should love a little gadget like this. If we are so fussed and concerned about our own health and good quality of life, this mind-set should go only hand in hand with wanting exactly the same for our dogs, don’t you think?

The reason why FitBark is also so much liked by dog owners is that, by connecting FitBark to your own monitor, you can work out how much exercise you do too. All you have to do is take your dog for a walk, and that’s how you will know how many calories you will have burnt!

But FitBark is equally loved by vets. Let me show you why.

Did you know that over 45 universities worldwide have collaborated with FitBark in creating this little device in such a way that it would pick up on your dog’s health behaviours?

And did you know that amongst those universities, University of Cambridge also contributed? Yes, University of Cambridge!!!


Take Advantage Of The Lower Price Up To 16 December!!!

Ok, let’s talk price.

This little, yet extremely useful gadget, normally features at approximately £150. Some may find this price a little steep.

However, do bear in mind that first of all the device will last you forever. Also, it comes with 2 years warranty, it’s waterproof, you name it. I won’t bore you with the technical specifications, which you can easily find when you click on this link.

But … only up to midnight on Sunday 16 December 2018 FitBark will cost you $80 = £63 + delivery

I suggest, if you are short of ideas on how to treat your dog, and your family, this Christmas, you don’t want to miss out on such a bargain.


FitBark Is Now Added To My Shopping List

I’ve said this before, the only reason why I haven’t got FitBark is because I never knew it existed. Shame on me!

But I have read so many good things about it that yes, I am definitely going to add it to my Christmas shopping list.

More so, now that our Indy is growing older, we want to closely monitor his health. And hooking up the device to his collar, even if I change Indy’s collar every day (yes, in the same way as we change clothes daily), should not be such a big deal.

But here I am thinking also of dog owners of pups, or more juvenile Borders – or of any other breed, for all that matters.

See, the way I see it is this. The sooner you learn your dog’s habits, the more easily you will be able to spot if there are any changes in your dog’s habits, which you should start worrying about.

For instance, if you monitor your dog’s activity before, during and after the Christmas period, when you have more people coming and going, and when the household does not follow a regular routine, you will then read your dog’s health data bearing all this in mind.

Likewise, you are expected to find your dog’s details altered if you were moving home.

But if your dog’s health trace shows changes in spite of lack of changes to his or her daily routine, or in spite of no changes in the surrounding environment, then it’s the time for you to start monitoring your dog more closely. And possibly to consult your vet.

And that’s where I can see FitBark to become an essential part of your dog and your life. As far as we are concerned, our dog’s good health is our peace of mind. Surely you can’t deny feeling exactly the same!


Name: FitBark

Founders: Davide Rossi CEO, along with Sara Rossi, Fabrizio Filippini and Michael Chiang

Available from:

Price: current promotion of USD80 / GBP63 up to 16 Dec 2018

Amazon Rating: 4.6 out of 5


FitBark Dog Activity Monitor


Let me leave you with a really lovely video put together by FitBark.  It tells you the essence of FitBark, its purpose and how instrumental it can actually be in making our bond with our dogs stronger and more long lasting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Now, if you are still unsure about this product, by all means do leave your comments below, so that I can get back to you with an answer.

Likewise, if your fur friend is already using FitBark, do tell us what you think if it.  Is it really useful as it looks?  Has it helped improve your dog’s overall quality of life?  Share your experience with us.


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    This is brilliant! Who would have thought you could mot get fit devices for dogs. Fitbark sounds great!. I particularly like that it can measure anxiety it’s a way of working out what makes your dog anxious if you pinpoint activity or events. The skin problem is feature is great too because our dog often get eczema bouts. 

    1. // Reply

      Isn’t it just, Dianne? I swear, I haven’t got it yet – mainly because I never knew it existed till a few days ago (!!). But I’m gonna have to get it for my Indy. I understand that, once you set it up to register your dog’s details, it then works out how much exercise to expect of your dog, based on age, breed and your dog’s personal data, such as heart beat, average daily routines and more. How brilliant is that??

      Thanks for stopping by, Dianne, and let us know if you are gonna get a FitBark for your dog too 💖

  2. // Reply

    Interesting post thank you , I find this very timely with the holidays rapidly  approaching . I know myself that getting out for a walk during the winter months in my area can be a real task. I can see that having a FitBark as a reminder tool , would help give me the extra push out the door to get moving. Just wondering any idea how long it has been on the market ? I will bookmark your site and revisit to look for your reply , thanks 

    1. // Reply

      hi Rick, I believe FitBark has been on the market since 2013, but only recently the company has launched an upgraded version, the FitBark2, which differs from the original version in so far that battery charge lasts far longer, up to 6 months.

      To be honest, monitoring myself as well as my dog is another reason why I want to get it. As mentioned in my post, I’m a natural lazy, and loathe any form of physical exercise. A FitBark would be an incentive, for me too, to get out of that door and go walkies with my Indy.

      Thanks for your input and look forward to hearing from you back on my pages 🤗

  3. // Reply

    Hi Giulia,

    This is amazing device. I didn’t even know that such thing is available for dogs. The questions I have is about the level of anxiety and skin condition. Obviously, it makes sense to me how steps and calories are measured, but what I want to know how they measure the level of anxiety and especially skin?

    Thanks for help,


    1. // Reply

      Eugen, thank you for asking such vital questions. Regarding detecting anxiety in our dogs, I believe FitBark can pick up our dog’s heart beat, hence determine variations, based on their profile and daily routine. So for instance, in the case of my Indy, FitBark would work out if there’s any unusual pacing up and down or tremor or stillness in Indy (which are normally signs of nervousness) based on his age, on his regular body function and on his daily activity. 

      Regarding picking up skin conditions, again I suspect FitBark would pick up on extra scratching activities.  But the question intrigues me too. I have actually asked the same question to FitBark directly, and will get back to you as soon as they give me an answer.

      Thanks again 💖

  4. // Reply

    I love the fact that fit bark can simultaneously track the activities of myself and my dog. I am not a fitness enthusiast though but recently it’s really getting interesting to me running, jogging, walking exercise and I think I’m loving it.

     The only tacker I’ve ever used is the Garmin vivofit but I think fitbark is going to be a biggie to me now especially in tracking smart ‘s activities.

    1. // Reply

      oh absolutely Lok. Like you, I’m not naturally into physical activities – let alone running or jogging. Being taken out for a walk by my dog has become the ideal solution for me. Now, with FitBark, being able to monitor both my dog’s and my level of activity and fitness will make it even better!

      Thank you ever so much for your comment and I hope to see you around soon 😀

  5. // Reply

    Thanks to this article, I now know such device exist. Never heard of it before now. It sounds like something cool to have as the importance of our Dog’s health cannot be overemphasized..

    The Fitbark device is something I’ll love to try, I do hope it ships to my country.

    I found this post truly helpful. Great job Giulia.

    1. // Reply

      I think, Eohia, the only reason why most of us don’t seem to have heard of it till recently is due to the fact that it was firstly manufactured and distributed in the States – though this was quite a few years ago. Yet I believe FitBark is now safely distributed in most countries, either directly sold or via Amazon, where you can equally find very competitive deals.

      Let me know if you manage to get one for your dog in your own country 👍🙂

  6. // Reply

    omg! what a brilliant thing! fitbit for dogs! just awesome!

    you are exactly right! like humans getting older, so are dogs and their health needs to be monitored! As a dog lover and carer I am definitely ordering one for my lilywhite!

    Do you know if i can get this item delivered to dubai?

    thanks so much for this article!

    1. // Reply

      Tarun, I sincerely hope so. Check out the FitBark website directly. If not, I believe Amazon and a few more distributors Will be able to help you purchase FitBark and have it delivered to Dubai too.

      Let me know how you get on 😃

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