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In my last post on causes and effects of cloudy eyes in dogs, I mentioned how the most common cause of cloudy eyes is cataracts. Cataracts is equally diffused as one of canine eye problems as much as in humans, and its occurrence increases with age.

My Indy has not yet been affected by cataracts, nor does he seem to have any other vision related impairment – so the vet said when we took him for a check up a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, seen how common cataracts are in dogs, I wanted to find out if there were any dog eye drops that could relieve the symptoms and the discomfort caused by cataracts. And I have come across Bright Eye Carnosine NAC Cataract Eye Drop for Dogs. Bright Eye brand has been introduced in UK a few years ago as one of the best canine cataract eye drops, which have been proven to reduce cataracts in dogs as successfully as in humans, to the point of replacing surgery. Let me tell you more about Bright Eye Carnosine NAC Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs.


Best Buy:

Name:    Bright Eyes Carnosine NAC Ethos Cataract Eye Drops for Pets

Price: approx. $99 for 2x5ml (plus $5 delivery to UK)

Our rating: 5 out of 5

Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops for Pets

The strength of Bright Eye Carnosine NAC Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs

Bright Eye is a renowned brand of eye related products for the well-being of eyes in humans. Originally distributed by the Swiss company Ethos, the brand was introduced to the UK market back in the early 2000s (in 2003 to be precise) with a range of eye drops for the most basic ailments, such as dryness, but also for specific and most complex vision conditions. But Ethos also introduced the pet version of Bright Eyes drops, which are manufactured to aid eye conditions of those pets affected by the same most recurring eye conditions.

The secret is in the primary ingredient, Carnosine NAC, a natural amino-acid which, when given to your pet as regularly as indicated in the instructions, helps reduce particularly the effect of cataracts to the point of solving the problem once and for all, by getting rid of cataracts altogether. In other words, these drops are so good that are deemed to be able to replace surgical intervention!


What’s Carnosine NAC

Carnosine NAC stands for N-acetylcarnosine, a molecule known as a di-peptine and combined by two amino-acids.

Carnosine is naturally present in many foods and ingredients, and serves as protector from the effects of aging as containing anti-oxidant properties. Carnosine is also naturally present in the human body, but it’s deemed to reduce its levels as we age, and therefore to give free access to the development particularly of vision related conditions, such as certain types of cataracts.

Ingredients of Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs
The ingredients used in these drops have been proven over and over not to be dangerous to your dog’s eyes

Carnosine is not, however, the sole element which contributes to the good results in eliminating cataracts from our dogs’ eyes.

Bright Eyes also contains glycerin and sodium to act as lubricant agent. And it contains sterile water with potassium phosphate, and purified benzyl alcohol for preservative purposes.

Are any of these ingredients dangerous for our pets? No, they are not, in the same way as they don’t cause harm to the human eye.


Who Bright Eye Carnosine NAC Cataract Eye Drops are for

As a dog owner, my primary interest goes in finding products that will help maintain or regain the well-being of my dog. But Bright Eyes Eye Drops are not solely for dogs. They have been used on cats, horses, rabbits, rodents and other pets.


Expensive – it is not!

The only downside some might object to is the price. In my opinion this stance is incorrect, and let me tell you why.

Once again, the cheapest retailer of Bright Eye I have found is Amazon online store. Amazon sells Bright Eyes Drops for your dogs in a packet of 2 small bottles of 5ml each, and at a price of approximately £99 (plus £5 delivery to UK for non-USA residents) . That works out approximately $50 per small bottle.

If you think this to be overly excessive, let me show you how the Amazon price compares to the price shown on the official Ethos Bright Eyes website:

Bright Eyes Drops by Ethos
On Ethos official website Bright Eyes Drops are more expensive!

The distributor Ethos recommends that you use some 8-10 drops in each eye daily, spread over the course of day at a rate of 1 drop in each eye every hour. This regime will allow your box of 2 bottles to last some 10 days. By this time you and your vet should start noticing the cataract starting to shrink, if not dissolving altogether.

=>=>=>Please be advised, currently Amazon UK is no longer stocking Bright Eyes, which however is still available on <=<=<=

Even when the cataracts are disappeared, Bright Eyes recommends that you keep using the drops on your dog at a rate of 1-2 drops a day, to prevent cataracts from reoccurring and to retain altogether the wellness of your dog’s eyes. In these cases the small 5ml bottles will last you even longer of course.

Some more severe cases may require a prolonged use of Bright Eyes drops for up to 6-8 weeks. But for such cases Amazon proposes a pack of 12 x 5ml bottles, at the very much discounted price of £249 approximately.

Bright Eyes Carnosine Nac Ethos Cataract Eye Drops for Pets 12x5ml bottles
For prolonged application, order the 12x5ml pack at a discount of nearly £150!

Yes, you read it right: £249!!! That, to you, is a discount of £147 over the individual price of approximately £33 per bottle!!!

This deal, however, currently is only available on Amazon UK, where at present they have run out of the product altogether.

But if you still think that coughing out some £249 to bring your dog’s eyesight back to its normal vision levels may be too expensive, you may be more easily persuaded by a few reviews I came across. So, here’s to you some success stories.


Success stories

If you google for reviews on Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs on the internet, you will not find any negative review. No claims of scam, nor claims that the drops are dangerous for dogs or for other pets. In fact, it appears that the drops are most successful for humans and pets alike – although Ethos has a different range of Bright Eyes drops for humans of course.
But let me show you what a couple of testimonials I came across on YouTube to show you what dog owners think of this product.

The videos were testimonials collected by former Ethos Vision company, now replaced by But the videos refer potential buyers to As mentioned, the drops are readily available on the UK counterpart (currently run out of stock) as well as on and at a discounted price over the price charged by

I think these videos talk for themselves, don’t you?


My verdict

As mentioned, luckily I haven’t had to use eye drops on Indy, whether for cataracts or for any other eye related impediment. However, the success stories particularly have left no shadow of the doubt that Bright Eyes is a very good and reliable brand, and that the Bright Eyes Carnosice NAC Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs truly work.

My recommendation is that you have your dog checked out by your vet first, in order to establish the severity of his eye condition and if the type of cataracts your dog has may be cured without surgical intervention.

The reality is that cataracts are very difficult to operate in dogs, especially as they affect dogs in their maturity, when it is far too dangerous to put them through the ill effect of an anesthetic as well as the actual surgery itself.

But the effects of these drops seem to be short of the miracle, when dog owners keep claiming that within weeks you can physically see that veil over your dog’s eyes (the foggy effect caused by cataract) disappear progressively and so effectively.

Nevertheless, and as it appears that these drops are also employed as preventative measure to avoid the onset of the condition in dogs, I believe that these drops are definitely the knees bees to guarantee good eyesight to your dogs in spite of his / her older age.

For such a versatile product, which keeps receiving accolades year-on-year about the very good results it obtains with dogs’ eyes, surely you cannot put a price to such strong rate of success!!


Best Buy:

Name:    Bright Eyes Carnosine NAC Ethos Cataract Eye Drops for Pets

Price: approx. $99 for 2x5ml (plus $5 delivery to UK)

Our rating: 5 out of 5

Is your dog already suffering from cataracts or other eye problems? Have you tried Bright Eyes drops yet? Surely if you have already experienced the beneficial effects of these drops, you will become the most credible testimonials to the efficacy of the Bright Eye brand. Let us know your experience, good or bad that it may be – leave your comment below!


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    I was actually looking online for dog food for my mother in law (for her dog, not her, lol) when I spotted this post and I just had to take a look, I have noticed a greyish glare in her labrador called bud for the last few weeks and my mother in law has said its always been there but I had never noticed it before. I’m assuming it would affect all dogs?
    I have just shown her this post and I think she might be taking him to the vets in the morning just to get him checked out for cataract but I’ve bookmarked this page for when she needs to order the drops which I would imagine she will do.
    Thanks for showing me the cheapest place to get them, much appreciated

    1. // Reply

      You are very welcome, Matthew. I sincerely hope Bud is going to be alright. There is so much veterinary science can do nowadays for our fur friends – Indy and I should know this, as where in the past vets would have just shaken their heads with resignation in front of cancer in dogs, now not only they can operate but they can successfully prolong dogs’ lives too (check out my post on Indy’s battle against cancer if you have a minute). But yes, often enough when it is the case of cataracts where the diagnosis has been made in good time before the cataract is too advanced, it is worth giving these drops a try before opting for surgery outright.
      Do let us know how Bud is getting on. I shall be thinking of him and of your mother-in-law 🙂

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    Hi Giulia, this certainly is an informative and helpful article. I have not had experience of cataracts affecting dogs, nor have I had the experience with my cats. However, I have seen cats with cloudy eyes but didn’t give thought to it being cataracts that caused the cloudiness. They were not my cats so I didn’t comment. Had I been aware of cataracts affecting animals no doubt I would have made mention of the need for treatment.

    The downside of treatment, as with any medical treatment for animals, is the cost. However, in the case of the Bright Eye drops, the cost would not be possible for many to meet.

    For those who are able to afford the cost of the Bright Eye drops, that certainly would be a great remedy. As you say, eye surgery for animals would be difficult without an anaesthetic.

    It is so hard to watch an animal suffering and not being able to see properly must extremely hard for our beloved pets. So I am pleased to have awareness of the fact that cataracts in animals can be treated by correctly administering Bright Eye drops.

    Thank you.

    1. // Reply

      Valerie, you are right, health care for pets never come cheap. Which makes it more so difficult for pet owners to sometimes have to choose between what is sensible financially and the well-being of your pet. It shouldn’t have to be so, I agree. UK has a few charities that can help with pet health care costs, but I believe you much be below a certain household income threshold in order to qualify for financial support.
      We were charged a lot for the removal of Indy’s cancer – and when I say ‘a lot’, I mean really a lot. To the point that, when treatment was completed, financially we had to start from nil again. Have we regretted it? Not in the least, and for the sake of seeing Indy well again, we’d probably be prepared to spend the same money all over again. But, it is a difficult choice which, as I say, pet owners should not have to make.
      Thank you ever so much for looking into my review, Valerie. I hope you will keep visiting my site 🙂

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    Hello Giulia. Thanks for this article. My sister had a dog that was always getting sick. I wish I found this site sooner. So many tips she could have used. The dog is no longer with her. Thanks for your awesome posts.

    1. // Reply

      Oh Dan, I am ever so sorry that your sister’s fur baby is no longer with you guys. But I am glad to hear that you find my website helpful – I never make claims to know, but my aim is purely to share with other dog owners my experience and what I learn from being far too curious 🙂

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    Hi, Giulia.

    What a wonderful explanation you’ve written here and the details of the products are superb.

    To be quite honest, I had no idea that dogs suffered from this problem, just as humans do. I thought it was just something that happens to us, and not our lovely pets.

    Personally, I would rather use these drops than having to put my pet through surgery.

    I think that many pet owners would agree totally to this, as the price is extremely reasonable when compared to the alternatives of surgery. Surgery would cause major discomfort, and perhaps even pain, causing unnecessary sufferings to our dogs.

    An excellent post, Giulia…thank you for it.


    1. // Reply

      Thank you ever so much for passing by, James, and for finding the solution of Bright Eyes drops a viable one as an alternative to surgery. Other readers have commented in the price of these drops as possibly not the cheapest of solutions. That is possibly true, but you are right: surgery would be far more expensive, and more painful for our pets. In an ideal world, I so wish our pets never got any medical ailment, but that they could outlive us. In another ideal world, I wish pet owners did not have to be put before the choice between money and well-being of their pets. But these two worlds of mine are only ideal, and if you fear your dog may have cataracts and provided your vet is in agreement, I’d rather try out the drops than opting for surgery first.
      I hope you will visit us again, James, and look forward to more of your comments and support 🙂

  5. // Reply

    I didn’t know they made things like this for dogs. My dog has cataracts & this could be very helpful, thanks!

    1. // Reply

      Nor did I, Brian, until I started worrying about the appearance of my Indy’s eyes and started looking into it deeper. Fortunately it seems my Indy is not going to need these drops after all, but if you suspect your dog may have cataracts, first of all you want to have it confirmed by your vet, and then you may want to discuss with them the possibility of using these drops as a viable alternative to surgery.
      All the best with your dog, Brian, and let us know how you get on with him or her 🙂

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    Drops are available from – great blog to read also on the page about other eye conditions dogs may have.

    1. // Reply

      Leigh, thank you ever so much for pointing this out. I noticed that Amazon UK are no longer stocking this product. It is still available on, but I shall have to do a price comparison between them and EthosHeaven before amending my review. My aim is, as ever, to advise on best product at the cheapest price.
      Once again, thanks again. Without your comment, I would never have known 🙂

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    Health and Diet advice with Dogs with Cataracts

    Each ethos eye drop box for pets comes with 2 x 5ml bottles which should last one week to 10 days when treating both eyes applying 7-8 drops per day. It is recommended that a full course of 6 boxes for both eyes to last 6-8 weeks. This is the time period for the cataracts to shrink/dissolve or at minimum eye site improvement. If your pet or animal have more mature cataracts it could take slightly longer and more boxes, equally if the cataracts are not so severe it could take less.

    The age, breed and other health conditions will play a factor on your dogs and pets well-being and how well the eye drops work.

    This advice and super foods listed below are known to help fight eye disease, boost energy and maintain good health in general for dogs and animals with eye problems.

    Exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the Sun and specially keep the eyes away from dust and household chemicals.

    There are also many simple, fresh and wholesome food items that dogs can thrive on with eye disorders, Animal protein such as rice, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, goat, rabbit, pork, beef, fish and venison, should be an integral part of their meals mixed with Kale or Carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries and yogurt mixed in wet food with.

    Please keep a diary with daily routines and tests for you to do when using the above advice ie throw a ball a short distance, then a few days later a bit further, monitor how they move around furniture and go up and down the stairs.

    I am obliged as an authorized re seller of bright eye drops for pets to give you a follow up message and further advice using the drops if needed.

    1. // Reply

      Wow, an Ethos representative has taken the time to leave her comment! Thank you ever so much Leigh, I am genuinely humbled. And thanks for the additional information, which I am sure will turn much useful for those dog owners who have started treating their dogs with the Bright Eye drops.

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