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The more I read and document myself about the truly extraordinary benefits of CBD, the more I feel the need to share what I have learned so far with you all. I know how hard it is to see your dog suffer, and the more I can do to help your dog escape from pain, the happier I will be.

It is only but natural, therefore, that I may want to recommend to you what I have found to be the best CBD products in a market, which is already starting getting overcrowded with genuine enterprises, as well as with not so trustworthy brands. Let me tell you a little bit more why I have chosen CTFO as my #1 choice for best CBD products for dogs.

CTFO Mission

All companies can deliver fulfilling mission statements, provided they get a specialised marketing guru, who is good with words. The proof of the pudding is in verifying with your own eyes whether the company and its products live up to their promises.

CTFO mission statement focuses on three main aspects:

1. Health

CTFO makes it its priority to promote a healthy living, through all natural ingredient products, which it aims to deliver to the highest standard of quality;

2. Quality

Not only it is CTFO mission and core value to deliver high quality consumable products. CTFO also thrives to deliver a high quality business model and use the same high standards with its employees, associates and customers. This reflect, for instance, in their customer services, which answer your emails within no longer than 48 hours (as I could witness on a couple of occasions);

3. Integrity

CTFO prides itself of high integrity at corporate level, but also in the individuals that make up the great CTFO family. By operating in an honest and trustworthy manner to customers and to associates alike, CTFO could build a business model whose aim is to help people with medical needs, as well as to help associate develop a successful business.

But CTFO’s aim to help extends also to their participating in charity work and in sharing part of their profits with groups of society in need.

Integrity is what I would like to spend a couple of extra words though. Because, as far as my Indy is concerned and as far as recommending a brand or a range of products, my main concern is that ultimately the product is good and not harmful to our dogs, as well as being sold at a competitive price on the general retail market.

Let me tell you, therefore, where CTFO stands on this last point.

The 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

First of all let me show you an extract from CTFO website:

Yes, CTFO sources its CBD solely from US based industrial farms. Not only that, but it takes an even further and bolder step in stating that the hemp used by CTFO is of the highest grade in the world, being totally pesticide free.

Again, some may question how we can verify whether this is true or not. But to me the proof of the pudding lay in CTFO’s 60 day money back guarantee policy.

I believe this to be quite a risk and a gamble that not many companies selling consumables are prepared to take. And it is more so a gamble as far as this brand is concerned, not only due to the length of time given to customers to change their mind, but also because it commits to refund the expense (less handling and shipping charges) for damaged goods as well as for empty bottles.

Virtually, you could consume nearly a whole bottle of hemp oil and then claim for refund on the ground that … well, that the product did not meet your expectations.

As far as I am concerned, a company adopting such a flexible refund policy, and so advantageous to its customers, can certainly not be doubted for its levels of integrity.

CBD Products For Dogs

As you access CTFO website, you will find that products are divided in 4 categories: health, anti-aging, nutrition and pets.

It goes without saying that what caught my attention was the section dedicated to pets. I had to find out what they had on offer.

CTFO has 3 products for pets, each of them acting on specific areas where your dog may need help as a result of a medical condition:

  • CBD Pet Chew Treats – these are deemed to be most suited to treat seizures, nausea, stress and anxiety. So, potentially a treat a day could help your Border keep those nasty seizures caused by Spike’s Disease at bay.
  • Pure CBD Hemp Pet Spray and Drops – this item will help your dog retain a general wellness about him or her self, but it can be used as dietary supplement and is particularly indicated for gastrointestinal and inflammatory problems.
  • CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo – this shampoo is particularly indicated for dogs with skin conditions, acting as soothing agent for irritated skins, but also helping with fur loss.

Now, I have looked around with various suppliers, started from my favourite one, Amazon, which I deemed one of the most complete online retailers for dog food, supplements and accessories.

Yet, all other retailers can offer is hemp oil. I am yet to find any retail offering CBD dog treats, or shampoo even! And I am sure CTFO will soon come up with so many other innovative products to employ for the wellbeing of our fur friends.

Why Are CTFO Products Good For Our Dogs

As mentioned in my previous article on whether CBD is good for dogs, I actually referred in first instance to the beneficial effect of CBD on humans. The following chart from CTFO website will help you summarise the many conditions that CBD can treat or aid with:

Now, all that positive effects CBD can have on humans, it can equally have on your dog.

However, it is also worth mentioning that the reason why CTFO produces three products specifically indicated for pets is due to the different dosage and percentage of natural ingredients. Naturally, the hemp spray and drops, for instance, will contain levels of CBD proportionate to the size of a dog – lower dosages, of course, compared to the ones of humans.

Another point to be made about CTFO products for pets is that they are guaranteed to work alongside other medications that your dog may be on, and not against.

This particular feature is of the utmost importance for me, after my Indy started metronomic chemotherapy this year after his second bout of cancer.

From previous readings I was not quite sure whether CBD would interfere with the effects of my Indy’s chemotherapy, which in Indy’s case works by cutting the blood supply to the cancerous cells in his body – hence stopping the cells from growing further, and even potentially killing cancer cells.

You can see how important it is for us that nothing will interfere with Indy’s treatment.

I found reassuring, therefore, to learn that CTFO products work in conjunction with his treatment, as they have no side effects.

Where Can You Get CTFO Products

The only downside I have found about this company so far is that it is not yet available in many countries. CTFO sells and distributes in United States.

However, they have opened their delivery service to United Kingdom and to Sweden. They are available in Canada, although at present the delivery to this country is suspended due to legal reason.

And unfortunately it is purely and solely the legalities of most countries that still condemn the sale of CBD as a criminal act.

Interestingly, for the UK based of us, I came across an interesting article on BBC, which clarifies the position of people selling CBD, as well as consuming CBD, in this country. You really do not want to miss on this finding. Click here to find out why.

CTFO Prices

I could not compare CTFO prices for its dog products against the ones of any other retailer, as I could not find anywhere else the same range including CBD treats and shampoo.

I could only compare prices as far as the pet hemp spray and drops.

Surprisingly, I found the price CTFO sells a 100ml bottle of hemp oil is actually less than what I found on Amazon for the same quantity.

On the other hand, where Amazon or other retailers sell at a cheaper price, it is due to the fact that the oil is not as pure and as natural as CTFO one.

CTFO sells the pet hemp spray in two bottle sizes, the 100ml or the 250ml. Unlike with humans, you can’t expect to squirt the spray under your dog’s tongue. But you can easily spray the oil on your dog’s food. The oil will not affect your dog’s food flavour.

The number of sprays to put on your dog’s food will vary depending on your dog’s weight. But again, you will never need to use as much as with humans. Therefore I expect even a 100ml bottle will go a long way in terms of duration.

Ultimately, the bigger bottle will last you longer and will be more convenient, price-wise. However, you may want to start purchasing the smaller bottle, to make sure your dog is happy with the oil, and to make sure you are happy too.

Remember, should you not be satisfied, you can return the bottle, even empty, within 60 days to claim a refund.

My Verdict

You know that I hardly ever like to present you with a negative review. The same goes with this line of products. I am introducing you to CTFO and to CBD products for your dogs because I firmly believe they are good, and because I firmly believe CTFO is an extremely serious, trustworthy and ethical company.

In other words, they do things the proper way.

I believe in CTFO so much, that I have decided to become their associate. You can become an advocate of CBD and of CTFO too – drop me a line in the Comment box below, and I shall be in touch with you.

I shall leave you with a final thought. In fact, a little story.

As mentioned, due to Indy’s chemotherapy treatment, I have always been a little skeptical on mixing other ‘stuff’ to his diet, which may hinder the effect of the treatment.

I changed my mind after hearing the story of my friend, and fellow blogger, who started giving his dog the CTFO chew treat purely to try them out on his older dog. He told me his dog found a new lease of life and, although he’s now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, he lived his life to the full. The CBD stopped making his dog lethargic and sleepy, but in fact it helped him rediscover the pleasure of walks and play time.

I want the same quality of life for my Indy. And I am committed to post regular diaries of his changes (and pictures, of course) as soon as we get our first delivery of dog CBD spray.

In the meantime, by all means do leave your comments if you have any queries or concerns. Or indeed, drop a line to share your experience, if you are already giving your dog CBD oil.

Let’s give our dogs that good quality of life they deserve. For all the love and joy they give us every minute of their lives, our dogs, I am sure you’ll agree, deserve nothing but the very best.

I shall leave you with this very nice video on CTFO products for pets.  I am sure you will enjoy it.


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    Best Wishes for Indy’s recovery! It’s wonderful that we have these products for our dear pets (and for us too).
    Thank you for this information. It will be wonderful when all regions have sorted themselves out politically and everyone has access to this line of supplements.

    1. // Reply

      Dianne, thank you ever so much for your support. And yes, I could not agree more. Since publishing my articles on CBD products for dogs, I have been contacted by so many dog owners, who would be interested to purchase CBD products for their fur companions, but cannot import into the countries where they live. I am really hoping that CBD is finally recognised internationally as nothing different from any other herbal medicinal supplement sold in health stores!

  2. // Reply

    Thank you for your article, Giulia.

    This is an amazing product and so happy they can help our pets. We have shelties, and my little girl is so anxious about everything. I know they are normally a skittish breed, but oh my, she’s scared of her own shadow.

    I’m anxiously waiting for it to be legal in Canada, this month, so that I can order some. I think it should really help to calm her down.


    1. // Reply

      I am ever so sorry to hear about your lovely shelties’s anxiety. Bless them, it must be horrible for you to see them suffer. But from what I have read, Suzanne (luckily I have never had to be worried about Indy’s anxiety, as in fact he’s always been even too lay back), it sounds that CBD could be your answer.
      I am not quite sure as to why yet, but you are right, CTFO stopped trading in Canada earlier in the year. But it’s soon to start export to Canada – I believe in the next few weeks, in fact. By all means, do try the CTFO products, Suzanne, as they are truly as natural as they ‘say on the tin’.
      And of course, please feel free to contact me, if you have more questions 🙂

  3. // Reply

    Hello Giulia,
    What a fabulous and informative article. I so did appreciate your saying that you want the same quality of life for your beloved pet as your life. And I think that having amazing options that CTFO provides with pet products is truly a way to insure that indeed our companions are so well looked after.
    So enjoyed reading this.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. // Reply

      Thank you ever so much, Ariel, for sharing my views and my feelings. I keep saying if we are not prepared to treat our pets as members of our family, then we should not be bothered with having a pet at all. At the risk of stating the obvious, it is like adopting or fostering a child – or indeed, having a child. We would not treat a child like a toy, right? We give time, dedication and tons of love to our children. And yes, we spend money on our children: schooling, activities, and all to make them an all-round balanced and happy person as a child and as a future adult. I believe the same goes for dogs. You want them to have a happy, healthy and discomfort-free life. And if a good CBD product can help us achieve that for our fur babies, so be it.
      Thanks again for your contribution, Ariel, and I hope to see you around soon 🙂

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    I didn’t know that there were CBD products for dogs. I am not that surprised because when I take my dog to the vet medicine they prescribe is the same as the medicine that we humans take.
    I am interested in the CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo because my dog has an issue on his hind leg. The vet wants to cut it off for $1900. It is similar to a hot spot. My dog has very sensitive skin. To make matters worse, he licks it all the time. Do you think this shampoo can help? It looks like an open sore.
    Thanks for this post and I will be waiting for your opinion. Thanks a bunch.

    1. // Reply

      Shwana, thanks for bringing to the table the specific issue relating to your dog’s sore spot on his hind leg. The more experiences we exchange and share, the more we learn from this truly great product.
      My first advice would be to ask the vet whether it is wise for you to try CBD for your dog. I am sure shampoo will help your dog’s skin. My concern is that you are talking about an open wound. CBD, as I am sure you are aware, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so it should help soothe the wound. However, I would double check with your vet first. You may want to say to the vet that you would like to try the shampoo for a period of time, and then if it doesn’t work, you will go with surgical intervention.
      As well as the shampoo, you might want to try the hemp oil for pets. Added to your dog’s food, it will be absorbed in his blood stream and work from the ‘inside’ of your dog’s body, strengthening his immune system against infection of the wound.
      I shall be interesting to hear what your dog’s vet has to say, and what his or her opinion is on CBD products for dogs. I hope you will come back to tell us how you get on.

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    Hello. I am interested in purchasing for my BT, Roxie. Can you please send me the link to your CTFO website?

    Thank you!

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