Best Dog Backpack Carrier – Find Out Why

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Name: Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £40 & FREE DELIVERY where applicable

Amazon average rating: 4.7 out of 5

My rating: 4.7 out of 5


PetsFit Dog Backpack measures

There is nothing better in the world than being able to take your dog on holiday or on trips out with you. But it is also true that dogs do, eventually, get tired, especially as they grow older or if they start developing injuries or ailments. Bearing this in mind, you know how I am always in search for the best mode of transport for your dog. Having come across this backpack, I want to tell you today why I think the Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack is the best dog backpack carrier I have found on the market.


A BackPack To Carry Your Dog

I have gone from the crazy idea of introducing a pushchair to carry your dog, to the more orthodox travel cot, ideal for car journeys. For walks, I have also mentioned how you could consider carrying your dog on a sling. But till now I have never talked about the possibility of carrying your dog on a backpack.

Remember that I am primarily referring modes of carrying your dog in relation to my border terrier Indy, who is a medium built Border Terrier at 7.5kg. Some Borders are of smaller builds, some are taller and longer.

I first came across the idea of carrying your dog in a backpack when I saw pictures of keen hikers from the #BTPosse, who used to carry their young and lighter Border on a regular backpack during their walking expeditions.

This prompted me to try a backpack out on my Indy. Indy being carried in the Trixie Timon Rucksack

The problem I encountered, however, was in the fact that I didn’t feel a normal backpack would take the weight of Indy. And, trying to carry a backpack with Indy inside proved to put strain on my already weakened back.

The other concern was to ensure that Indy may remain comfortable. Remember that two years ago was when Indy sustained a back injury. Our worry was, and remains now, that Indy should not put unnecessary and unnatural pressure on his back.

The solution was presented to me with a purpose-made backpack, which as per usual I purchased from Amazon: the Trixie Timon Rucksack. You can see the pictures here:

Trixie Timon Dog Rucksack

However, as you can see from the first picture of me and Indy in the Trixie Timon Dog Rucksack, I ended up carrying the rucksack at the front, for fear that it may not hold Indy’s weight. And this would invariably push my shoulders forward, causing me problems with my back.

The other issue I encountered was with the height of the rucksack. Indy being a curious dog, he would have to stand on his hind legs and climb with his front paws to the top opening in order to keep his head out of the rucksack. Which is what we were trying to avoid altogether.

It goes without saying that I ended up not using this rucksack that often at all.

You are welcome to check Amazon reviews of this product, by either clicking on the above pictures, or by following this link.

The fact that this rucksack was not good for Indy after all does not mean that it may not be suitable for taller but more slender dogs. With the right height of your dog, the rucksack has plenty of room at the base to enable your dog to sit comfortably.

I still believe that carrying your dog in a backpack is probably one of the best ways to carry your dog out and about. And I am not only thinking of outdoor trips in the countryside or doing some trekking. I am thinking also about taking your dog out and about in town. Carrying your dog in a backpack would enable your dog to be admitted in places where normally dogs may not be welcome for fear of toilet accidents or that your dog may become a nuisance to people. In UK I am thinking of shopping centres for instance.

This strong belief is what prompted me to keep searching. Until today, that is, when I came across the Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack.



It’s probably easier if I list down the features of this backpack as shown on Amazon, which gives a full and comprehensive description:

PetsFit Dog Rucksack Features

The Price

Currently Amazon prices the Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack at £40. This item qualify for FREE DELIVERY on UK mainland – if you order from the Amazon site serving your own country other than UK, I believe the free delivery offer stands.

Is it a competitive price? I think so. Time will tell, I guess. It will very much depend on by the frequency of use as well as by whether your dog looks happy and comfortable in it, and you are comfortable carrying your dog and happy to see your dog happy.

The good thing about this backpack is that Petsfit offers a 30-day guarantee, should the backpack get damaged in any way. This said, if I were you, I would try to put the backpack to the test as often and as much as possible within that period, knowing that Petsfit will take full responsibility and exchange the item or refund the cost.


Good Things

OK, so why do I think this product is good, in fact better than other backpacks for dogs?

Remember, my view is based on having a Border Terrier. If you have a small/medium size dog, you might not agree with my views.

I believe this backpack has quite good features, which other backpacks do not present:PetsFit Dog Backpack Features

  • It has an internal buckle to tie your dog to, in order to prevent your dog from jumping out
  • It has front and top access, to make it easier for your dog to get in and out
  • It has padded and fleeced bottom to make it more comfortable for your dog
  • The front of backpack is lower than the back, so that a medium size Border Terrier can comfortably sit on the backpack and be able to put his/her head down without causing strain to the back and hind legs
  • The bottom of the backpack can be removed easily for washing
  • Unlike the current rucksack I have, you can fold the Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack, so it makes it easier to carry when you dog wants to stretch his/her paws
  • Finally, the backpack is made of padded braces and a waist strap, so you can securely carry your dog without straining your back.


Issues I Am Not Sure About

But, as they say, nothing is perfect. Which means I can see a couple of tiny flaws in this product too.

The first one is the fact that Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack comes in one size only. For bigger and heavier dogs, carrying your hound by backpack may be something to avoid as no backpack may be sturdy enough to take the weight – and you need to consider the additional strain that would put on your own back.

However, given the one size, this backpack may not be best suited for smaller breeds, where the dog would struggle to keep his/her head out without standing on their hind legs.

The other issue I noticed on Amazon is the fact that this product, being recently introduced, has only put together some 7 reviews so far.

However, all the reviews have rated the product with between 4 and 5 stars, and some customers have added pictures which are most inspiring for people that may want to use this backpack not only for dogs, but for other pets too.


My Verdict

Looking at the reviews and at the product itself and its features, I am going to have to match Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5.

As mentioned, since I purchased the previous rucksack, I have been searching for long and wide for an alternative. I believe at the present time this is the very best I can find, as I believe it ticks the boxes that Indy and I require.

It will be interesting to see if with time Amazon collects more reviews, and whether the newest reviews remain consisted with the high rating of the current ones.Thumbs up

The fact that the backpack is material made on the outside does not necessarily mean that it is less resistant to carrying your dog’s weight. It appears in fact that the interior of the Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack is made of polyester, and the zips have nylon teeth for extra durability.

Am I going to purchase it for our Indy? Probably yes, in the next few weeks. As far as I am concerned, carrying your dog in a backpack is one of the most efficient ways to take your dog out and about, and had not it been for the fact that I initially purchased a rucksack that I wasn’t entirely happy with, I would have used this method of transport for my Indy more frequently.

You may already be carrying your dog in a backpack. How are you finding it, would you recommend it? and, mostly, do you think your dog likes to be carried in a backpack. It would be absolutely smashing if you could share your experience by leaving your comment below!!


Name: Petsfit Dog Travel Backpack

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £40 & FREE DELIVERY where applicable

Amazon average rating: 4.7 out of 5

My rating: 4.7 out of 5


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    This looks like a very nice backpack carrier for a small pet. Thanks for reviewing and posting. Curtis

    1. // Reply

      You are most welcome Curtis. I hope, if you are dog owner of a small/medium size dog, you will give this backpack a go, and you will come back to this forum to tell us about your experience … and if your dog likes it 🙂

  2. // Reply

    That is really cute and I had no idea anyone made those! Not doable for my rather large herd but I’m keeping it in mind for me friends that have the right sized pooch.

    1. // Reply

      Yes, admittedly having a bigger size dog can have its limitations when it comes to being able to carry your hound about. I don’t know if you have looked into possibly getting a dog stroller, but then again I don’t know how big your dogs are – and I am sorry, as the only experience I have had is with our small sized Indy. I am told owners of bigger breeds tend to use the car to take their dogs about, and avail themselves of ramps to aid the dog with getting in and out of the car.
      I am sure your dogs are still young and full of energy. But let me know if you would like more help – I can gladly do a bit of search for you, and maybe we can both come up with brilliant solutions! In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you again 🙂

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