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Yes, I have come across another dog camera system by Amazon, which I would like to review and analyze to find out whether it is indeed one of the best dog cameras currently on the market. So, without any further ado, let me introduce you to:

Name: Furbo Dog Camera

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £199 + FREE DELIVERY where applicable

Amazon average rating: 4.1 out of 5

My rating: 4.8 out of 5


A while back I reviewed the IP idGeek Camera as a very good camera to check on your dog when home alone, and at a very competitive price. Today I would like to up the ante with this state-of-the-art dog camera, by unveiling the pros and cons of the newly launched Furbo Dog Camera


A Smart Dog Camera

The principle of this camera is that, of course, it monitors your dog’s activities when (s)he is left home alone, by being connected to the home wi-fi system.

In principle I am against leaving dogs on their own for prolonged periods of time. But, I myself have to leave Indy alone when I go to work. And I am sure I am not the only one in doing so.

Don’t let me start, then, with the limitations imposed on dog owners in UK regarding dog access to public places!!! If you look around, when it comes to taking your dog with you, there are only very few places you are able to walk in with your dog – certainly not your local bank branch, or supermarket, or even the local shopping mall.

You can see, therefore, how it almost becomes inevitable for you to have to leave your dog alone for a few hours whenever you have errands to run.

A dog camera enables dog owners to do so, and to know at the same time whether your dog gets distressed, bored or gets up to naughties.

What makes Furbo different from any other camera, however, is that this is the first camera to have been created specifically for dogs. Let me show you how Furbo was thought through, according to the very Furbo manufacturers:

Furbo Dog Camera

The reason why Furbo Dog Camera is a smart camera, however, and what makes it extra special, is the fact that, not only it connects and works with your home wi-fi, but it actually connects to Amazon Alexa.Furbo Working With Alexa

So, let’s more in details what all this high-tec features mean after all.


How It Works

First of all, let me explain, for the few of us that don’t know yet, what Alex is. Alexa is a virtual assistant created by Amazon to work with its Eco speakers. It’s internet / wi-fi based of course, and you can ask Alexa to perform some virtual chores, such as switch the heating on, or start the microwave on 5 minutes before you get back from work. Naturally, the principle by which Alexa works is that your house will all be digitally connected and synchronized.

In the instance of Furbo, you can ask Alex to prompt Furbo to throw a treat out to your dog at a specific time, or on demand whenever your dog barks, or at set intervals.

However, Furbo is described by Amazon as being able to do far more. This is how Furbo works:

This Is How Furbo Works

I thought to show you, rather than telling you, how Furbo works. How do they say, pictures are more powerful than words.

But you may wonder how difficult it is to actually set Furbo Dog Camera up. Well, let me show you another little picture which should shed away any concern:

How To Set Up FurboNow, if not for everything else, the fact that it seems so easy to set Furbo up is a strong enough selling point for me. The last thing I want in an already complicated life, is to have to add the complication of setting up a dog camera. The fact that it only takes a few minutes to get Furbo going is something else that makes Furbo certainly more appealing to me.



See, Talk, and Toss Treats from Anywhere & Anytime!‘. This is the logo that Furbo has been marketing this product since it was first introduced to the wide market of dog owners back in 2015.

Again, I shall use another couple of pictures to describe to you the actual features of Furbo in terms of technical specifications as well as features of the actual camera:

Furbo Tech Specs

Furbo Camera Features

Again, I thought pictures would be best suited to visualize what requirements are needed in order for Furbo to work properly in your home environment. I am not an expert when it comes to internet connectivity or camera features especially, but you can do your homework based on the internet system you have in your house.



There is no hiding this, Furbo is definitely more expensive than the IP ieGeek Camera I reviewed last year. But Furbo is also a much higher tech camera altogether.

Now, you may want to put me straight here. I do not think anything similar has ever been invented nor manufactured before: a gadget through which you see your dog, you talk to and you can hear your dog, and which feeds treats to your dog. If you know of any other camera that can do all this and is a precursor to Furbo, I would like to know about it, and you are more than welcome to jot down a line to me in the Comment section below.

Amazon retails Furbo Dog Camera at £199 + FREE DELIVERY IN UK against the Furbo price of £249 – 50% discount.

Remember that the price includes connection to Amazon Alexa if your home is connected to this system, and fulfills the 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.


Pros & Cons

This is what I like about this product:

  • It offers broad angled vision of your dog, ranging nearly for the whole width of the room where your dog is, from the pictures left by customers on the Amazon page;
  • You can take pictures of your dog whilst watching him or her through your phone or tablet;
  • It offers night vision – you may wonder when on earth you will ever need it, as you would not normally leave your dog on his or her own, but sometimes in the short winter afternoons, I have happened to be delayed or stuck in traffic and this feature would come in handy if need be;
  • Not only you can hear your dog, but your dog can hear you too – the camera also ‘talks’ to your dog;
  • You do not need to be connected to Alexa in order for Furbo Dog Camera to work – Alexa is an additional feature only;
  • It tosses treats out to your dog.

However, I also have some concerns about a couple of positive points which I mentioned earlier:

  • I expect the price to be justified by the fact that it offers the connection to Alexa – however, whether you intend to use Alexa or not, you pay the same price, as Furbo does not different models;
  • Treats can be a calming soother for dogs – a camera that throws out treats to your dog as you touch a button on your phone sounds like something rather futuristic. However, I have always been aware of the potential risk of allowing a dog to feed without you being there to help her or him out in case they start chocking;
  • Some Amazon reviews express concerns about the night vision, saying it lacks clarity – this is not something that would necessarily worry, though, due to the fact that I have practically never left Indy by himself at night, and also as historically night vision devices never manage to produce a clear image.


My Verdict

If it weren’t for the couple of issues that I object to, I would quite happily say that this little gadget is practically perfect for both dogs and dog owners.

From my humble perspective, as a dog owner who has to go to work nearly every day (although I pop home regularly during the day to check on Indy, to feed him and to just be with him), I wish I had come across Furbo Dog Camera much sooner.

Yes, admittedly the price is a little steep when compared to similar products. But you must also bear in mind all that this camera does, which other cameras do not do.Thumbs Up

In spite of the steep price, I would definitely buy Furbo Dog Camera for Indy. Likewise, having read unbiased reviews on the internet, I feel I can trust this product and the brand enough to recommend Furbo Dog Camera to all of you, our readers and dog owners out there.

The ball is in your court now. It is down to you to do your maths and work out whether you would make good use of this camera to justify the expense.

Do you leave your dog alone for long periods of time? or do you worry about leaving your dog alone, that (s)he might suffer from separation anxiety? or do you even leave your dog with a babysitter, but want to find out whether (s)he treats your pooch with the deserved love, care and attention? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I believe investing your money on the Furbo Dog Camera is definitely the right move.

And now, as per usual, it is my turn to invite you to leave your comments. You know I do love to hear from you, so we can share experiences. So, maybe you have already bought a Furbo Dog Camera, or you are planning to. Either way, your contribution will be greatly appreciated, so we can all find out what your motivations are, and whether, if you already have this dog camera, you like it, adore it or loathe it. I shall reply to each and every of you in due course 🙂



Name: Furbo Dog Camera

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £199 + FREE DELIVERY where applicable

Amazon average rating: 4.1 out of 5

My rating: 4.8 out of 5



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