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We have ascertained the importance of cleaning dogs’ teeth in order to avoid not only that often unpleasantly smelly breath, but also nasty diseases and infections which can affect major organs function.  Today I I would like to introduce you to what Indy and I think is the best dog toothpaste ever: Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste!

Name:  Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste

Best Buy:  Amazon

Price:  approx. £3.60 for 100g + FREE delivery

Amazon average rating:  4.4 out of 5

Our rating:  4.7 out of 5


As mentioned, when we adopted Indy, his teeth were in such poor state of neglect that immediately the vet had to remove nine of them in order for Indy to start eating again.  Initially Indy did not like to have his teeth brushed, but it was imperative that we persisted in this daily activity if we wanted to keep his remaining teeth tartar free.

Lo and behold, after many attempts we have landed to this very product, which for Indy is ideal and which he loves.

But let me tell you a little bit more about this product.


A Dog Toothpaste That Smells Of Mint

Before switching to this toothpaste, for a few years we used another product, Beaphar Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats.  I am mentioning this product because Amazon gives it the same rating of 4.4 out of 5, but I did not find it as effective on Indy as Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste for the following reasons:

  • in spite of Indy having his teeth brushed every day with the Beaphar toothpaste, his breath did not improve;
  • I am sure it is not the sole cause, but eventually Indy had to have more teeth removed even if he had his teeth brushed daily – this made me wonder whether Beapher toothpaste was as powerful as it appears to be for a dog such as Indy, whose teeth were naturally prone to tartar build-up.

That’s when I stepped up in my search for an alternative dog toothpaste for my Indy, which would give him a fresher smelling breath.

And that’s how I discovered Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste!

The uniqueness of this dog toothpaste stands in the fact that in fact it smells and slightly tastes of mint, hence improving your dog’s breath by 90%.  All other canine toothpastes I have come across and which are not home-made are poultry or beef flavoured, and as effective as they may be in cleaining your dog’s teeth, they will never improve his or her breath.

By using this toothpaste, you are not to expect your dog’s mouth to emanate a pleasant and fresh fragrance of mint at all times, don’t get me wrong.  But human mouth doesn’t stay smelling of fresh mint for the whole day either.

What you achieve with Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste is your dog’s mouth not smelling anymore – not even after having jerkie strips for snack time!!!


A Responsible Manufacturer

As ever, and before passing to the details of this toothpaste, you know that I like to check over the manufacturers of all the products I review.  And so, I had to search into the background of Trixie.

Trixie is a well established German brand, which was founded in 1974 by Danish-born Bonnik Hansen.  The company has gone through many changes in its over 40 years of history, namely in relation to its expansion and to its numerous moves to bigger premises and warehouses.  But the ethos has remained unchanged, and nowadays it sees Trixie more than ever committed to and passionate about animals, whilst remaining customer, product and cost oriented and constantly thriving for future improments.

Since its humble beginnings, Trixie has now become European market leader for pet supplies, exporting to over 80 countries.

To me, such a shining ‘pedigree’ puts at rest even the most restless and worried minds of any dog owner.


Package And Product

Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste comes in a convenient flexi plastic tube of 100g.  As far as I am concerned, this is the only size manufactured by Trixie.  

The tube is delivered in a made-to-measure box containing all vital information about this toothpaste, including its much important ingredients.

This toothpaste is not any different in appearance and consistency from any other dog or human toothpaste.  It’s a white sticky paste smelling of mint.  It can however be washed off with water (and soap for your hands) quite easily.

The ingredients used, as specified in the small box the tube comes in, are the following:

  • sorbitol, to make the toothpaste digestible;
  • silicon dioxide, to ensure the paste is smooth and free of lumps;
  • water;
  • cellulose gum, which helps give the toothpaste its paste consistency;
  • mint flavour
  • tetrasodium pyrophosphate, a thickening agent;
  • enzyme, vitally important as it triggers a reaction in your dog’s teeth to actively keep the teeth clean.

Yes, admittedly some of the ingredients are made of chemical components, but none of them is harmful to any animal, including of course dogs and cats, should they be ingested in small dosage, even if every day.

You use Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste like any other dog toothpaste:

  1. initially you will let your dog taste a pea size and will continue doing so for a 3-5 days;
  2. at the same time you start massaging your dog’s mouth by the sides, also starting lifting your dog’s lips at the front and side of his or her mouth;
  3. after the first week doing all this, you can start applying a pea size bit of toothpaste on your finger and start massaging a making rotatory movements on your dog’s teeth, both at the front and by the sides;
  4. a couple of weeks later you can start introducing a toothbrush or a finger brush. 

I have already shown you a video in my previous post on the best way to clean your dog’s teeth.  Today I would like to show you another video from a vet centre which, funnily enough, models wonderful border terrier Pip:

The audio is not the best, I must admit, but this lady shows us how to clean Pip’s teeth really nicely.

Is this what you do with your dog?  or with your Border even?  Leave your comment further below to tell us whether your dog is as good at having her or his teeth brushed as Pip is.


Pro Of Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste

The fact that Indy has taken to this toothpaste and likes to lick it directly from its tube should not be much indication of the positives in this toothpaste – remember, Indy is a scavenger #lol

But I truly believe this toothpaste is exceptionally good for all of these reasons:

  • it is suited for dogs and cats;
  • it has a nice smell and taste of mint;
  • it actively improves the reduction of tartar in your dog’s teeth – as I could witness on Indy’s teeth;
  • the 100g tubes lasts for for a few months – the one I am using now I bought 4 months ago;
  • Amazon price is very good value for money;
  • delivery is as quick as promised by Amazon, and sometimes it takes place ahead of estimated date;
  • in UK Amazon delivers this product for FREE.

I could go on for much longer, but really the Amazon reviews speak for themselves.  You can check them out here.


Cons Of Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste

The one negative that some dog owners may object to is the fact that most of the ingredients in this toothpaste are NOT natural, albeit derivative from nature.

Trixie puts a small disclaimer on the box, advising a vet should be consulted prior to using Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste if your dog suffers from chronic of severe oral ailments.

I am endeavouring to find out more tooth cleaning pastes which are naturally based for my future reviews, as well as ways to make home-made toothpaste for your dog.  Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste Ingredients

As with so anything else relating to dogs, and to humans, ultimately choosing the right toothpaste for your dog is a matter of trial and error.

You will know soon enough if this type of paste is not best suited to your dog’s needs, before possibly switching to alternative solutions.

Oh yes, and don’t let me forget of course, the fact that if your dog does not like mint, well this is then is not the right toothpaste for her or him #lol


My Verdict

In spite of the negatives I can see in this toothpaste, I can confidently give this product a generous 4.7 out of 5 in ranking.

This is definitely the right toothpaste for Indy.  And that’s why Indy recommends it as his top choice of toothpaste.

As far as we are concerned, this toothpaste delivers on all fronts.Indy and I love Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste!

Not only it cleans Indy’s teeth, like othe previous products used did not, but it has helped reduce the tartar previously accummulated.

And let me not forget that Indy loves its flavour.  Because yes, dogs do like mint!

Finally, with Amazon you get a very competitive price and a very quick delivery.

So, you tell me, what’s not to like?!?!?!

Name:  Trixie Mint Dog Toothpaste

Best Buy:  Amazon

Price:  approx. £3.60 for 100g + FREE delivery

Amazon average rating:  4.4 out of 5

Our rating:  4.7 out of 5


As per usual, you are most welcome to jot down your comments in the space below, to share your feelings about this product, and to tell whether you have tried and tested it on your dog yet, and what you think about it.  Don’t be shy!

I shall be grateful for any constructive input, and of course I shall reply to each and every of you as soon as I possibly can.  Thank you 🙂


Never Use Human Toothpaste On Dogs










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    Huh dogs these days are getting better treatments haha I wonder what my grandparents would ever though if they ever came across this, As far as me I will eventually have my pet but I am cat lover that is just me :). But dogs I think they are the most compassionate animals I have seen , they are always happy most of the time , they don’t have that ego mentality like cats .

    1. // Reply

      I wouldn’t say cats have an inflated ego. And then again, dogs may have a big ego too – only, mostly around other dogs. But yes, they reserve their unconditional love for their human family. And that love is immeasurable. So, why not try to give back to them, if only in small proportion, by trying to keep them in good health and as free from pain and from disease as possible?
      I hope reading about Borders and dogs here, Erick, will encourage in time to get a dog too. Thank you ever so much for your contribution 🙂

  2. // Reply

    Hi! I wasn’t aware of the existence of toothpaste for dogs. Interesting fact that it can prevent infections or diseases, my little Yorkshire has suffered in the past, but thankfully he is ok now. I should give it a try on my little Jerry. He will also smell minty fresh!

    1. // Reply

      Oh yes Peppino, and you can start using it on your Jerry straightaway. Especially if your Jerry has had infections as a result of gum disease (your vet would have pointed you in that direction), it is always best to ensure that your dog’s teeth will get looked after – just like in us humans.
      Try brushing little Jerry’s teeth, and let me know how you get on. You will find that Jerry will like the taste of the toothpaste, and soon enough he will even get used to having his teeth brushed nicely 🙂

  3. // Reply

    I have a different product, maybe I can try it. My colleague’s pet dog and pet cat use this. In general, dogs and cats are not very resistant.

    1. // Reply

      If by not being resistant you mean that cats and dogs do not naturally like to have their teeth brushed, you are right John. But I suppose it works like with human children. It’s all a matter of training your pet into having his or her teeth brushed every day, just once a day. There are several different products on the market. My #1 recommendation is based on Indy’s preference, purely because if its mint taste and smell and because, after many attempts, it’s the one toothpaste that has played the trick on Indy’s really rotten teeth (no longer now, mind you). I guess each owner knows his or her dog’s likes and dislikes, and ultimately you will need to go with what you think is best for your dog.
      Thanks for your input, John, and I hope to see you around again 🙂

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    It was really insightful.
    Thanks for the info.
    Wanna have more contents from you.

    1. // Reply

      Thank you very much Ash, I am glad to hear you found my review of help. And yes, stay tuned. More content is on its way. Due to my employed job commitments and to my marketing online work, I am unable to post and publish as regularly and as often as I used to. Yet, I am planning to keeping publishing on a weekly basis. So yes, I hope you’ll visit my site again for more interesting stories, info and reviews 🙂

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