Best mouthwash for bad breath: Vet Aquadent

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Price:  £11.00 for 500ml bottle

Rating:  9 out of 10

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What, a mouthwash for hounds?  Well yes, this is one of the best mouthwashes for bad breath in your dogs, which again we discovered on Amazon.  For a few months some 3 years ago we noticed that Indy had taken up picking up chewing gum from pavements – yes, most disgusting habit, but then I have mentioned that my Border is a scavenger!  The point is that it made me realise that Indy was not adverse to the taste of mint.

I had already introduced the use of a mouthwash in an effort to maintain Indy’s teeth plaque free for as long as possible.  Then on my next order I started browsing on the internet and on my trusted Amazon I came across Vet Aquadent.  And Indy has loved it from day one!



If your dog, like my Indy, has experienced severe problems with their teeth, you will know that the issue comes accompanied invariably by bad breath.

Vet Aquadent with measuring cupBottled in an appealing ‘minty’ green, Vet Aquadent comes with a handy measuring cup, and with instructions of how much to mix to your dog’s daily water bowl.  I must specify that the bottle does not specifically list mint as one of the ingredients, but it has a faint smell of mint – it must be the combination of the actual ingredients.  What however I can say is that Vet Aquadent does keep your dog’s breath nice and fresh.  Even prior to Indy having more teeth removed last Summer, with the use of Vet Aquadent his breath had improved enormously, making our cuddles times much more pleasant, and making him more approachable by other people.

The bottle is plastic and easily recyclable.


Pros & Cons

Why you should try this product is simple: it does what it says on the tin!!  It does fight your dog’s bad breath and keeps it fresh.  As an additional perk, it is also suitable for cats, if you have felines in your household as well.  And again like with other pet products, I find Amazon sells it at competitive prices through its Marketplace suppliers – I purchase the one priced at £11 with free delivery, and I have always received the product in very good time and with no damage to the bottle.

If there was one thing to possibly improve on Vet Aquadent is selling it in bigger bottles.  The 500ml is pretty standard, but personally even for a higher price I would be prepared to purchase a bigger bottle, hence having to reorder not as frequently.  And that is the reason of my rating as follows:




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    Thanks for sharing this. I just have a question, what is the benefit of liquid mouthwash versus the chewable mint? I use these chewable mints as their treats and make their breath fresh as well.

    Thanks in advance

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      Hi Von and thanks for raising this. It isn’t a matter of one product versus another. I give my dog minty dental sticks as well – please see my review of Fresh Dentastix. But this is in addition to the daily dental sticks, in the same way as we use mouthwash, as well as brushing our teeth, as well as having a chewing gum every now and then, so on and so forth. And, as dog mouthwash goes, I find this one extremely effective for Indy – and believe you me, when it comes to stinky breath, with all the problems Indy has had with his teeth, he beats them all!!
      Thanks for your interest Von, much appreciated. Giulia ??

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    Halitosis can be a major issue for some people. But as bad as it can be for people it can be just plain awful for dogs. So here is Vet Aquadent to the rescue. You add it to you dog’s water bowl. The blogger’s dog loved it. It can be used on cats as well, so no more fish moth in your face. The only con would be that it only comes in one size and if you have a larger dog you will go through it faster.

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      Thank you for promoting Vet Aquadent for me, my friend. I wanted to introduce it as I firmly believe in it, and feeling the support of others out there means really a lot to me. Thank you. Giulia :):):)

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