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First and foremostly, I have to say that finally I have managed to find a dog training program, which I am more than satisfied to propose to you. The search has been long and arduous, but finally I have come across a digital product which will help you in any aspect of dog training. My #1 online dog training program is Train Pet Dog.


Name: Train Pet Dog

Founder and Owner: a mysterious Nancy Richards

Available from: TrainPetDog.com

Price: FREE or approx. $37 one-off payment

My rating: 4 out of 5


What Is Train Pet Dog

Train Pet Dog is an online training program for dogs. It is said to be founded by a Nancy Richards primarily in response, I suppose, to the lack of training programs for adult and older dogs.

And that is exactly what this program focuses on: either training dogs of all age, or training dogs of 1 year of age and above on a more specialised level.

The training spans over all the aspects of your dog behaviour, and tackles from the most basic housebreaking rules of toilet, to the most major behavioural issues, such as fear, aggression and anxiety.

The other aspect of this training, and the reason why it caught my attention, is the fact that the more specialist training is programmed based on your dog breed, or group rather.

The website has three types of program. The FREE training programs tackles the more basic – but equally very helpful – aspects of training your dog at any age. However, there are another two courses, where you are asked details about your dog, including age and what breed (s)he is, and then the course proposes to you a series of solutions which are tailored for your dog’s breed.


How It Works

Train Pet Dog works very easily. As soon as you enter the website, you are presented with a pop-up window which invites to state whether your dog is a pup or is 1 year old and more.

Once you enter your answer, you are then invited to subscribe to the program’s newsletter.

The page you are taken to, though, also explains the three different aspects to the program.

  • The FREE Online Seminars

This is the part of the program I am subscribed to. This means that literally every day I get an email with specific advice on different aspects of how to train my dog. As mentioned, the training may not be specifically catered for a Border Terrier, but it certainly gives you suggestions, ideas and behavioural ‘tricks’ on problems that Borders are most renowned for, such as ‘independence’ and being very much guided by their nose and the scent it picks up. The emails I receive are personalized and refer to Indy – I understand they are preset to cleverly pick up on the field of my subscription where I had to enter my dog’s name. Nevertheless, the fact that the emails are addressed to me and to my Indy makes the program much more endearing.

This part of the program addresses both owners of puppies, as well as owners of more adult dogs.

  • The Dog Lovers Training Course

This course is offered to you at a discounted figure of $37, one-off payment.

Like the free option, the course is digitally based – so, no need to find time to take your dog to classes, as the course teaches you all the aspects of socializing your dog.

The difference between this course and the free course, is that this course is specifically put together for dogs of one year of age and above. But let me show you directly from the website what this course has to offer:

Not bad, yes?!?! Particularly in the fact that you can actually use the e-book for an almighty 4 MONTHS!!!

With this course, Train Pet Dog even stretches to claim that you can become a dog trainer yourself, and start your own dog training business, after going through this e-book. Again, this is another quite attractive prospect as far as I am concerned.

  • The Elite Dog Owner’s Club

And this is the third aspect to this program. The Elite Dog Owner’s Club is an online community, where you can actively interact with other dog owners and dog lovers. As Train Pet Dog suggests, if after you have gone through the two types of training, you still have unanswered questions, you can ask the community, and other members will answer you with their baggage of expertise and of experience.

The other advantage of joining an online community is that you can meet up like-minded people. You never know, you may end up finding out people in the community, who live near you, and you may be able to form groups at more local level where you can meet up, go for walks and help your dogs socialize.

But the Club offers you more than that. In addition to all of the above, the Club gives you:

  • monthly videos covering different aspect of dog training more in details;
  • a monthly 30-minute audio recording by a worldwide acclaimed dog trainer – the identity of this person is not revealed in the introductory page, but I am wondering whether it may be Cesar Millan (!!!);
  • FREE online consultation with a qualified vet;

and much more!


The Price Structure

As I mentioned, the basic but equally much broad training is offered for FREE. This is the training of Train Pet Dog which I have joined. With this subscription, I got daily newsletters in the form of emails looking like this:

The emails kept coming for approximately two weeks, and admittedly the last ones encouraged and reminded me to join The Dog Lovers Training Course, as this would be more suitable for the needs of Indy as an older dog, and my needs of a dog owner of a rescued dog.

But, on accessing the home page of the program, I found a very long list of dog issues, and on clicking on each of them, I was then taken to further pages with more training, and more video and testimonials. All extremely useful, I found.

The Dog Lovers Training Course is introduced at a discounted price of $37 instead of $97. However, for the price of $37 not only you get the Dog Lovers Training Course e-book, but you get the How To Look After Your Dog’s Health e-book for free, and you get one month FREE membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club.

Finally, you can join the Elite Dog Owner’s Club at a discounted rate of $37 per month instead of $77 per month.


Who Is Nancy Richards, Who Are Train Pet Dog

As ever, I like to make sure about the origin of products and services I review on this website. So, I did my research for this program too, and I must say, I found it a tad challenging at first.

Whilst the company shows the following USA address as registered address of the company:


Suite No 1010,

8721 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90069-4507 USA

Phone: 001-310-400-6364

When you then proceed to make your purchase of the Dog Lovers Training Course, the payment page shows two Cyprus based addresses:

Cyprus office:

No. 202E, Strovolos Center, 77 Strovolos Av

Strovolos, Nicosia

2018, Cyprus

Trainpetdog Limited

Registered No: He 255343

Registered address: Avlonos, 1 Maria House,

1075 Nicosia,Cyprus

I expect the dual registered addresses may be due to tax savings – I am not aware that Cyprus is amongst the few tax evasion paradise islands!

Likewise, I am not kidding myself that Nancy Richards in her pretty picture in fact is a lady that does not exist.

But let us not kid ourselves, this is a digital product. The program claims to have already reached out to as many as 96,000 subscribers. Surely we should not expect that a real person is sitting behind a screen, writing personalized emails to each of the 96,000 member, right?!

One last thing that bothers me when it comes to credibility of this digital firm is their reference to a ‘Dog Training Institute’. I was unable to find such agency, both in the States or elsewhere worldwide. Maybe you are aware of this institute? or you may have had dealings with this agency? If so, let me know – leave your comment below, so that I can find out more about it myself.Nevertheless, I have checked out all the other dog institutions the program prides itself to support, and they are all in existence and genuine.


The Many Pros And The Very Few Cons

Ok, does that mean that we should not trust the training and the different approaches to understand and solve dog behaviours? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Now, call me naive, but how many other companies there are, who are conveniently registered in not so glamorous locations in order to save taxation money?

Yet, this program in my opinion does offer many advantages:

No need to physically attend classes – all the training material is conveniently delivered to you digitally;

The price – you cannot beat a FREE offer, but you get limited advice. Yet, even by upgrading to a one-off payment of $37, I do not find the price excessive at all;

The program really does tackle each and every aspect of dog training, behaviour and health!!! The FREE program is presented with a long list of problems and circumstances where you might need dog training, of which this picture on the right only shows a small sample;

It promotes positive reward based training, and never encourages punishment training of any kind;

It makes sense, it works!!! I know, you will be saying ‘Of course it should work. What’s the point of trying to sell something that does not work?’. But so many times I have come across methods, which either did not work on Indy, or I could not carry through. Not with Train Pet Dog.  They are NOT charlatans!


My Verdict

I have mentioned before in my previous articles, how we really never did take our Indy to training classes. On hindsight, I think this was a mistake, as whether your dog is a rascal or a perfect dog, doing training together with your dog helps build a stronger bond with your dog.

My issue at the time was that all training classes available were in the evening. And my family arrangements did not allow me to use evenings to take Indy to classes.

On the other hand, if you are a working parent like me, you could not take your dog to classes during the day either.

I look far and wide for a solution, and was absolutely thrilled to find this program.

Yes, I am only rating it with a 4 out of 5 due to the concerns I have mentioned before. But I would never put the validity of their training approach in doubt.

Nor do I stand by the critics of those people who believe the only way to socialize a dog is by attending classes. I believe every time that you meet another dog and his or her owner during your walk, is a good opportunity for socializing.

Having a dog is the best channel to socializing both for dogs and for humans alike!

So, what are you waiting for, why don’t you put this program to the test? Give it a go. It will cost you absolutely NOTHING. Try it out and let me know what you think of it. Leave your comment below. I shall be happy to review this article if you are telling me you are not entirely happy with what you have tried so far.


Name: Train Pet Dog

Founder and Owner: a mysterious Nancy Richards

Available from: TrainPetDog.com

Price: FREE or approx. $37 one-off payment

My rating: 4 out of 5



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    Mmm I’ve had a terrible experience with this system. Ended up in a dystopian scam whereby they use lots of hidden contractual obligations with a series of passwords which end up running direct debits they have become complex to cancel. Beware!!!

    1. // Reply

      Oooh dear, James, thank you for letting me know. I shall definitely look into this further, with a view to review my original article, should I find many more negative comments on this program, and should I learn anything else as disconcerting as your bad experience. I do believe their training advice is genuinely sound, but I would never want to promote, nor condone, scam money grabbing practices.
      I shall have to get back to you all on this one 🙂

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