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I know, I must be insane to suggest that you borrow my dog.  What sort of heartless, insensitive and careless dog owner would ever even suggest such an idea???  I’ll tell you which ones would do so: the ones who, like me, often have to travel abroad, whilst the family is busy with full time jobs out of town, and where the dog is left with nobody to look after him.  Borrow My Dog is the less drastic solution to dog day care in UK than the one offered by Trusted House Sitters which I have previously reviewed.


So, let me tell you more about how Borrow My Doggy works.


Name:  Borrow My Doggy


Price:  Basic membership FREE, or Premium yearly membership

Founder:  Rikke Rosenlund

Rank:   85 out of 100


What is Borrow My Doggy

Borrow My Doggy is an online community of dog owners and dog lovers, where this website puts in touch owners to people who do not have a dog but would be available to look after somebody else’s dog either for regular walks, or playtime, babysitting or for holiday covers.

Unlike Trusted House Sitters, Borrow My Doggy does not entail entrusting your own home to strangers, which is a feasible concept but, admittedly, it requires a good amount of trust towards people we have never met before – at least to start off with.

When founder Rikke Rosenlund decided to put together this online community, her aim was to help dog owners when their life circumstances changed, as much as to offer dogs more exercise and fun time, as well as to offer people who cannot afford to take onboard the commitment of having a dog full time the opportunity to spend some of their free time with a dog.


How Borrow My Doggy works

Joining the Borrow My Doggy community is very easy.

Borrow My Doggy invites you to create a profile either as dog owner or as borrower.  In the process, you are given the opportunity to join on the basic FREE membership or whether you would like to upgrade to Premium membership – whose benefits I shall discuss later.

And that’s all.  Because, once you become part of the Borrow My Doggy community, you are presented with a list of borrowers, or of dog owners if you registered as borrower yourself, who are close by to you and with whom you can get in touch by way of messaging.

The next step would be for you to find the person or people you think you get on best, for the two of you to meet up and then for some dog sitting to be arranged.

And of course, when I say dog sitting, I mean walks, playtime, or any other form of doggy care that you may want to try out before embarking in any form of more prolonged and committed sitting.


What’s different from a dog care business?

The one difference between leaving your dog with a business registered dog minder and this form of dog minding is exactly that: you pay a dog minder to look after your dog, whereas with Borrow My Doggy borrowers receive no payment whatsoever.

So, why would a borrower want to take onboard the responsibility of looking after somebody else’s dog?

Having and looking after a dog may be, yes, an act of selfishness.  Who doesn’t like the idea of unconditional love only a dog can give you!  But it is also an act of giving, giving back to a dog a small portion of the love dogs give us.  In a way, looking after dogs can be compared to looking after a patient, or to teaching: there’s got to be that vocation and passion for it.

And that’s what borrowers get from the experience: NO MONEY, BUT SHEER LOVE.

Borrow My Doggy - Share the Love of Dogs
Borrow My Doggy – Share the love of dogs


What do you get as owner and as borrower

I don’t need to remind you here that, once we get a dog, thankfully that dog will be with us and with our families for many years – in fact, sometimes not long enough.  And in the many years that our dogs are with us, they may see changes in our circumstances.

We may change job, or move, or getting ill, or may need to assist older people.  Likewise, in our case my son was only 10 when we adopted Indy, and he is now 17.  Indy used to enjoy my son’s company when the three of us used to go on Sunday walks together.  Now my son is busier with school work, and gym and other sports activities, so his ‘Indy’ time takes place more indoors, where he likes to play with Indy and to throw tennis balls for Indy to catch in the garden, or to play tug of war with him.

And that’s when getting in touch with the local community through Borrow My Doggy becomes important for a dog owner.

Likewise, there are a lot of dog lovers who cannot afford the luxury of having a dog.  And I am not only referring to the financial commitment.  You may be working full time, or you may have too small children.  You may consider getting a dog, but are not sure how you will cope as a family.  Or you may not be sure which breed to go for, or whether to adopt or buy.  For all these reasons, you may want to enjoy the company of a dog, or of different dogs, on a non-permanent basis.


Borrow My Doggy memberships

Basic membership for both owners and borrowers is FREE.  But Borrow My Doggy has a Premium membership for either party.

Premium membership for owners costs £44.99 per year.

Premium membership for borrowers costs £12.99 per year.

But why pay for having your dog taken care of, or more so, why having to pay as a borrower to look after somebody else’s dog, instead of being paid for the service?

Borrow My Doggy is not a dog minding business.  The aim of this community of dog lovers is purely the one of helping each other so that dogs do not miss out in being looked after as they deserve.

But Premium membership grants a verification process where both owners and borrowers are vetted for criminal record, for identity fraud and for DBS check.  Also, once you become a Premium member, both owner and borrower are covered by accident and third party liability insurance and have access to 24/7 emergency VetLine.  And that is what that annual fee is for: it guarantees extra peace of mind.


Pros and Cons

You know me, I am quite partial to this type of dog loving communities.  And as ever, in my mind Borrow My Doggy has by far more advantages than disadvantages to how it works.


  • You get to know local dog carers and sitters, building gradual trust to the point that you can then arrange for longer term sitting
  • Your dog gets to experience new adventure, new environment and gets to meet new people
  • You can rest assured that, especially once your Borrower is a Premium member and has been vetted, your dog will be cared for, and you do not have to fret if something unexpected should happen where you cannot be home for lunch to walk your dog
  • You can be a Borrower and Owner at the same time
  • The Premium membership is advisable, but by far not mandatory
  • As an Owner, you do not have to pay a penny to have your dog looked after
  • As a Borrower, you get to meet a community of dog lovers when borrowing somebody else’s dog and going for walks where you will meet other dog owners


  • The scheme for now is only available in UK and Ireland
  • Possibly the annual fee for Owners is a tad too costly.
  • When registering as Borrower and Owner at the same time, you pay two Premium memberships, should you wish to upgrade.


My verdict

Have I tried Borrow My Dog as owner or as borrower?  Not yet.  Would I recommend it?  But of course I do!!!

Like with Trusted House Sitters, I only discovered Borrow My Doggy a few weeks ago, and haven’t had the chance to use the services this community offers as yet.

I would not be overly worried by lending my grumpy 13 year old Indy to a borrower, once I had met the Borrower on a number of occasions.  Indy may be grumpy with other dogs, but never with people.  At the moment I am registered as a Basic member, but when I needed to find a dog walker for my Indy, I would want to upgrade to Premium so I can access Premium borrowers and be reassured that the people I come across are, well, trustworthy people.

Why am I only rating Borrow My Doggy with 85 out of 100?  Because I can appreciate that for many dog owners entrusting a stranger with your beloved dog may take a good amount of courage.

For this reason, I believe going for borrowers who have own dogs, may be the ultimate best solution.  As I mentioned when reviewing Trusted House Sitters, it is a big step to take, a step that I had to take myself on many occasions, last of which was when the whole family travelled to Italy for my dad’s funeral.  Having somebody looking after your dog is no different or more painful to having somebody looking after your human child: you will have so many worries, but then you will realise it is a winning combination for both yourself as dog owner, the borrower and your dog too!



Name:  Borrow My Doggy


Price:  Basic membership FREE, or Premium yearly membership

Founder:  Rikke Rosenlund

Rank:   85 out of 100


So, what do you think, are you ready to give it a go?  or have you ever taken part in a similar scheme yet?  Leave your comment below to share with this community how you feel about it all!






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    This is a really cool concept!! I have never heard of it before but I like the idea. I would have loved to have been a “borrower” back before I had dogs just to get an idea of what caring for a dog really means and to get to know a variety of breeds! Really cool that it is free. Helping the owner out and giving the borrower and fun experience which they love to do.

    Awesome post! Thanks for the info 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Thank you ever so much Sarae, I am pleased to hear you are welcoming the idea. Like you, I struggle more with my Indy, as firstly he is used to being the only dog of the household, and also because he is a senior gentleman. With younger dogs, or with no dogs at all, I think this scheme is ideal, especially, as you mention, if you want to test your dog ownership skills. It is based on trust, I know, but as a dog owner, you can give a try with the person you choose to look after your dog, but leaving your dog initially only for a couple of hours. And, at the end of the day, it’s meant to be just for for that: for whenever dog owners need help, even if it were whilst they are to rush to the supermarket or to a hospital appointment, or to one of the too many other places where unfortunately dogs are not allowed.
      Thanks for taking your time to read my post. I hope you will come back soon for more!

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