BT Posse Calenda 2019 Available Now!

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It is with immense pleasure that I announce to you the new BT Posse Calenda 2019 is now out and available to order!!! #yay

You may remember the BT Posse is that wonderful virtual group of Border Terriers, which was initially founded on Twitter, and has eventually become available on all other social media platforms.

Any and every Border Terrier owner can join in, from anywhere in the world. The founding group, based in UK, holds a few Twitt-Up gatherings and walks all over the country. But nothing stops members from other countries from doing the same in their own countries.

The point of BT Posse is to share the love for our Borders with others, and to reiterate the social aspect of being a dog owner.

But BT Posse like to organise events in an effort to raise money in support of the Border Terrier Welfare UK charity, which rehomes Border Terriers in UK, who may have become homeless due to so many different reasons.

Like every year for the last few ones, BT Posse this year have put together a brilliant calendar for 2019, showing off the most beautiful, endearing and funny pictures of our beloved ‘terrors’.

Putting together a calendar like that is not an easy task, as in fact it involves the hard work of so many different people, who start working on this project from the early months of the Summer and dedicate tireless hours of hard graft to complete the project, all for free and without cashing in a single penny.

Because the money raised from the sale of the BT Posse Calenda is donated all to Border Terrier Welfare UK.

If you share in the love of Borders, and recognise the irreplaceable work of this charity in finding the perfect home for this wonderful breed of dogs, I am sure you will want to lend your support.

Follow this link to purchase the calendar. So you know, you might be in for a surprise for the month of October… 🙂

I couldn’t think of a better way to treat yourself and your family this Christmas!!!


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