The BT Posse – so popular yet so unassuming

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Indy receiving his BTPosse badge
Indy receiving his BTPosse badge some 2 years ago

Ello be to you!!!

‘Tis Indy speaking.  Yes, I turned 12 last weekend – or at least that is the age they think I am, based on the estimate originally given by my doctor De Vet when I found my family a few years back.  And on this special occasion, and for the fist time since launching this website a few months go, Gwan Giulia has agreed to relinquish the keyboard to me, so I for once can talk rather than her, and deliver my birthday wish words of wisdom – it is called ‘Indy’s Blog’ for a reason, isn’t it?!?!?!

I am trying to type as best as I can, given the fact that we canines have paws, not fingers.  But then we Borders also firmly believe the sky is the limit, and the #BTPosse is testament to this.

So, what best way to celebrate my birthday than to introduce you to the #BTPosse, the best friends Borders and canines more in general, and humans, can have!!


What is #BTposse

For those of you who already follow us on Twitter (we are @Giulia_Indy), you may already have come across the Posse.  This is a virtual group of Border Terriers that was originally created by Marley & Lola’s dad some 4 years ago, when he decided to gather round as many twitting Borders as possible for virtual friendship hugs.  I expect the aim was initially also to see how many Borders there were out there in UK.  Well, trust you me, there’s a lot of us, and in spite of Borders Terriers’ unassuming attitude to life, Borders are becoming one of the most popular breeds.  And the #BTPosse is living proof of this.


De Tweet-Ups

Now, after an initial effort to enrolment as many Borders out there as possible (and you can find out a full list of us members on Marley&Lola Blogspot), the #BTPosse HQ started thinking that it would be a good idea to meet up for real every so often.  So the next step was the organisation of Tweet-Ups in UK, or rather meet-up in Twitter lingo.  Some of the members decided at different times of the year, but mostly in spring and summer, to launch tweet-ups in different parts of the country, where all Border near and far and their families were invited to join to spend a day out together, sharing a lovely walk during which we Borders could meet up and could get to know each other.  Naturally, the meet ups were carefully selected in lovely parts of the countryside, in such way that they may be suitable for family members with disability, or so that the walks may not be too long for the older of us Borders – and they would always include a stop for a spot of pub lunch (in dog friendly pubs of course) or for a nice picnic.

So, this tweet-up thing was now not only virtual, but it was for real!!

Me in the middle, with Rohan on the right, and Mr Seb
Me in the middle, with Rohan on the right, and Mr Seb

Unfortunately, so far I have only been able to go to one tweet-up only, as all the others that were organised near us clashed with gwandad and gwannie feeling unwell, or with family commitments or, more recently, with my back injury.  But the one we went to I still hold dear to my heart, as I met a lot of other Borders and paw friends, and for the first time we discovered there are dog day care centres in this worlds, which are very much the same as children nurseries, with toys, treats, other dogs, and plenty of tennis balls!!!


I love dog day cares!!
I love dog day cares!!


The BT Posse Calenda

The #BTPosse was now starting spreading widely.  And the beauty of it was that it was becoming international.  We have now many members from the States and from other parts of Europe.

So #BTPosse HQ (of which Rohan and his dad are another two main contributors) felt there could be more that had to be done to help a good cause.  What was the one thing that joined us all and our hoo-families together?  The love of Borders, of course.  And what is the one thing that reduces dog owners (and thankfully many other hoomans) to tears?  To see, or hear of, dogs which have been abandoned or abused or are homeless.  So, the natural way to go was in the direction of charity – trying to help the less fortunate of us Borders who had lost or had not yet found a loving home.

#BTPosse HQ had a chat with Feelwells, a family company from Yorkshire who make lovely healthy food for us dogs, and who have not one but 3 Posse members in the family, and together they came up with the brilliant idea of a BT Posse Calenda.  The calendar has been designed and literally put together by compiling the best pictures that BT Posse members have posted on Twitter during the year.  The beauty of the calendar is that the pictures are captioned with the thoughts of us Borders whilst we were being photographed.  And that is where the wit of us Borders comes to light!!!


De #BTPosse Calenda is here!!
De #BTPosse Calenda is here!!


Feewells sells the BT Posse Calenda every year, from December till January, directly from their website for a very reasonable fee of £10, which is entirely donated to the Border Terrier Welfare to support their excellent efforts in re-homing Borders in need of a family.  And the calendar is delivered free of charge to UK, but I am sure when delivered abroad, the delivery cost is equally very reasonable.


What’s the point

In order to remain in touch with the #BTPosse members, of course Gwan has to log on Twitter regularly enough.  The Posse normally post a lot of pictures at the weekend, but live chats take place also at the end of the day.  And, well, if you are not keen on social media, or virtual things, or internet, you may be thinking this is a lot of effort for nothing – what’s the point of going through all this ‘kerfuffle’?

The point of the #BTPosse is to support each other, and our families.  Through chatting online, and exchanging pictured of us Borders with each other and with the rest of the world, Gwan has discovered firstly how many of me there are out and about.  It made her also realise a lot of us Borders have had to go ‘through the wars’ of injuries or bad life experiences, some of which have left them with permanent scars or disabilities.  And yet, it appears that we Borders are one of the most stoic breed there may be around.  With a kind word or with no more than 140 characters on Twitter, we wish each other happy birthday, or we lend a shoulder when we learn that one of us is ‘under the weather’.  And we are there for each other’s families, when one of us passes to Greener Pastures.

Talking of fighting spirit in us Borders, let me introduce you to one of my bestest friends at the #BTPosse, Sir Benson (@BorderOnWheel), my true hero.  Please check his video out, I promise you it is worth it!!


So popular, yet so unassuming

Recently a lot of celebrities have started getting Borders.  You see more of us appearing on the glossy pictures of celebs magazines.  Borders are a popular breed.  Yet we go by unassumingly with our every day affairs – we are a working breed after all, we are terriers.

Our aim is to be with our family no matter what happens to us – no matter whether our back hurts or whether we have lost the use of our legs, it is our job and our pleasure to be part of the family, and that is what we must do.  Well, this is what makes us so special, so popular.  With our grumpy looks, no matter how many paparazzi we have around flashing their camera at us as we stand next to our dad, the famous tennis player, or the famous singer, we go about most unfazed.

And our famous hoo-parents, or not so famous, do know that.  Our families do know that they can count on us.  They can count on the fact that, no matter what difficulties strike us or them in life, we are always going to be with them for a cuddle, or with a cheeky gesture which will bring a huge smile on their faces.


Thank you

Gwan and I have now been members of the #BTPosse for a few years, and solely through words, have found the Posse always supportive of us.  Through thick and thin, the Posse have been there for us.

So much has gone on in our lives in the last few years, marriages, deaths, injuries.  And the Posse have always been there for us – at times overwhelmingly so, to the point of bringing tears of gratitude to Gwan’s eyes.

So thank you #BTPosse!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my family and I understand how lucky we are to have each other, but also to make us realise how lucky we are to be part of the biggest family out there, the family of the #BTPosse!!


If you would like to become a member of the #BTPosse, or if you have any question or would like to share your views, please feel free to leave a comment below.  It would be lovely to hear about other similar groups you are part of, and maybe who know, one day we could all meet up to put ‘a face to a bark’!!



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    Oh my goodness BT. This is a very very cute post. I can’t believe that you are able to type with those Border’s paws so well. I also like that I can stay in touch with you on your travels and blog posts. You said you’re 12! How long have you wanted to start a blog? I’m assuming most of your life?

    1. // Reply

      Well, it was Gwan’s idea to start off with, to launch a website that would tell the world what cool doggies we Borders are. I was just supposed to do the modelling for her mad photography, but then I got carried away and had to take control of the keyboard. All for a good cause, mind you – celebrating my friends in the #BTPosse

  2. // Reply

    This is a wonderful idea! I love Indy, looks like a very sweet dog. But then I am bias towards dogs anyway, I have two myself. I think it is a great idea to connect with others and then get them all together. What a unique and wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your experiences with BT Posse. I have followed you on Twitter, love the cover picture!

    1. // Reply

      Matts Mom, you are a star! Thank you ever so much for following me on Tweeter, and for sharing my passion for fur babies!!

  3. // Reply

    Hello there, me and my wife are getting our BT in four weeks and we can’t wait.
    We love the blog btw!
    Would love to have mr pickles join the bt posse how do we go about it.

    1. // Reply

      Mark, I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see pics of Mr Pickles!!! Is Mr Pickles a baby, or are you adopting him? Let us know.
      Now, I’m sure the #BTposse will be honoured to have him in our ranks. Click on Marley&Lola Blogspot link on this blog for the #BTposse Starter Pack. Also, you are welcome to join me on Twitter by following @Giulia_Indy. Welcome aboard!!

  4. // Reply

    Thanks for getting in touch. We are choosing our pup tomorrow, then another 4 wks from there.
    Ok I will start a twitter acc soon. Only have Instagram for now.
    I will have a look soon as I can to join, thanks you!!!

    1. // Reply

      Awwww, so exciting!!! Yes please, do join the #BTPosse on Twitter. The Posse will love to have you on board ❤❤

  5. // Reply

    Thank you again, just joined Twitter gonna take some getting used to, but think we have figured out how to join and earn mr pickles badge
    Cheers for the help

    1. // Reply

      Excellent Mark!! If you let me know your ID (the @ name your have chosen), I will start following you and introduce you to the BTPosse on Twitter. It might come in handy if you have pics of the little one that you have chosen to post on your tweet to me xxx

  6. // Reply

    Hi , can I please become a member of the btposse. I am a little border terrier, almost 4 years old, called Pip. I’m super cute and mischievous.

    1. // Reply

      Pip, of course you can join the #BTPosse. I shall email you directly, if ok with your dad, so as to ask for your Twitter account. And then I shall put you in touch with the BTPosse HQ.
      Lovely to have you on board 🙂

  7. // Reply

    I just found out about #bdposse en just posted my first tweet with it (@JBBoot)
    My name is Anneke, I live in the Netherlands and my Border Terriër is called Skipper (11 years)
    Would love to join the virtual BT family ??

    1. // Reply

      Welcome Anneke! I am on my way to Twitter to follow you and Skipper and to introduce you to the BT Posse gang 🙂

  8. // Reply

    My name is Maisie and I’m a 5 year-old border terrier. My dad follows all the adventures of the BT posse and I would like to join please if I can. My twitter account is @maisiemoo100.
    Thank you!

    1. // Reply

      Message from Indy: Darling Maisie, tell your dad to look out on his Twitter account, as Gwan is about to tweet him and refer him to the BTPosse HQ for joining in 🙂

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