For Older Dogs

Coconut oil: good for dogs?


As the world becomes wealthier and more comfortable financially (or at least in most countries), there seems to be a continuous search for natural products that may improve our well-being and more stressed lifestyle.  The latest craze I have come across this year is coconut oil – my step daughter got us a tub of paste, […]

The importance of insuring your dog


Best Buy:  Pet Insurance Price:   depending on your dog’s age, but with benefits Owned by:  The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company My rating:  an absolute 10 out of 10   As you know, Indy has gone through thick and thin when it comes to health issues. But since we adopted him, we never looked at pet […]

Pet Cooling Mat

 Best Buy: Price:  £10 approx. Rating:  9 out of 10 Overview Border Terriers hate hot weather.  Certainly my Indy does!!  For the last few years, and as Indy is getting older, we see that hot weather affects his energy levels greatly, making him very lethargic.  It is crucial that your dog is kept as […]

YouMOVE Joint Supplements

Best Buy: Price:  £18 approx. for 120 tablets Rating:  9 out of 10     Overview It is scary to see your dog getting older under your own eyes, and struggling with every day tasks which only a few months ago he/she was still capable of carrying out.  And it is more so difficult […]