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Coconut oil: good for dogs?


As the world becomes wealthier and more comfortable financially (or at least in most countries), there seems to be a continuous search for natural products that may improve our well-being and more stressed lifestyle.  The latest craze I have come across this year is coconut oil – my step daughter got us a tub of paste, […]

Best homemade dog treats recipes


We all know what a great motivator food can be for our dogs.  For habit streaken Borders, food is advised to be used as the purpose to a walk, or to training.  But – and we know this even too well – Borders, as well as other breeds can put on weight very easily.  We […]

Indy loves sunbathing!!

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Whenever I have talked about keeping dogs cool in hot weather, I have always mentioned how badly my Indy fares in summer months.  But how Border Terriers cope in hot weather varies from individual to individual dog.  Some Borders still enjoy their walk in warmer weathers, some others, like my Indy, get totally deflated.  No […]

Why should we be polite to our dogs


In recent years there has been much controversy over the right way to train our dogs.  It was only a few years ago when Cesar Millan affirmed his Cesar’s Way philosophy on our television screens, in an effort for us to train dogs to respect boundaries and limitations to help them grow happy dogs, just […]