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Amazon August Bank Hols Deals


Yesterday I received an interesting email, which had the following header: The email came from Amazon. Now, at this point I started twitching my nose, as I knew, as per usual with Amazon, the deals were likely to be on anything and everything, bar any dog supplies and accessories. Well, this time I was wrong!!! […]

Last Call for #EHUP2018

For those Borders and mums and dads living in UK, I hope you haven’t forgotten!!!   Some of you may have already attended today.  I am sure you had a smashing day by the Beverley Racecourse.  I am looking forward to check out the many pictures I am sure so many BT Posse members will […]


  Ok, do you remember the #BTPosse?  If you don’t, click on the link in blue to find out what I am talking about. But if you do, or if you are a member already, you will be familiar with their period gatherings, or #tweetup, which the BT Posse organises all over UK at different […]

Stacey Firth in Dogs Magazine

As I have just posted my latest review of Stacey Firth’s new book ‘Understanding Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome’, I just found out that Stacey is featured on the September issue of Dogs Magazine!!! This lady is getting famous, but definitely not because she loves the limelight.  Stacey has the well being of Borders so much […]