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A couple of days ago, I was approached by one of our followers on Instagram (yes, feel free to follow us on Instagram too, on: @ideas_for_home_working or @living_with_a_border_terrier) who asked whether arsen alb, or arsenicum album, is good for dogs who suffer from gastric flu, also known as gastritis. I have already touched on the […]

Border terrier in walled garden

Oh yes, you heard: DO BORDER TERRIERS RUN AWAY? The reason why I am ‘shouting’ this question is because most Border owners will think this as an unlike event. ‘My Border is such a good girl, she is most loyal and cherish our company and being part of this family. She’s extremely well-trained and would […]

Always apply your spot on on the scruff of your dogs neck


Frontline is probably one of the most widely available brands of spot-on for both cats and dogs for killing fleas and ticks sitting on your pets’ skin within a few hours.  However just recently I found out how dangerously Frontline may harm your pet.  So, let’s find out more about this.  The question of the […]

Moving home with your dog


Two years ago we moved home with our Indy.  The move was fairly uneventful, yet exiting as far as our Indy was concerned.  Were we lucky?  Partly I think so, but partly I think it is just in the nature of Borders who often take absolutely everything that is thrown at them in their stride.  Yet I am […]