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Border terrier in pain


Since publishing my understanding on Spike’s Disease last year, I have been inundated by comments from Border Terrier owners whose dogs were affected by such a nasty disease. This has prompted me to search deeper into the cause of CECS, and to why it appears that a gluten intolerance diet can control the symptoms in […]

Indy loves sunbathing!!

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Whenever I have talked about keeping dogs cool in hot weather, I have always mentioned how badly my Indy fares in summer months.  But how Border Terriers cope in hot weather varies from individual to individual dog.  Some Borders still enjoy their walk in warmer weathers, some others, like my Indy, get totally deflated.  No […]

The importance of insuring your dog


Best Buy:  Pet Insurance Price:   depending on your dog’s age, but with benefits Owned by:  The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company My rating:  an absolute 10 out of 10   As you know, Indy has gone through thick and thin when it comes to health issues. But since we adopted him, we never looked at pet […]

Hip dysphasia affects mobility in Borders and other breeds

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As anticipated in my previous blog on Spike’s Disease, hip dysplasia is another one of the few medical conditions that Borders are inclined to.  We have been lucky so far, as Indy has never suffered displayed canine hip dysplasia symptoms so far.  However, as it appears that Border Terriers are subject to hip dysplasia, I […]