Teeth Maintenance

Indy loves to dig his toys out of his den

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  One of the most prominent Border Terrier personality traits is love this breed nurtures for happy play time.  In doing so, they try to reproduce the hunting activity that is so instinctual and innate to them, as well as the shaking movement as if they had caught their prey and killed it by shaking […]

PlaqueOff prevents tartar


Best Buy:  Amazon.co.uk Price:  £7.99 for a 60gr tab approx. Rating:  9 out of 10 Overview Since adopting our Indy some 6 years ago, it became apparent that Indy’s weak point health wise was his teeth, ever affected by tartar plaque. Especially after he had his first teeth removed, it was our prime concern to […]

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh

Best Buy:  Amazon.co.uk Price: £22 approx. Rating:  8 out of 10   Overview Are Pedigree Dentastix good or bad for your dog’s teeth?  I have recently read several divergent reviews on this product, as there are opinions from owners who do not really see the benefit of this particular stick.  Indy’s ‘Achille’s heel’ has always been […]