CBD For Seizures – Let Me Put The Record Straight

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The last thing I want to do with this blog is to misinform viewers and readers about health issues with our Borders. And that’s why I just wanted to update you as soon as I was certain of the outcome.

Further to my article on CBD and its amazingly benefits for dogs, I received many enquiries as to how CBD could help Borders.

More specifically, as CBD is now becoming increasingly renowned for helping people suffering from seizures, the regular question was whether CBD oil for pets could help reduce the number of seizures in those Borders suffering from Spike’s Disease.

There are many social media group dedicated to sharing information and personal experience with Borders affected by Spike’s – Facebook is possibly the most prominent.

Unfortunately, it has been found that CBD has not made any difference in those dogs affected by CECS. Owners of affected Borders found that CBD has not reduced the number, nor the intensity, of seizure episodes of Spike’s.Photo by dogbreedinfo.com

Don’t get me wrong. CBD is good for your dog.

I have now given Indy CBD Isolate Drops for Pets (where the Isolate means the drops do not contain the THC chemical compound which is known to make you high when taking marijuana) for over a week.

The change in Indy has been remarkable!

Remember Indy’s health history? Age 14, cancer surgery twice, followed by ongoing metronomic chemotherapy.

The result has been that, although the chemo has had no apparent negative repercussion on his well-being, Indy has become more lethargic and tired. You know what they say about older dog, rights? They sleep all day.

Well, Indy was walking down that path, of snoozing pretty much the whole day.

No more since taking CBD drops twice a day!!!

Squirted on his breakfast and dinner, they have given my dog a new lease of life. Literally.

Indy is now enjoying longer walks, in spite of now being dark when we go out in the afternoon and the weather getting chillier. He is more playful and he has started behaving cheekily again. That’s my Indy!!!

And the main thing is that the CBD Isolate does not interfere at all with his ongoing treatment.

What I am trying to say here is this. CBD is good, for many conditions. For skin conditions, for pains, for arthritis. It does have anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant, properties. Which means it will help your dog stay younger and pain free for longer. Photo from Pixabay

It helps with anxiety issues your dog may experience (busier times of the year, or separation anxiety, for instance).

And yes, it will help manage seizures when this are the result of epilepsy.


You are still welcome to try it out, mind you.

Even if your Border suffers from Spike’s Disease, CBD may not help in this specific area, but it will certainly help in so many other ways!

As ever, do get in touch if you have questions or concerns. Leave your comment below and I shall endeavour to answer you as soon as possible and as accurately as I possibly can.

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