Do Border Terriers moult?


My Border Terrier definitely does!!  Regardless of your Border’s coat colour, you cannot notice the moulting on your floor or carpet.  However you will notice his/her fur stuck to your clothes after a cuddling session.

Moulting is a natural process in most dog breeds, nor there is a way to prevent it.  Border Terriers can become very hairy, hence the need to groom them regularly.  But it is always wise to hand strip them to retain the under-layer coat, which protects them from natural elements.  Otherwise, Borders can be kept nice and tidy with regular brushing of their coat in between appointments to the groomer’s.


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    Okay, so I bought myself one of those pricey brushes on amazon but our border terrier still sheds like CRAZY. I mean, I vaccum once or twice a day to get all the hair and it drives me crazy. Can you recommend a brush or perhaps he needs to be professionally groomed? I am willing to pay at this point!!! Thanks for responding.

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      Hi again Hillary, and thanks for asking the question. You put me to shame when I hear you Hoover every day, let alone twice a day! Indy does shed, but I dont think it is excessive – I always say you can’t see his shedding on the carpet due to the colour of host coat, but only when we have candles and his fluff gets stuck to our dark coloured clothes. However it is also true that we take him to the groomer’s every 12 weeks religiously, where he gets hand stripped. It is the hand stripping that gets rid of the excess top layer fluff, which otherwise your Border would loose in the house as he walks about. The job for our groomer is quite long as Indy gets really hairy – she normally starts at 9am and does not finish him till 3pm, but the long timeframe allows breaks for Indy and for herself, where her hand can otherwise hurt from the repetitive pulling action. For this service we are charge approx. £35, which give the time taken every time and the 12week frequency, we don’t think is too much at all. And Indy loves it there, as he gets pampered also with a nice bath, pedicure and manicure, bottom and ears cleaned. See how you get on and let me know ??

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    It’s very interesting to know about this subject. So nice for your dog to get a nice bath, pedicure and manicure as well when he gets groomed.

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      Sorry for replying to you this late Tove – I have been travelling, again, visiting my mother, and that sometimes leave me no time at all to get typing! Yes, Indy loves to be pampered, but I also feel it is rather vital if you want to keep his coat and his ‘shedding’ under control. So, are you planning on getting a Border Terrier? ??

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    Hi there from Minnesota! We just had our border stripped and he is shedding more than before we took him in. The lady did a wonderful job and he looks great but my goodness the hair is like floating in the air! Any advice would be much appreciated!

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      Hi Hannah, and welcome all the way from Minnesota!

      Yes, I notice that our Indy ‘sheds’ more soon after he’s had a hand strip. But, I put this in inverted comma, as I think in fact it is the little hair cuttings that is left stuck to his fur, in places with your groomer would have been unable to strip him. I can relate to that, as the hair is little short cuttings floating in the air – exactly as you say. I suppose it’s the same as when we go to the hairdresser, or when gentlemen have their hair cut by the barber, and they get the short cuttings stuck to their neck. The first time we have a shower after we have had our hair cut, we find so much little short hair accumulated at the bottom of the shower tray or of the bath, don’t we!

      You may just want to make sure that your boy does not have any skin reaction, and that his skin is not inflamed. I am sure this is not the case. And I am also sure that, if it did happen, it would not be the lady’s fault, as some dogs react to the same products differently from other dogs – just like us humans. If your dog starts experiencing skin problems, let me know, as I can recommend something that will help him.

      Otherwise, I am confident that soon enough his hair will start growing again (it’s amazing how ‘lion king’ like Borders can get in no time!), whilst he will have lost the fluff left from his stripping altogether. Borders do moult, but very subtly 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Hannah, and hope to hear from you again!

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