All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Stroller

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Indy Enjoying His StrollerBest Buy:

Price:   £29 approx.

Amazon average rating:  4.7 out of 5

My rating:  9 out of 10


I started looking for a stroller for Indy after he injured his back recently.  As soon as we were told that Indy needed absolute rest for the next 6 to 8 weeks, it became immediately apparent how difficult it may be for us to be able to keep a terrier at rest without depriving him of his adventurous walks where he could express his inner inquisitive instinct.  My husband, for one, was really dubious as to whether a terrier, and of all a Border, would adapt to be strolled about in a dog pushchair – he thought Indy may keep trying to jump out due to his innate curious nature. Well, it turned out that that a pet dog stroller was the answer after all, even for an independent minded Border Terrier like our Indy.

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Yes, it is a dog pushchair after all, and it will initially raise eyebrows in the neighbourhood.  Dog strollers are becoming on the increase in the high streets, but if you do not leave in big urban areas, they may still be seen as somewhat of a novelty.  Nevertheless, I would recommend this particular pet dog stroller for any dog owner, or as a gift for dog owners, whose dog is getting older and may not be able to sustain longer walks any longer – that’s when canine mobility aids have to be considered.  Ultimately the welfare of our dog is what should be paramount in responsible dog owners, right?  Dog pushchairs, as they may be seen, may be deemed a little extreme by some.  Some people may even find the concept of comparing a dog to a child offensive.  The aim could not be further from the truth, as it only wants to be one of the many aids on the market to decrease pain in your injured or older dog – exactly as you would do for humans.  I believe unnecessary sufferance should be spared in anybody, whether falling in the human or animal category, and a stroller wants to do exactly that.

Furthermore, by being able to take your dog for longer walks aided by a stroller, you can enjoy healthy outdoor times with the whole family including your dog.  Gone will be those times when the rest of the family wants to go for a walk in the country, but you have to stay behind in the house to look after the dog.  With a stroller, your dog will really become another part of the family!!!

Indy enjoying a long journey to London by Tube
Indy enjoying a long journey to London by Tube


So, what makes this particular stroller good?  The stroller comes with a couple of braces that you can latch to your dog’s collar for safety.  It also has a handy rain cover, and a tray by the handlebar to store water bottle and other gadgets, as well as a basket underneath for your shopping bags.  It has a large seat which can easily take dogs up to 15kg – it is spacious and sturdy enough for the weight and size of a Border Terrier.  It does have all the features you would find in a push chair for a baby, including wheel stoppers.  It is very light and easy to store as foldable – I keep it stored in a small cupboard indoors, and can lift it easily in the boot of my car.  It is also available in different colours.

I use the stroller primarily when taking Indy on to tarmacked areas, but the stroller is deemed suitable for all sorts of terrain.  I have in fact tried it in the early spring months on the field next to our house, and the stroller seemed to be working all right.  However I found it got really splashed with mud, and got really dirty.  However, I then found it extremely easy to clean with a wet wipe.


Pros & Cons

My only concern is whether the wheels are going to wear off in the long term.  Also, I am not sure they are suitable for muddy terrains in the long run, but then I am not sure Indy would be happy to be carried about when on muddy surfaces, hence to be deprived of the joy of sniffing around woods – too many stimulant smells.

The stroller is very light, but it is also true that, when walking in the woods with my Indy where Indy wanted or needed a rest every so often, it then became not easy to carry the stroller in the folded position to avoid it getting dirty, whilst keeping Indy on the lead while he was walking.  For walks in the woods, I recommend a baby sling.  Please click here for my review on the use of baby slings with Borders or for dogs of similar size.

On the other hand, I have seen the same stroller being used for pups of same size of Border Terriers, or of even bigger size.  When at the puppy stage, your dog will be unable to sustain longer walks, and will need periodic rests.  You can then use the stroller if your dog is fit and healthy, but you decide to have a young canine addition to the family. offers much sturdier looking stroller, but the price is also much higher, where some of them are priced at over £200.  For the price of a mere £29 approximately therefore, it will not be a big deal if the stroller does not last permanently.  Indy and I have now been using the stroller regularly since February this year, and the stroller does not show sign of wearing off.

For all of these reasons, I rate this item with a healthy 9 out of 10 and highly recommend it.  Provided you purchase the stroller for the right reason and for the correct use, you will not regret the purchase at all!!




Best Buy:

Price:   £29 approx.

Amazon average rating:  4.7 out of 5

My rating:  9 out of 10



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    I didn’t know about dog strollers. That’s completely new to me. I live in Norway and haven’t seen dogs in a stroller before. But Indy seems to like and good for him and his back. I think the price for the stroller is ok, and you don’t know how long it will last. You can also buy a lot strollers like this for the same price a the one from Amazon.

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      Hi Tove, and thanks for your interest in my review of Indy’s dog stroller. To be honest, you don’t see that many strollers here in UK either, although I’m told they are becoming more and more used as a solutions to pups who cannot yet walk long walks, or to older dogs like my Indy, who can no longer walk long distances or have sustained an injury. But you are right, for the price I purchased it from Amazon, it does not matter if it’s only going to last a few years. As I mention in my review, it also depends on which terrains you intend to use the stroller on. I suppose it’s got to be a fine balance between where you are going with your hours and how much you are prepared to pay ????

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    I had never even heard of these strollers but it sure looks like he enjoys riding in it. It does sound pretty good for older dogs who are a bit wobbly on their legs.

    1. // Reply

      Oh believe me David, they are a life saver for older dogs such as our Indy, but I expect they can turn in handy for pups as well, who cannot yet walk longer distances. And the amazing thing is that even for a Border like my Indy, it was surprisingly easy to see how he got used to been strolled about – like a king on his throne!
      Thank you for reading through. Giulia ☺️

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