Dog teeth tartar, prevent it with seaweed


PlaqueOff prevents tartar

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Price:  £7.99 for a 60gr tab approx.

Rating:  9 out of 10


Since adopting our Indy some 6 years ago, it became apparent that Indy’s weak point health wise was his teeth, ever affected by tartar plaque. Especially after he had his first teeth removed, it was our prime concern to retain his teeth as free of tartar as possible and for as long as possible. We used many products, but progressively noticed that his remaining teeth were starting getting affected by tartar and his breath was starting smelling again.  This has eventually lead to a second dental surgery with the removal of yet more teeth last Summer.  By all means I am not suggesting that it is the wrong products used that caused Indy to have to undergo a second surgery – Indy has problems with his teeth, in the same way as a person may be prone to tooth decay more than others in spite of brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing and having dental hygiene regularly.  Nevertheless, since starting using PlaqueOff after his last surgery, I do believe that the use of seaweed as main ingredient contributes to Indy retaining cleaner teeth and definitely a more appealing breath.

In passing, did you know that Daily Mail published an article back in 2012 singing the praise of seaweed extracts as best form of cleaning agent in human teeth over any toothpaste available on the market?


PlaqueOff does not put Indy off his meals!!
PlaqueOff does not put Indy off his meals!!


Sold in a small 60gr tab retailing on Amazon at £7.99 (or the bigger 180gr tab at £24.99), PlaqueOff is presented in seaweed crumbs that you can easily spread over your dog’s main meal, thanks to the plastic small blue scoop included inside the tab.  And it must have a yummy taste too, as it has never affected his appreciation of his meals.  The label will advise how many scoops to use depending on your dog’s size and weight.  Given that Indy fluctuates between 7.5-8kg, all I sprinkle on his meal is one scoop.  This makes even the smallest tab last a very long while.


Pros & Cons

The only ‘con’ I can think of with this product is that it is really powdery, and messy as such, but certainly it does not stain.  Also, I am not sure whether the bigger tab is cheaper comparatively – it probably costs the same per 100gr.  However sometimes I am tempted by the bigger size as it then saves me having to remember to reorder.  The ‘pro’ is that in my opinion it definitely works: it is not a cure, but it has helped maintain Indy’s teeth in better shape.  The little scoop is really little, which means if your dog is the size and weight of a Border Terrier, PlaqueOff will last you for ever.  And the main thing, Indy does like its taste!!




Best Buy:

Price:  £7.99 for a 60gr tab approx.

Rating:  9 out of 10


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    I will have to look into seaweed this sounds interesting. I give my doggies denta sticks with parsley at the moment : )

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      I never thought of that. I should look into product sage products as well. Thanks for the suggestion Robert. Giulia ??

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    Hello, what a lovely site I want to let you know that the link to the actual product work quickly and efficiently.
    I hadn’t heard of seaweed for cleaning dogs teeth and humans too eh! I am not sure I would like the taste but if it has a lot of health benefits then that could be overseen I suppose with a bit of mind over matter.
    I have always had dogs with this problem and it is very common, I know but what you actually have here is a product that is so very important because if your dogs teeth suffer then it also has a knock on effect of their overall health and can actually cause serious illness.
    The reason, also, why I really like the sound of it is because you don’t have to perform the awful task of manually cleaning their teeth so much because of the fact that you sprinkle it on their food. It’s a genius idea.
    I sadly lost my Yorky terrier cross JRT and if I had known I definately would have tried it with him and my previous dog a collie who both had bad plaque problems but hated brushing.
    Importantly, another bonus was that I have found out from your information and clicking on your link that it can also be used for cats, of which we have two of and so I will more than likely be ordering some.
    Brilliant information. Thanks very much.

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      Thanks for taking your time looking at my review Andi, and if I may say, sorry to hear about your terrier and your collie. We’d want them to be with us for ever, and I know when that time comes for my Indy (in 10 years time of course, not one minute sooner), I will not be ready to let him go.

      As it happens, I also brush Indy’s teeth every evening, with a German toothpaste which I get from Amazon (Enter Text) again, and which I shall review shortly. But you are right, Plaque Off is very easy to use, and it’s suitable for cats too. And when it comes to taste, no, not very appealing to our human palate maybe, but Indy loves it so much he licks it from my finger!!

      Thanks for your input Andi. Giulia

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    Ooh, my dog will definitely love this! He is a fan of seaweed, and this one is dog-friendly! I honestly didn’t know they could get tartar, but my brothers have been buying for her some dental treats. I will give this a try, and hope that my dog would love them as much as yours do. Thanks for your review!

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      oh yes Pearl, do give it a go for your dog. He may not suffer from tartar or plaque, but Plaque Off will keep them at bay for future. And let me know if he likes it in his dinner. Thank you. Giulia 🤗

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    Love your site, really good information. I run a blog about dogs too, specifically Samoyeds, and I didn’t know that seaweed was such an effective treatment for your dog’s dental health. That’s a big thing for us too, we’re always giving our dog dental bones to try and keep his teeth as clean as possible. I’ll have to look into the seaweed option you recommended.

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      thanks for your interest Mike. Yes, it appears to play the trick on Indy’s teeth. And he doesn’t mind the flavour at all, albeit mixed up with his dinner. So yes, it’s worth considering.

      Thanks again. Giulia 🙂

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    This is the first I’ve heard of preventing tartar on dog teeth with seaweed. How does it work?

    I have several dogs, but their teeth seem to be healthy. However, one of my cats just had expensive dental surgery to remove several teeth due to decay. Do you know if seaweed would help a cat’s teeth?

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      HI Gary. Apparently it is a battle of microbes, as it is the enzymes in the seaweed microbes that fight and prevent decay by attacking microbes in your dental plaque. And that apparently is equally applicable in human dental hygiene as much as in the one of your pets. Hence I take the whole theory may be applicable to felines too.

      I found plenty of info on… which also refers to BBC link for reference.

      Don’t talk to me about the cost of dental surgery! With our Indy, we’ve had to go through surgery twice, although at a distance of 3 years from each other. But yes, the expense was very painful. And knowing that our Indy was in pain (although he was not showing it, we realised post-surgery how subdued he was prior to the operation) was not pretty affair.

      Indy will probably always be subject to weak teeth, for the few he has left now, but we are determined to prevent plaque as much as we possibly can in order to avoid him any more surgery.

      Thank you for your interest, and keep reading 🙂


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    We actually just purchased a product from vet very similar to this. A small bottle was $34 but should last 6-8 mths. If it works it’s so worth it. Hoping for great results.

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      Hi Cecilia, and apologies for the late reply. It goes without saying that, since publishing my review, I can confirm that we still use these seaweed flakes on Indy’s dinner, he still loves them and his teeth are still sparkling and healthy. I can only say that, given the poor health condition of Indy’s teeth in the past, which led to his dental surgeries and the removal of almost all his teeth, I wish I had found improving and preventing products such as this one much sooner.
      Thank you ever so much for leaving your comment, and I hope to hear from you soon again 🙂

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