#EHUP2018 for BTPosse members … and not



Ok, do you remember the #BTPosse?  If you don’t, click on the link in blue to find out what I am talking about.

But if you do, or if you are a member already, you will be familiar with their period gatherings, or #tweetup, which the BT Posse organises all over UK at different stages.

So, here’s the next one: the Yorkshire one!!!

This year, as you can see, it’s a two day: Saturday 18th August by Beverly Racecourse, and Sunday 19th August a beach walk by Sullivan’s Hornsea.  Click on the above picture to find out more details of times, addresses and parking facilities.

Indy has only been to one so far, but he absolutely loved it.  And we loved it too!!!

So, Borders of This World, are you ready for your next #tweetup?  Get your hoo mums and dads organised, get them to pick up the phone and give a ring to Julie on mob. 07810 835232 to let her know you are going.

You will meet so many other Borders and Border-minded people like never before in your life!!!  ???

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