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Best Buy:  Amazon

Price:   approx. £39

Amazon average rating: 4.4 out of 5

My rating:  4 out of 5



How to leave your dog home alone without worrying about what (s)he may get up to?  It’s a question that many newly dog owners ask themselves.  Sometimes it is necessary to leave your dog home alone for a few hours at a time, whether because of work commitments, or just to pop to the local supermarket to do your weekly food shopping.  Either way, it is inevitable that you may wonder what (s)he may do when you leave your dog home on his or her own.

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The solution is presented by Amazon once again, with the IP ieGeek Indoor Camera, which they offer at a fairly reasonable price for multiple purposes, including checking how your dog copes when on his / her own, or whether (s)he suffers from separation anxiety.


How does the IP ieGeek Camera works

This handy camera set works very simply, by recording images and sounds on a micro SD card.  At the same time, you can view what’s happening inside the house directly on your smart phone or tablet, by connecting the camera to your home wi-fi signal.

The camera can be set up to send you notification of any unusual movements in the room where it is set up, and you can immediately check what is going on there.  So, if your dog has been snoozing on the sofa for the whole morning, but a sudden noise wakes him or her up, you will receive notification on your phone in real time, and you can check on the relevant app whether he or she have decided to start chewing on the furniture to entertain themselves.

You can at the same time intervene by talking to your dog through the app.  When your dog hears your voice, hopefully (s)he will stop being naughty.  Or, if pacing anxiously as displaying signs of separation anxiety, hearing your voice may reassure your hound.


Features of the IP ieGeek Camera

  • Image quality – this little yet powerful camera comes with megapixel resolution, which translate in to high quality images and high black / white contrast.
  • Night vision – the camera is night vision enabled, hence allowing you to check on your dog during the night as well, should you run late coming back in the winter afternoons and if you have forgotten to leave the table lamp switched on to keep your hound company.
  • Built-in mic – as mentioned, the camera has a built-in microphone, which enables you to speak to your dog from your phone or tablet, and for you to hear your dog’s potential signs of distress at the same time.
  • Easy installation and connection to wi-fi – the camera is very easy to install, and to connect to your home wi-fi signal.  In fact the specifications laid out by Amazon claim it should not take you any longer than a minute to do the connection!
  • Real time motion detection – this means that, as soon as the camera picks up unusual movements, it sends you a notification on your digital device, so that you are immediately alerted and can take action as required.
  • 12 months guarantee – and this last point is possibly a most unusual one, as Amazon fulfilled seller MeeHoo Tech guarantees the replacement of the camera for up to 12 months from the date of purchase, no matter what the issue may be.  Which leads me to believe that, whether we find the camera faulty, or missing some accessories, or if we accidentally damage it, they will replace it, no questions asked, so long as it is within the first 12 months from sale date.


A very competitive price

Now, let’s talk about the price.  At present Amazon retails the IP ieGeek Camera at short of £40 with free delivery.  Considering all that the camera has to offer, I find the price extremely competitive.



There are no doubts that there are much pricier indoor cameras available on the market, wired or wireless.  And undoubtedly they will come with more technically sophisticated specifications.  Nevertheless, if the sole aim for your purchase is to check on your dog and make sure they are ok whilst you are away, I am not sure I would want to spend any more than in the region of the £50 top figure.

And to me this camera offers over and above what any dog owner may possibly need to ensure their pet is happy – not only it offers the facility of being wireless and wi-fi adapted, but it gives you night vision!

And it is this very last feature that offers versatility to this camera, as not only you can use it for your dog, but you can also use it as a night indoor surveillance device.



Amazon reviews rate it nearly perfect

As mentioned above, out of 264 reviews received so far, Amazon has received an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.  This should tell you that this camera is actually delivering, and ‘it does what it says on the tin’.

The only flaw that comes us in a few reviews is that the night vision may not work too well when you try to capture external images from inside your home through a windows.  In such instances, Amazon customers have experienced infra-red effect on the image recorded.

The manufacturers make a point of reminding that this camera is solely for indoor use.  When trying to view externally, albeit from indoors, the camera will fail to produce a high quality reproduction, as it is not designed for such purpose.  If you wish to use a camera that records indoors and outdoor delivering the same quality of picture, you may then want to look for an alternative product – a much dearer one, I have to say, and possibly a non-wireless one.

But this camera is more than suitable not only to catch up your dog when (s)he gets up to mischief, but for surveillance of the one room where you position it.

And that’s the other flaw.  Because, if you do not agree with confining your dog to one room only, and you want to keep an eye on him or her wherever (s)he is, then you will need to purchase additional cameras at the same price.


My verdict

When we first adopted Indy, the first problem we encountered was the fact that both my husband and I worked full time.  We worked out a schedule where alternatively we would go home at lunch time to give our Indy a mini walk and to give him his lunch.  My son would then be back from school mid afternoon, so that Indy would not have to spend too many hours by himself.  But, as we weren’t sure whether he would like to be left on his own, we did worry.  At the time we had no experience whatsoever of dog ownership, and never did we think of investing in an indoor camera, because … well, we simply never thought of the possibility.

We also had very helpful neighbours who kept an eye on Indy from their garden.

Indy home alone - The Snoozes
Indy home alone – The Snoozes

As time went by, my son would spend longer at school to revise to prepare for exams, and this meant Indy having to spend longer hours by himself in the afternoon.  I therefore started reducing my hours, and my husband would start coming home earlier too in such a way that we again ended up working a schedule of sort for our Indy not to spend too long on his own.  At the end of the day, we didn’t adopt him for him to be on his own as much as in his previous life!

But, it turned out that in the meantime Indy started growing older and got used to having the whole house to himself.  We never found Indy had got up to mischief, even when we moved to a new home.  And for this reason, to this day, we have never felt the need to invest in a camera.

Will I ever get the IP ieGeek Camera?  Most certainly!!!  And that’s where I feel you need to start thinking about getting an indoor camera: when you have puppies or if you adopt a dog, or when you introduced a new dog in the household where you already have one or more dogs.  Either way, you want to make sure that your dog is happy for the few hours that you may to leave him or her on their own.  And even if your dog does not display signs of anxiety, you will want to make sure that they entertain themselves in a safe manner – the last thing you want is for your dog to start chewing on your wooden kitchen table, at the risk that the table may collapse on him or her!!

IP ieGeek Camera for me ticks all the boxes of what is required of a dog owner in ensuring their dog is a happy dog.  And the IP ieGeek Camera, at the current price, makes sure that if your dog is happy, you are a happy owner too.



Best Buy:  Amazon

Price:   approx. £39

Amazon average rating: 4.4 out of 5

My rating:  4 out of 5


For a more sophisticated smart camera thought specifically for dog owners and to care for your dog when you are not in the house, check out Furbo Dog Camera:






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    Nice product review. Cute videos. It’s definitely an issue that I know a lot of people have to deal with, animals at home alone. I don’t personally have any pets (which is a blessing and a curse), but if I did, I would probably click through here and check out the merchandise. Thanks!

    1. // Reply

      This a bone of contention by many dog owners and lovers, Alan. Especially when it comes to adopting and rescuing dogs, on one end you are ideally to be home based as not working or working from home – on the other end there is shortage of families wanting to adopt as concerned about the personality traits the dog may have developed. In most cases families have to work, and it is true, you don’t want to get a dog to leave him or her on their own for the whole day. Ideally as a dog owner you should be in a shift work situation where alternatively there is always going to be somebody in the house with your dog. Otherwise, working from home can be an alternative career. But in the meantime, using an indoor surveillance camera like the IP ieGeek Camera will help you ensure your dog is happy at all times.

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    This is great. I have two beautiful chow chow’s but they have lately been getting into mischief around the house while I’m at work and I often find myself wonder “how on earth did they manage to do this?”. It would be great to get an eye on them when I’m at work.
    I think their shenanigans when they are alone could be quite amusing also.

    The price is not bad at all either.


    1. // Reply

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Jean, I think the price is really competitive. And worth every penny by the sound of the reviews, as there is no report of the camera having a short life span.
      I know for a fact, especially now that my Indy is of an age, he would get up to much sleep and … well, pretty much nothing else. Sometimes I find him in the same position I left him when I went to work, curled up on that sofa, master of his domain. But yes, with your fur kids, you could record their ‘adventures’ and post them on YouTube. I am sure they would get a lot of views!!

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    Really nice post, you caught my attention very fast!
    I only own a cat and I’m home most time, so it is nothing I would need, but the way you did written this it got my attention and I really like the post.

    Keep it up!


    1. // Reply

      Thank you Niklas, I am pleased you enjoyed my review. And maybe, even if you don’t feel you may benefit a camera, you may want to direct friends and family to my post, who own a dog? Thank you 🙂

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    Hi GIULIAB, I like the product and very inexpensive. the way you highlighted it is very clear and to the point, I’m personally living with my family at the moment so our dog is always looked after but ideal for those alone who is always away and concerned about their pet, something I will keep in mind next time when I’m living alone. Anyway, I love the post. thanks for highlighting this 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Actually, you are right, I expect if you lived on your own, you more so would want to ensure that your dog is safe whilst on his / her own. Ideally, in such circumstances, you may want to hire a dog minder or walker even, but the camera can assist regardless.
      I am glad you liked the review, thank you.

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