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Our lovely Border Terrier, Indy, found us some 6 years ago, when we adopted him on the brink of him becoming homeless.

Indy was originally adopted by my step-daughter when a friend of hers was no longer allowed to keep him in her house under the terms and conditions of her tenancy agreement.  My step-daughter tried to keep him in her flat, but found it hard to find the time to give him the necessary walks in between her work and social commitments.  And that’s when we gladly stepped in.

Let me introduce you to Indy, my perfect dog
Let me introduce you to Indy, my perfect dog

I shall never forget the moment the front door of my step-daughter’s flat opened, and this fluffy bundle of joy ran toward my grumpy husband and made our hearts leap with joy.  He was the scruffiest, yet happiest little dog I had ever seen.  And his enthusiasm in welcoming us swept my husband off his feet.  It really felt as if Indy at that very moment in time told us: “Welcome, you are now my new family, and with my charm, wit and intelligence I shall never let go of you“.

Now, you could say that was a reaction all dogs will raise in their owners, and to an extent I do agree. But in the nearly 8 years that Indy has been part of our family, we have learned so much from him as a dog, as a unique member of the household and as a border terrier per se – all traits that in this website I want to share with you.

But of course, I am a self-made ‘expert’ on Border, as I have only learned as much as Indy has taught me about himself and his breed.  And there is ever so much more that I need to learn about Border Terriers as well about dogs more generally.

And that’s where I need your help!

I would LOVE if you could all contribute to this website by joining in commenting to my pagest, to my regular articles and reviews.  The ultimate goal I see at the end of that tunnel is for this website to become a bit of a FORUM FOR BORDERS EXPERTS.

Indy this year is, ‘allegedly’, 14 years old – we are not sure as we have never been able to find out his date of birth.  But with this website I want to celebrate his life and the gifts of joy, fun and love he brings into our lives every day whilst he is still with us. So, long may Indy live, and let’s get blogging!!



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    What a heartwarming story about Indy! Excellent site for what matters in the care of dogs. Thanks.

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      Thank you ever so much, Tanya. I am pleased you enjoyed my site, and hope you will come back to check on my latest updates 🙂

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    AW!!! What a heartwarming and adorable story. Great website to help dog lovers like us!!!

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      Thank you ever so much, Artemis, you are enjoying my website. I hope you will keep visiting us to learn more about Borders and to find out more of Indy’s adventures.

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    You know, I’m a cat person really, and wouldn’t have known what a border terrier was before I came to this site. Well, now I know! And I have to say that pic with the tennis ball is very adorable. Best wishes for telling of your border terrier adventures!

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      Thank you ever so much Iain. I wish I were a better photographer. I’m torn between investing in a proper camera or not, but then I’m thinking a new camera would not hide the mistakes of a clueless photographer such as myself #lol
      I hope you’ll visit us again for more adventures!

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    What a great post! And this dog is so adorable! I love dogs too 🙂

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      On behalf of Indy, and myself of course, thank you ever so much JT. I am sure I sound the most bias dog owner in the world, but he is truly a special boy, the strongest and bravest, determined not to let anything, including his latest bout of cancer, come in the way of happy life.
      Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you’ll come back soon 🙂

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    How lovely to read about Indy’s story and your life together! Border terriers have their own special way of being – my good friend always had her special border terrier and they went everywhere together! Do you think Border Terriers need more exercise than other breeds of that size? Thanks for sharing this lovely post about Indy! 🙂

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      Frankly, Soraya, yes and no.  As part of the massive Terrier group, I think Borders probably need as much exercise as a Jack Russell, but they might require to go further as they have longer legs.  It is said that Borders, of all terriers, are the most ‘balanced’, and with Indy I can certainly vouch for that.  Even now age 14, Indy is still much fun and needs his play time with toys and with us, and his walk time (although we’ve now reduced to one walk a day), as much as his longer sleeping times.  But he’s never shown over-exuberance – or at least, not any more than it is expected when a Terrier clocks on to a squirrel, or on some treats hidden in an old smelly sock 🙂

      Thank you for passing by, Soraya, and I really hope to hear from you again soon!

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    Just looking at the photo, makes me want to go through my screen and play with him.

    For his age, he really looks in pretty good shape. I like the intention behind your site and will definitely be popping in from time to time.

    You got a good thing with the forum and I looking forward to reading more wonderful stories about Indy.


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      Thank you ever so much, Roopesh.  It’s good to know that you enjoy the layout of my website and its meaning and intention.  I look forward to hearing more from you with your valuable input. 

      And a massive thank you from my Mr Indy too 🙂

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    Great website awesome content, love your passion for Indy.

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      Thank you Paula, you are very kind. Yes, I can’t deny it, I love my Indy to bits, and the best part of the week – now that my son is all grown up and very independent (!!!) – is when I can spend time with my fluffy Border.
      I hope you will visit my website again, and I hope you will ‘spread the word’ with both Borders and dog lovers amongst your family and friends 🙂

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    Hey Giulia, I like your post. My girlfriend owns a jack russel terrier. Small dogs definitely have a lot of character to them. I’m glad you’re showing yours with love. Great website for dog people!

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      Oooh yes, Nate, these little terriers do steal your heart away with their cuteness and their tons of personality. And even now that my Indy is an older boy, he still gets up to mischief and expects to have half arguments with much bigger dogs than him. He’s just very funny – but I am sure you already see all that in your girlfriend’s JRT. By all means, you are welcome to spread the world about my website. It is for Border Terrier owners and truly for dog lovers too 🙂

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    How cute this little one is.
    And what a great idea to write about him.
    I do not have a dog, no permission in this flat,
    but once I had a dog and two cats.
    All three I got as puppies and I am sure they
    believed they were siblings.
    As their behavior was like that.
    Nice to see the pictures as well.

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      Thank you ever so much Marion. It is a shame that you are not allowed to keep pets in your flat, as I must admit, a household with a dog is a happier household. And yes, of course they think they are part of the family, as on the same level of importance as any other member. I am pretty sure my Indy think of himself as human … bar when his nose starts sniffing for all sorts of most interesting smells, of other dogs and food of course 🙂
      Thanks again for your comment, and I hope you will visit my website again!

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