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I have spoken before about the probiotic supplements in your dog’s diet (check out my review of Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic Health Supplement for Dogs). This becomes more so important in Border Terriers, who are by nature true scavengers, as they will be ready to ‘scoff’ on anything edible and not, particularly during their walks. Indy has not been immune to tummy aches both when younger and in his more advanced age just for this reason. When he starts stretching his tummy, we feed him Protexin Pro-Kolin+. Today I want to introduce you to this miraculous remedies, but not before touching on the importance of probiotic supplements for our dogs’ digestive system, on the difference between probiotics and prebiotics and on the efficacy of probiotics and prebiotics to keep your dog’s digestive system healthy and balanced.

Name: Protexin Pro-Kolin+

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £19 for a 60ml syringe

Amazon average rating: 4.7 out of 5

Our rating: 5 out of 5Protexin Pro-Kolin+ 60ml by Amazon

What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics

To be honest, I struggled to find an answer to this question. Until recently, that is, when I came across the explanation in WebMD. According to its nutritionists, probiotics are the good bacteria that contribute to keep our digestive system healthy by keeping under control the growth of ‘bad’ harmful bacteria. So, probiotics are good for us. And for our pets.

We cannot say so about prebiotics per se. Because prebiotics are carbohydrates which cannot be digested by our body, or by the digestive system of our pets, but go to feed the good bacteria, the probiotics. In other words, we need prebiotics to keep probiotics alive, so that they can interact with our digestive system and maintain it healthy.

Probiotics can be found in yogurt typically, as they are produced through fermentation. However, we all know that milk and its derivative products are not good for dogs.

On the other hand prebiotcs can be found in certain types of vegetables, such as artichoke, asparagus, legumes and yes, oatmeal. However, as far as dogs are concerned, as much as in humans, if they present with gluten intolerance symptoms, they are better kept away from oatmeal and other grains.

There is no food that contains both probiotics and prebiotics. The only source is in supplements which may contain both.


Protexin, who are they?

Before explaining more in details why I believe Pro-Kolin+ is the best probiotic prebiotic supplement to re balance our dog(s)’ upset tummy, let me introduce you to its manufacturers.

Royal recognition for Protexing
Protexin were given the Queen’s Award for International Trading two years running

Protexin was launched by managing director Toby Lewis in 1996 and has been leading in the production of health care supplement for pets since then. Pro-Kolin+ is in fact one of its oldest products and has been going strong since 1998.

The company specialises in health supplements not only for small animals but also for horses, and more recently for humans too. The key to their success is in researching and using natural sources with minimum amount of refining, so that their supplements meet the fine balance between science and nature, in an effort to guarantee safety and quality at the same time.

Their latest accolade, I suppose, has to be the most prestigious royal recognition by being awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade two years running.


What is Pro-Kolin+

Pro-Kolin+ in a 60ml syringe
The Pro-Kolin+ 60ml syringe can last you a good long time (depending on frequency of use) with no fear that the product will expire as it has a long shelf life

Pro-Kolin in essence is a green looking paste, which you feed to your dog or squirt in his / her main meal if and when needed. The main ingredients are:

  • Probiotics – the natural friendly bacterium Enterococcus, also often used in probiotic yogurts for humans, and which helps re balance the intestinal flora;
  • Preplex prebiotics -a combination of fructo-oligosaccharide and acacia, which feeds the Enterococcus probiotics in the product and stimulate their growth;
  • Kaolin – a natural binding agent which helps stop symptoms of diarrhea;
  • Pectin – again, a natural agent found mostly in plants which strengthens the lining of the intestines;
  • Beef flavouring – to make it all more appetising to your dog.
  • Pro-Kolin comes in syringes of 15ml, or 30ml or 60ml. I normally go for the 60ml.

Unlike with the Pooch and Mutt supplements I reviewed previously, you do not need to give Pro-Kolin daily, as it is not aimed to maintain a healthy gut, but to repair it. I was initially mentioned this product by our vet many years ago, but I then found it readily available on Amazon, and only give it to Indy when he stretches with a painful tummy or when he has bouts of diarrhea. Depending on the severity, you may want to feed it to your dog once or twice a day.

Find out more about Pooch&Mutt Probiotic Health Supplement For Dogs

Pros of Pro-Kolin+

  • Dogs love its flavouring, even if it looks uninviting – Indy licks it directly from the syringe;
  • It has a long expiry date – even if one of the Amazon review says once opened, it has to be consumed quickly, the actual Protexin website advises the shelf life is of approximately two years even after opening;
  • The marked syringe makes it extremely easy to feed to your dog;
  • It doesn’t have to be stored in any particular way, other than in a dry place – which virtually means everywhere in your dog storage cupboard;
  • The price is most competitive, when compared to its shelf life.

    Pro-Kolin+ ingredients
    Pro-Kolin+ ingredients are all naturally sourced

Cons of Pro-Kolin+

Honestly, I struggle to find any downsides to this product. Possibly, the smell is not best pleasing to the human nose, but certainly not to a canine one.

I am not so easy to give a top rating to products, but that is truly the reason why I rated this product so highly.

If I really wanted to split the hair in two, I would advise that you purchase it online (Amazon has the cheapest options available in all syringe sizes) rather than from your pet shop, where this product is available. But, in order to get the best deal, you may always have a box available in the house, and stock up on a syringe ahead of your dog starting showing tummy ache symptoms.


Price and Delivery from Amazon

My local pet shop sells Pro-Kolin+ too. And I am assuming it is not the only pet shop to stock up on Protexin veterinary products. However, there is a price difference – and there is also a difference in availability.

When compared with what Amazon offers, you will find that Amazon, as ever, offers the better deal.

Protexin Pro-Kolin+ comes in three syringe sizes
Pro-Kolin+ comes in three convenient sizes

Amazon offers Pro-Kolin in all the three available sizes: 15ml,30ml and 60ml.

Given its long shelf life, I normally go for the 60ml syringe. A lot of shops, including my local one, do not stock up for the biggest syringe.

When I compared the price of a middle size 30ml syringe, I found that Amazon was a couple of pounds cheaper than my local shop: £11.99 and eligible for FREE DELIVERY (with Amazon orders of a minimum value of £20).

The way I read it is this:

  • Should you need Pro-Kolin+ as an emergency as you have run out indoors and your dog is in pain, but all means dash to your local shop and spend a couple of extra pounds. As they say, when need must…
  • But for long-term peace of mind, you want to purchase 2 x syringes of Pro-Kolin+ For Dogs 60ml from Amazon in order to benefit from a bigger discount by not having to purchase as frequently, and by being able to have the items delivered to you for free.


My verdict

You will wonder why I am always so positive with my reviews. The answer is simple: I tend to review products that I have tried and tested successfully on Indy.

Pro-Kolin+ is one of the winning products we have been using for years, and we still find as relieving for Indy as when he was younger.

Indy loves to lick onto the Pro-Kolin+ syringe as he finds it tasty
Indy loves to lick Pro-Kplin+ directly from its syringe

Yes, it’s true, I still feed Indy a sprinkle of Pooch & Mutt Health Supplement powder in his main meal every day. And that has absolutely helped reduce tummy cramps in the long run.

However, there may still be times when your dog indulges in extra food, like Christmas or whenever there are generous guests coming to visit. Or indeed if you dog picks up some tasty, and dirty, bites during his/her walks … such as horse manure (!!!).

We started giving Indy Pro-Kolin+ whenever needed since he has started his metronomic chemo as a result of his second melanoma.

The long and short of my verdict is that yes, Indy and I definitely recommend Pro-Kolin+ as a natural supplement to relieve your dog of tummy aches and of symptoms of diarrhea, by naturally re balancing the intestinal flora of your hound. A definite paws and thumbs up from us!!!

Name: Protexin Pro-Kolin+

Best Buy: Amazon

Price: approx. £19 for a 60ml syringe

Amazon average rating: 4.7 out of 5

Our rating: 5 out of 5



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    Thanks for this informative post, it has come a little late for us but we did have a border terrier cross that suffered with what we thought were seizures or epilepsy until we worked out he probably had Canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (CECS).
    When looking at his skin carefully you could see tiny pink pin pricks which would not be obvious unless you looked for them. He was always itchy but had no mites or fleas.
    We changed his diet away from soya, wheat and other grains and gave him grain free foods. He never ever had another fit again and he became a calmer and happier dog, no itching, no scratching, it was a revelation. He has gone now, bless him but we only wish we had found the solution earlier.
    This post of yours, hits on the subject and I feel sure that Pro-Kolin would have helped him.
    As for the pups we have now, one of them has a delicate digestive system and of course, we make sure they are not fed grains or soya. Pro-Kolin could be a great product to keep in the cupboard for when he gets an upset tummy.

    1. // Reply

      Oh Ches, I am ever so sorry to hear that your Border is no longer with you.  And I am sorry to hear that he had to suffer so much during his lifetime.  Yes, if you suspect your Border may have Cecs, it has been vented lately that Cecs may find its solution in a grain free diet.  I hope your pup will not suffer the same episodes. but you are right, storing a Pro-Kolin+ syringe in the cupboard for emergencies is always good practice.  

      Thank you ever so much for your kind contribution, and by all means, I hope you will pass by again 🙂

  2. // Reply

    Hey Giulia, thanks for the info regarding keeping our dogs digestive systems healthy.
    I think I may have come across a solution to heal our sheltie’s tummy aches after reading your article about Pro-Kolin+. She’s got a warm nose & sad eyes today. Alike Indy she chews on all sorts of rubbish when taking her for a walk, I’m sure her tummy aches are something to do with what she’s been chewing on.
    I like the fact that the manufacture of Pro-Kolin+ refrains from the addition of so many chemicals and preservatives competing manufacturers add to their so called healthy products. Natural sources work, the minimum amount of refining is key in my book.
    Thanks again, hope it works, if not we’ll visit the VET for an examination,

    1. // Reply

      Awww Simon, sorry for the late reply, but I hope that your sheltie is better now. Going to the vet is always a good idea, if you notice she is particularly off her food. However, keeping Pro-Kolin+ in the cupboard for emergency, or to subside those unexpected attacks of diarrhea or whenever you see her stretch her tummy in a painfully slow mode – that’s when I have used, and still do use, this product on Indy.
      I hope you’ll get better to us to let us know about your baby’s tummy 🙂

  3. // Reply

    This is such a helpful and educational article. The information you provide sets my mind at ease because it is so comprehensive and also you have direct experience. Can you advise on how to detect if a dog has tummy issue or if it is due to other factors? Frankly, I’m clueless on that…

    1. // Reply

      To be honest, Jude, you learn from experience through watching your dog. Once you have a dog, you will soon enough learn what his or her usual ways and movements are. But being part of a website forum dedicated to your dog breed, such as this one for Border Terrier owners, also helps, as you can exchange experiences and you can ask questions. As far as my Indy is concerned, I know about his tummy ache due to two particular things:
      1. he may be off his food (which is extremely rare with Indy), and / or
      2. he will stretch – but the stretches are not rigid but energetic like when he wakes up from his snoozes. They will be more painfully slow, and when you see one in your dog, you will know that (s)he is having an attack of colitis, or some air or food trapped in his or her tummy. And that’s when you want to feed him or her Pro-Kolin+, as the dual probiotic/prebiotic action will relieve the pain and help the bowl rebalance.
      I am glad you found my article of help, and I hope you will come back for more instalments 🙂

  4. // Reply

    As a life long dog lover and owner I can say this was a very good read. I had never run across the prebiotic explanation before so I got a value from reading your article. Our dogs are constantly snuffling in stuff when we go for walks, ingesting lord knows what so it’s not unusual for them to have an upset tummy later. We’ll be sure to check out these products.
    And, since we love Amazon, having it available with just a click at your site is very encouraging for us to try it!
    All the best in your projects!

    1. // Reply

      Jim, I’m ever so pleased to hear that you found my article of help. Because yes, you are right, there isn’t much in the way of explaining the difference between probiotic and prebiotic around theses days.

      As I mentioned, my Indy sounds very much like your dog: he’s a scavenger. But when the times comes for regrets, Pro-Kolin+ does help his sore tummy. By all means, I hope you’ll give it a try and you’ll come back to tell us if you think your dog found it of any benefit. For now, thank you ever so much for passing by!

  5. // Reply

    Thank you for the article. I have a schnauzer that is turning 9 soon, and now is starting to suffer from some stomach issues. (Perhaps it is because he lives with a couple of young boys that will feed him just about anything.) However, he never had an issue before. I will look into this as he has been having issues lately.

    1. // Reply

      By all means, Christopher, yes, give it a try and let me know how your schnauzer is doing on Pro-Kolin+. Yes, I know the feeling when you refer to your boys feeding him anything and everything – I still have the same problem with my teenage son!! But I guess Pro-Kolin+ is designed just for that, for when the tummy gets into colitis mode and needs a relieving help 🙂

  6. // Reply

    WOW! I just fell in love with your website from this article. I didn’t want to stop reading it, honestly! I didn’t know much about prebiotics myself until recently and I’m pretty sure not many others realize its existence. I personally never thought about the importance of probiotic and prebiotic in animals, specifically dogs. Some of them do eat some weird things don’t they,

    1. // Reply

      Tim, first of all thank you ever so much for your kind words of encouragement. It’s very nice to hear that not only you enjoyed my website, but you actually found it of help. I don’t know if you are a dog owner, of if you’ve ever been, but dogs, when of scavenging nature like my Indy, will eat anything that takes their fancy- even horse manure or their own poo

  7. // Reply

    Hi there,

    Great article!

    I have two big dogs, and one of them has diarrhea almost every day. I took him to the vet, and she told me that I have to change his food, which I did, but it didn’t help. I really want to try the Pro-Kolin and see how it goes. I used to take probiotics in the form of capsule because I was taking antibiotics and it really helps me a lot.
    Do you think the Pro-Kolin will stop diarrhea? I really don’t know what to do anymore!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. // Reply

      Daniella, at times Pro-Kolin+ has stopped diarrhoea in my Indy, of course it has! Poor your big boy, surely it must be running him down to have diarrhoea nearly every day. From my non- expert point of view, by all means your vet is right: a change of diet is the best course of action. By do also try feeding him Pro-Kolin+, see how he goes and let me know.

      By the way, have you ever tried a gluten free on your dogs? I talk about it in relation to Spike’s Disease, but it may be worth trying it on your dog’s, especially if one of them has trouble with his bowl movements. I hope you come back to let us know

  8. // Reply

    We use this as part of our treatment for our border terrier who suffers from colitis, it’s fantastic as soon as she has a flare up with give her this and within about an hour or so her stomach calms down. It’s brilliant for avoiding her getting in too much pain as we are aware of the symptoms. This article was helpful in understanding how it all works so thank you

    1. // Reply

      Isabella, thank you ever so much for your kind words. Yes, as I mention in my article, I have used it on our Indy as well, in the past mostly, and it does work as effectively and as quickly as you say. It is horrible to see our little ‘uns when they stretch with pain. So, it is absolutely marvellous to see them get better so quickly.
      Thanks for your contribution, and I hope to hear from you again soon!

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