Last Call for #EHUP2018

For those Borders and mums and dads living in UK, I hope you haven’t forgotten!!!



Some of you may have already attended today.  I am sure you had a smashing day by the Beverley Racecourse.  I am looking forward to check out the many pictures I am sure so many BT Posse members will have posted on Twitter.

For those of you who love to see Borders at their best, head to Twitter and search under #BTPosse.  I am sure we are all going to be in for a wonderful display of pictures.

But … for those of you who could not make it today, or who may have forgetful hoomum and hoodads, do not despair.  THERE IS STILL TIME!!!

I hope you will love the sea, as if you are joining the BT Posse at Sullivan’s Hornsea, you are going to be treated to a mad walk (or run, shall I say) on the beach, followed by fish and chips – enough to feed both hoofams and Borders alike.

It is a shame that Indy and I could not join you today or tomorrow, as we are a bit far, but also as tomorrow it’s Gwandad’s birthday.

Yet, I am sure you will have a splendid time and wish you and your families bagfuls of fun!!!

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