Let Me Introduce You To My Latest News

I have been meaning to change the layout of this website to bring to your most immediate attention news of my latest blogs as well as of Indy’s reviews.  But a few readers have started asking me also to start pinpointing visitors of this website to forthcoming events for dogs, and more specifically for Borders of course.

And that is why I have come about putting together this very page, my Latest News, where I aim to keep you informed as quickly and as accurately as I possibly can on events and global, or locally based, news that you may be interested in.

By all means do leave your comments below to let me know if I have missed any relevant events and / or latest news, or if you would like me to publish an event organised by you or a group you are part of.  Or send me an email to: support@livingwithaborderterrier.com or to giulia.indy@hotmail.com


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