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In this section Indy and I would like to review some of the products that we have been using, and some that we have researched about and believe you may to learn more about.  Our main – but not exclusive – supplier is Amazon, as we always find their prices competitive over the ones from pet shops, and they offer a wide range to cater for all canine needs.  The products we show are in GBP price as from Amazon UK but if you are not based in UK, the link will take you to the Amazon site for your country with the relevant currency.

Although Indy and I are going to get a small commission if you purchase from Amazon or any of the other merchandise and services we review and recommend, this by no means affect your retail price, which remains the same whether you make your final purchase via my website or going to the supplier directly.  The small commissions I receive are part of what is called ‘affiliate marketing’, and helps me finance and maintain this website in an effort to share with you guys my experience as dog owner of a Border.  In all our reviews and posts, Indy and I endeavour to give our truthful opinion based on our research and our personal experience with the product.

It is thanks to the support and helpful hand of Wealthy Affiliate that Indy and I could build this blogging website, for which we are eternally grateful.




Naturally, Borders being natural hunters of vermin and burrows, they like games that will reproduce the actions.  If you don’t want to go through the expense of buying toys, one of Indy’s favourite hobbies is munching through an old sock to discover his lovely fluorescent yellow tennis ball inside, or a yummy treat – best entertainment ever!

Likewise, to brush hit teeth I use a normal child-size toothbrush – I have just learnt in fact you can use an old sock as well.

Nevertheless, there are products on the market that, especially as your dog grows older, will aid his or her well being and will give you more peace of mind as a responsible dog owner.

By all means, please leave a comment on this page or on the individual reviewed products if you have suggestions or alternative ideas.



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    Hello Giulia! I really enjoyed your website on border terriers! I got to know more about the breed through the site and the information on the characteristics of the breed. I also enjoyed the articles on taking care of the breed. The website is very professional looking, with the right information on the breed. An important link that I noticed is the “health issues link”. I think a lot of people don’t realize that some dog breeds have more issues than others as far as health.

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      You are right, Israel. Sometimes people buy for the cute face and the physical features of a dog, without searching for the personality and the possible health issues. In fairness, I think heretic impulse buying of dogs is no longer as widely spread as it used to be – breeders or rehoming charities are much more careful nowadays in ensuring that the family the dog goes to can afford to give that dog a happy life – not only financially, for if and when the dog needs medical assistance, but also time and commitment wise.
      I am glad you found my pages of interest, and let me know if I were of any help in persuading you to get a Border! 🙂

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