Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small Dog Sticks – 112 Sticks

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Pedigree Dentastix Fresh 112 Sticks

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Price: £22 approx.

Rating:  8 out of 10



Are Pedigree Dentastix good or bad for your dog’s teeth?  I have recently read several divergent reviews on this product, as there are opinions from owners who do not really see the benefit of this particular stick.  Indy’s ‘Achille’s heel’ has always been his bad teeth.  Whilst we have never been under any false illusion that Dentastix will cure his bad teeth problems, we believe that in feeding Indy a minty stick every day, we’ll contribute to ensure his teeth are kept plaque free for as long as possible.  You are welcome to leave a comment to let me know your experience or your feelings on this product, and I shall endeavour to answer to each and every of you.



I think it is vital that we dog owners give our dogs a dental stick every day to ensure their teeth are kept as plaque free as possible.  The reason why Indy loves Dentastix is because the sticks are hard enough to grant him the chewing action which he so much enjoys, even with the few teeth he has left.  But he also prefers these sticks to others on the market as my Border loves the taste of mint – that extra element which, like in humans, contributes to keeping his breath nice and fresh.  The sticks are available in small, medium and large size, depending on your dog’s weight, and the product comes with a total of 112 stick, which will last you for approximately 16 weeks.


Pros & Cons

You might think these particular sticks are dearer than supermarket branded sticks.  Yet I think the deal offered by Amazon becomes very competitive when you consider you get a supply lasting you nearly 4 months!  Also, unlike other sticks, this tastes of mint and has long chewing action, so twice the winner with your dog.

I rate this product with only an 8 out of 10, given the concerns expressed by some dog owners.  I do believe that affected dogs by this product, whose digestive system has been upset through munching Dentastix may be due to particular health issues relating to that particular dog.

Nevertheless, Dentastix does contain cereals and other ingredients, which are not advisable for dogs suffering with Spike’s Disease or other allergies.  Please read the list of ingredients on the label, and if unsure, I suggest you contact your vet for advice on alternative dental sticks for your dog that may better fit with his/her dietary requirements.








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    I don’t have a dog, yet. I will get one in the future. I think the d?ntal stick is a good idea. I know it’s much better to prevent than to start doing it when your dog has got a serious problem with his teeth. The prize in not to much. I just wonder why you rated it with 8 out of 10. Is it something with the product that’s not good.

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      Nothing is wrong with the product other than maybe the price – that is, if you purchase it in individual packages. But the reason why I link it to Amazon is that if you purchase it from Amazon, and if you then join their subscription scheme, Dentastix become very competitive. As I mention in the review, I have found some – but not many – concerned comments to the good effect of this product on your dog. I can’t stress out enough that in so many years that Indy has had Dentastix, we have never had digestion or any related health problems.
      Thanks for reading ?

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