Pet sunscreen jacket for dogs – Kaka Mall Breathable Cooling Jacket

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Best Buy:  Amazon UK

Price:   approx. £24-29 depending on size

Amazon average rating: 5 out of 5

My rating:  to be confirmed on Indy’s Birthday 🙂


In my last article I mentioned the dangerous effects that the sun can have on our dogs.  Particularly I touched on how to keep dogs cool in hot weather and on natural remedies to treat dog sunburn.

Today however I want to introduce you to – well yes, I shall let you into a secret – what is going to be Indy’s birthday present on his 13th Birthday at the end of June:  the Kaka Breathable Cooling Jacket!



A dog jacket.  What’s so special about this one?

The principal behind the Kaka Mall Breathable Cooling Jacket is in the fact that it actually cools down your dog.  In fact, as it is made of a vest as well as a jacket, joined together by velcro straps, it is meant to keep your dog cooler in the summer as well as warmer in the winter months.

The main feature for the summer months is that this jacket will truely keep your dog cooler.  Before putting the jacket on to your dog, you will soak it in cold water, you will wring it out and then fasten it on your dog.  As the jacket is made of silver mesh and water absorbing material, it convert dog’s body heat as water evaporates and bounces external Heath away from his body.  Now, to me that sounds all very clever!


Features of the Kaka Mall Breathable Cooling Jacket

I shall not go in the very details, which you can find directly on the Amazon website. The basic features however include:

  • 2 colours – the jacket comes in two colours round the neck and legs rims: orange and yellow.
  • 4 sizes – it also comes in a variety of four sizes, hence catering for all breeds.
  • Easy wear – the jacket has an adjustable buckle which makes it easy to wear on your dog and with a double zip to adapt to the size of your dog.
  • Easy to clean – Amazon recommends that this jacket be hand washed, due to the fact that it contains auxiliary alloy to facilitate the sun ray reflection function, but the jacket by its description seems to be very light, therefore hand washing should not become burdensome.
  • Dual function – the jacket comes in two parts: a lighter vest and the actual meshy jacket itself, which fasten together through Velcro strips, as well as a harness to hold your dog safely whilst in the car, or to prevent him or her from lounging towards other dogs during walkies.

What is not clear to me from the description provided in Amazon, is whether the two parts can be worn separately – I am thinking primarily of whether you may want to use only the lighter vest sometimes, purely as a raincoat during summer wet days.  From the pictures included on Amazon, it appears that it is the mesh jacket that has water absorbing qualities and keeps your dog cool, whilst the vest to go above the jacket has light reflecting properties.  So I am wondering whether you could put the vest on your dog only purely for the purpose of keeping sun rays away from his body without giving him or her the cooling action when the weather is not as hot.  This could be equally a helpful feature, particularly in dogs like my Indy, who loves sunbathing, but where due to his cancer history it is so important for his body to be protected by the danger of sunburn.I shall reserve to clarify the above point in a week’s time or so, once I have tested the jacket on Indy.


A very competitive price

OK, let’s talk about Amazon price.  At time of my publishing this review, Amazon retail the jacket at approximately £24-29, depending on the size required.  And in passing, Amazon offers a very clear and detailed size chart for you to order the correct size for your dog.

And I say ‘approximately’, as Amazon offers the delivery for free if you qualify for the free delivery option, but at present it also offers an additional 5% discount when you purchase another item from the Kaka Mall collection of dog products.

Personally I believe the price to be reasonable. When comparing it to other harness jackets for dogs, at times it may result in being a few pounds dearer, but it does offer additional features which other jackets do not have after all.  That is why I have already put my order through for Indy – because I do believe the price to be actually good, given the fact that it will help my Indy stay cooler during his walks or when sunbathing in the garden.  And that, to me, is the main thing.  All the above given, therefore, I think the current price is more than acceptable.


Amazon reviews rate it perfect

This is a new product introduced to Amazon marketplace only recently.  So much so that Amazon has only collected only some 4 reviews.  Nevertheless all reviews are extremely positive!!

Some mention how effecting the jacket is when soaked in water.  It appears that the jacket indeed works excellently as a cooling garment for our dogs.

Likewise, Amazon reviews praise the fact that the jacket covers extensively both torso and chest, therefore protecting the whole body.

And, ultimately, what must not be forgotten is that the jacket appears to be made of very good material.  To the point that praises are made to the fact that the price is excellent bargain for the very good product you get.

Finally, let me mention a word on the sellers of this product.  On searching a little deeper, I found out that Kaka Mall are a Chinese company, primarily specialised on the distribution of dog supplies and accessories.  Now, when it comes to products being distributed or originated from China, some may argue that they have had negative experiences.  It definitely appears not to be the case with Kaka Mall products sold on Amazon Marketplace, nor certainly with the Breathable Cooling Jacket.  None of the reviews available on Amazon so far mention a delay in the delivery, nor a fault to the jacket itself.  Which to me is a rather reassuring element to the purchase.

In other words, Amazon reviews make it all sound like a deal not to be missed!!!


My verdict

As mentioned above, I will revisit this review once I have tested this product on our Indy.  However, from the onset, it appears that this jacket offers all features you need to protect your dog from the sun.

Today, as I am publishing this review, it’s very hot in UK – up to 28C in the south where I am based.  And I already regret not ordering the Kaka Mall Breathable Cooling Jacket for my Indy before.  Because yes, we will take him out for his walk only later tonight when, hopefully, temperatures are going to decrease.  But if we already had this jacket for him, I am sure he would enjoy his walk much more.

I am thinking, here, about Borders or other breeds who, like my Indy, are not naturally attracted to water.  For the last couple of days, as the weather has got warmer, I keep spraying Indy with water using a plant spray bottle.  But our Indy does not even like this method of keeping him refreshed.

If you dog is so anti-water as our Indy, it really sounds like the only alternative to keep him or her fresher in the hotter days may be the Kaka Mall Breathable Cooling Jacket!!!



Best Buy:  Amazon UK

Price:   approx. £24-29 depending on size

Amazon average rating: 5 out of 5

My rating:  to be confirmed on Indy’s Birthday 🙂


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    A Sunscreen Jacket sounds like the coolest thing. Pets deserve the best because they are always so loving and caring and since they cannot provide for themselves, it is good that their owners care for them.

    You have given a detailed review about the Sunscreen Jackets. I could just read the review and decide which one to choose.I am certain your readers will enjoy this post as much as I did.

    Is there any other type of sunscreen protection for dogs beside Jackets?
    Thanks for the post.

    1. // Reply

      Thank you Luna, I am pleased you enjoyed my review. As it happens, I mentioned natural remedies to sunburn in dogs in my last post prior to this one. In the same article, however, I also mentioned products, again retailed by Amazon, to prevent sunburning in our canine friends. It makes me laugh how my Indy hates the hot weather so much, but by the same token he will gladly allow sun rays to ‘roast him up’. And I expect it is with dogs such as my Indy that precautions need to be taken!

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