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Website: tails.com

Price: tailored food = tailored price per month, based on a monthly delivery

Introductory offer: either 2 weeks or 1 month for FREE

Our rating: a massive 5 out of 5!!!


After so much talking about food categories that could affect the well-being of our dogs, particularly if Border Terriers affected by Spike’s Disease, finally I have managed to find a brand of food for dogs, which in fact tailors the food to the health needs our dogs: that’s Tails of course!!!

So, let me tell you today why I think Tails is the very best food for dogs with any digestive condition, as well as for dogs who are simply sensitive or fussy and like a variety to their daily menus.


What’s the idea behind Tails

The idea that prompted to the launch of Tails in 2014 was inspired by a group of dog owners who had been feeding their dog bog standard food that we all can find on supermarket shelves or in pet shops.  Yes, admittedly food for dogs is much more details in its ingredients and suitability, but no food until the launch of Tails was food specifically tailored to your dog’s needs.  

And that’s what these guys did – they did a year of extensive research and trialing before launching this successful brand.  And since then, they have been specialising in creating food that will fit individual needs with the valid input of a group of expertise not only in dog food, but in healthy food too.  These include nutritionists and vets alike, all working to meet the common goal of ensuring that when customers contact Tails.com with specific requirements, those needs are met and fulfilled, so as to ensure our canine friends are … well, so as to ensure they are well therefore happy!


Advantages from using Tails food for your dog

In searching about cause and effects of Spike’s Disease, which particularly Border Terriers seem to be so vulnerable to, I have come to the conclusion that food seems to be the one factor that can help in managing the dreaded fits and cramping in our hounds.

Different theories have been developed in the last decades as to whether to eliminate grains from our dog’s diets, or foods rich in high proteins, such as eggs and red meat.

Luckily, as far as my Indy is concerned, I have never needed to follow specific diets as Spike’s Disease is one condition that Indy has so far never suffered from.  But at times even Indy has suffered to ‘delicate’ tummy.  In the past we were advised by the vet to introduce boiled chicken and rice, which worked on Indy for a period of time.  But eventually we had to revert back to supermarket dog food.  He has been happy with this dietary regime for the last few years, but recently he has started having sensitive tummy again.  And that’s what prompted me to look on dog food packages and their content.

  • Fact: Tails food is freshly made to requirement.

Now, you tell me, isn’t it difficult to find food that may not have rice but will have eggs?  or may not have eggs, but will have beef? or may have chicken, but also rice?!?!?!  Searching for the ideal food is sometimes an impossible mission.

Tails.com Monty
Tails.com is particularly suited to Border Terriers’ needs, when they become intolerant to specific categories of food.

I believe  Tails.com is the ideal food for Border Terriers, and any other breed of dogs, suffering from Spike’s Disease.

Whether, like in dogs affected by Spike’s, you have a specific list of ingredients that must be avoided, and only a few ingredients that you can allow your dog, or whether your dog is simply fussy and likes variety in his / her dietary habits; whether your dog has dental problems even, or suffers from pancreatitis, or is growing older and needs food richer in calcium and antioxidants for improved bone density and anti-aging effects; no matter what the needs are, Tails.com can and will meet your requirements.

But … how do they do it?


How Tails works

The big question is: how does a company make such scheme viable after all?  How does it all work?

In fact, Tails makes it all very easy and customer friendly for us dog owners.  And that’s how.

As you enter Tails website, you are invited to log in through your social media accounts or by giving your email.  You then introduce your dog(s), and literally, all it takes is 5 minutes and no more than that for Tails.com to come up with the ideal combination of ingredients and blends of dry and wet food from over a million recipes available to their database.

Because yes, that’s where the strength of Tails lies: in the fact that they put together such a massive collection of recipes utilising any type of dog friendly ingredients ahead of launching the business, that they can now sustain the demand.

Naturally, that research is still ongoing amongst Tails gurus.  But this is possible whilst their sales are reaching sky high proportions!

  • Fact: did you know that Trustpilot consistently rates Tails with top five stars based on customer feedback!

And as well as tailored ingredients, Tails will advise on ideal daily portions for your dog, and provide you with a perfect-portion scoop which will aid us dog owners in feeding that ideal weight to our dogs.

And finally, if you stay with Tails for a prolonged period of time, as your dog gets older, Tails will propose new recipes for your dog to better suit his / her needs as an older dog.


The price

Yes, it’s only but natural that you may think Tails will be incredibly expensive for the privilege of providing tailored food.  That’s could not be further from the truth.

This is what Tails charge me for a monthly supply for my Indy:

You will also notice that DELIVERY IS FREE in UK in all mainland postcodes.  Unfortunately for the time being, Tails do not deliver outside UK, but you can ask to keep you posted, should they in future extend their services to other countries including yours.


Hurry before you miss your exclusive offer!

I see Tails having an endless number of advantages to their scheme of delivering tailor made food for your dog.  But in the back of your mind you might still worry in case your dog may not like the new food blend and combination.

Like in my case, you may ask: what happens if you spend nearly £10 a month for food that Indy may end up not liking or may react adversely to?  Tails have come up with the best deal ever!!

Tails.com offers either 2 WEEKS FOR FREE or  1 MONTH FOR FREE.  All that Tails asks you to pay is P&P towards delivery costs.

This is an ideal solution to enable you and your dog to test the new recipes offered by Tails specifically for your dog.  Check out on this video if Indy likes his new and uniquely mixed kibble from Tails:

Not only that, but should you dog initial like the new food, but get bored of it a few months later, all you have to do is contact Tails explaining your problem, and they will review the ingredients and the blend combination to make your dog’s diet more varied.

If you ask me, what Tails offers is short of unbeatable !


My verdict

By now you will have realised that I am totally in favour of Tails.  It is a scheme that I had never come across before (and that probably explains their uniqueness and their success), and one that I wish it had been created much sooner.

My Indy has gone through a lot of troubles with his teeth first, then with sensitive digestive system, and more recently with his anal cancer, which in turn implied light food for his post-op recovery as well as food that could convert easily and pain free in not too hard stools.

What we found with Indy is that every time we had problems related to his food, such as with his teeth or with his tummy upset, the vet did give advice, but this was a generic advice for dogs, and not necessarily catered to Indy’s own needs.

Tails is the answer to the problem we have encountered so far.  And I feel Tails is the answer to problems you may have with your dogs, as they respond to the unique information you give about your dog, starting from breed, to weight, age, medical circumstances, etc.

And of course, for all the many reasons mentioned above, I strongly believe Tails.com to be the perfect answer to the many food issues linked to the condition of Spike’s Disease.  Whenever talking CECS, expert veterinarians will all confirm that unfortunately, to this day, CECS is still incurable, but it can certainly be managed with a suitable diet.  Tails can help you exactly with that – not the psedo free of all the food categories shop food is limited in offering, but real tailor made food for your dog.  An opportunity not to be missed.

If you feel you are ready to give it a go, and if you don’t want to miss on the FREE TRIALS Tails.com offers, don’t miss this boat.  Give it a try, and by all means, good or bad, leave your comment below to tell us how you got on.


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    What a fantastic article. Such a great review on such a well established company which i would definately consider using.

    There are not many dog food suppliers out there that would meet your specific requirements to best suit your dogs needs.

    When i lived at my parents with our family dog she had a bad spell of illnesses and was always told about chicken and rice to give a bland diet. Then gradually go back to her normal food, I wish we had knew about this then because my family would have definitely looked into this and tried match our dogs needs to the food we needed for her.

    Again a great article, will definitely be coming back to the website.

    1. // Reply

      Yes, as mentioned in my article, I am in the same predicament, Matt. I wish Tails had been created sooner and I wish I had come across it sooner. But I am reassured that, thankfully, dog owners now will not have to go round blind folded as to which type of food to get for their dogs, particularly when medical needs become a priority.
      Thank you for your support and, hopefully, speak to you soon in one of my next posts 🙂

  2. // Reply

    Wow, what a great idea and to think there is nothing like it in the U.S. aww puwie. Man the price is incredible and that is worth a try. I hope it becomes available outside the U.K one day because it is great. I am always looking for some healthy and affordable to feed my dogs. Thanks for the info!

    1. // Reply

      It is a shame, isn’t it just!! But do keep in touch, Melissa, as I am planning to let you all overseas readers know as soon as Tails spread their wings further afield. And by their success, I’d say hopefully the waiting won’t be too long.

  3. // Reply

    I love this website! I went to Tails.com and put in all the info for both of my dogs. I am actually out of dried food for them today. I am going to have to resort to just the canned food for now. But I am going to finish filling out the surveys for each of my dogs, and give this dog food a try. I like that it is tailored to each one of them.

    1. // Reply

      Let us know how you get on Leahrae. I think the idea of dog food catered for the individual needs of your dog is an absolutely brilliant one. And considering what they deliver in terms of service and quality, I don’t find them expensive at all. But it would be nice to hear your experience too. Do keep in touch!

  4. // Reply

    Great article for me and my family since we are planning to move to UK next year. If so, this becomes really a useful resource. I am equally surprised by the price which is more affordable than I initially thought. When we think customised, we say expensive but Tails.com seem to have it all figured out and at this pricing, it is less burdensome. Your article also brought out a gentle reminder that pets just like animals need to adjust their diets as they age. Compared to spending hundreds for vet care, a healthy diet is the most cost-effective solution.

    1. // Reply

      I couldn’t agree more, Jude, especially for those dog owners like us who too late realised the importance of insuring your dog.
      Good luck with your move to UK in a few months’ time. And, if you are going to get yourself a dog when you come to the country, or if already have your dog who will naturally relocate with you, you may be interested in finding a good pet insurance company. I can recommend Pet Insurance, but there are so many others on the market.
      Do keep in touch! 🙂

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    Great article! Your dog is a cutie! I have 3 of my own so I can understand your motivation and concern for your dog’s tummy. We love our dogs, don’t we? I think it is awesome that Tails has tailored-made food for our dogs. Just like us, every dog is not a one size fits all when it comes to what they can eat. I don’t know why many people do not realize this. I also think Tails trial period is a great idea, so you don’t end up spending money on food that your dog may not like. Great review!

    1. // Reply

      lThank you, Shawna, for your comment. Yes, like you, I agree that it’s a great idea that Tails will offer free trials for our dogs. You are right, so many times I have started Indy on some new food, where I eventually had to chuck away nearly the whole bag of kibble as not kind enough to his tummy. IFor the last few years though, having found the right formula of food for Indy, I was reluctant to try Tails food, however tailored. Until I actually did, that is. Because I must tell you, Indy has been on Tails tailored kibble mix, and he loves it! And the main thing is that this new mix does not seem to have had any ill effect on Indy so far. So, yes, so far so good!

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