Treat your dog on Black Friday week

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Dog shopping
Do not miss out on this year Black Friday to treat your dog!


Some of you may not approve of the commercial nature of this article.  After all you are visiting my website to source info and news about dogs, and more specifically about Border Terriers.  But, given that most of us dog owners enjoy treating our canine best friends and family members, I can’t ignore the fact that it is Amazon Black Friday week this week, and I certainly would not want you to miss out on best Amazon Black Friday deals.


Why Amazon

As you know, from time to time I like to review products or services that our dogs and we owners may benefit from.  We are all partial to some cute Christmas jumpers for our dogs at some point or other.  And Border Terrier owners will certainly agree with me that Kong Classic toys are the best toy and only Border Terrier resistant toy for our munching hounds.

Some services and products I have reviewed so far I may be not sure about, and therefore I shall review them and present them to you with a critical eye.  But in the majority of cases, I would like to bring to your attention products and services that I either have tried, or that I researched about and I think they will be really good.  A good deal, as they say, but not necessarily cheap – a good product for your dog, or a service that will help both you and your dog.

Most merchandise I review you can find on the Amazon pages worldwide.  And that is because I have found from direct experience, Amazon can afford to sell cheaper.  Amazon is my main supplier when it comes to collars and toys.  But I have also got other accessories from Amazon, like the Cooling Mat which I reviewed last year, or the pushchair, which again I recommended after purchasing one one for Indy when he injured his back.

If you have read my past articles, I have at times recommended food supplements sold by Amazon, such as the Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic Health Supplements for dogs, or calming drops to help your dog overcome fear of fireworks or of unexpected knocks at the door.

This year my research in finding best food for dogs has led me to introduce tailor-made food from Tails.  And I have discovered dog minding services such as  Trusted House Sitters and Borrow My Doggy.

In other words, Amazon may not be able to deliver services aimed to the wellbeing of dogs and their owners.  But it still remains ‘above water’ for the supply of a wide range of merchandise and accessories for dogs.


Amazon Black Friday Week Deals

Here’s the news: I am Christian.  And as such, to me Christmas is not about presents.  Or is not about presents only, should I say.  Because yes, I must confess, I am not immune to the secularisation of this period of the year.  And especially when it concerns my Indy.

I will be tempted to buy him the usual extra collar, a nice coat or jumper, a few toys (yes, I did say a few) and some treats.  My argument and reasoning behind it is given by a combination of factors:

  • Now my son is nearly 18, Indy is my toddler, and as such I treat him as I used to treat my son when he was a toddler;
  • I see getting a few toys and extra treats as a way to stock up for the rest of the year, as I then don’t give Indy toys and treats all at once of course (!!).
Amazon Black Friday for dogs 2017
Amazon has deals on both food and accessories for our dogs this year

The whole Christmas shopping exercise can become an expensive affair, even when it concerns buying for our hounds … unless we take advantage of the Black Friday discounted week.

So, here’s some more news for you: Amazon Black Friday Week deals have started!!!

Amazon Black Friday week will last until Sunday 26th November and for once, I have checked and they seem to have very good deals in their pet shop pages too.

I have just read an article today about Black Friday deals this year not bringing as many discounts on the table as customers and retail analysts expected.  I would say that Amazon has gone against the general trend, and for once it offers deals on pet supplies and accessories alike.


The other suppliers

As you know, generally speaking I tend to review products sold by Amazon as Amazon is my supplier for most things I have had to buy for Indy in the course of the last years.  Again, in choosing which retailer to purchase from, I must admit I look at a good deal, as much as at quality.

But Amazon is not our sole supplier.  And as such from time to time I also review services and accessories other suppliers sell.  And lately, I have gone against all my best intentions to avoid reviewing food suppliers, as I felt I could not resist telling you all about how good the service provided by Tails – and the food of course!

Tails as far as I am concerned does not offer additional promotion during this Black Friday period.  But then again, it already offers two deals not to be missed, with the FIRST TWO WEEKS OR FIRST FREE MONTH SUPPLY OF TAILOR-MADE FOOD FOR YOUR DOG.

Likewise, all the other suppliers I have reviewed in the course of this last year do not take part in a special Black Friday promotional sale.  Which is a shame, if you want to know my opinion, because it would make it a good opportunity for us dog owners to try their products out.


My thoughts

I cannot stress this enough: my aim with this website is primarily to share my experience as a dog owner of a Border – I want to share with you the endless joy that having a Border brings you, as well as unfortunately a few tears when my Indy has been ‘under the weather’.

Advising on food or products that may be more or less suitable for Borders, or may be good for specific activities to share with your dog, is also my purpose when writing here.

I do want to help you all find the best deal at the best price, so you can spoil your hounds as you best please.  I hope this Black Friday you can find all you need for you and for your beloved canine children.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the great Amazon Good Friday deals for our dogs!!!





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    Nice post! I will have to send this to all of my dog-lover friends. Thanks for posting!

    1. // Reply

      I think you should, Kayla. As a dog owner myself of course, no, I didn’t want to miss out. ‘Santa’ is doing its shopping for good boy Indy this week! 🙂

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    There are some amazing gift ideas here! and what a great time to purchase over black friday! my dog is a bishon friese and i have had him since i was 10 years old, he loves getting new coats after his coat gets cut so i will definitely be browsing for something warm for him over black friday!

    1. // Reply

      I can imagine he will feel the cold after his coiffures sessions, Coleen, so yes, a new coat for the winter has to be a must :).
      My friends have 2 bishon, brother and sister, and I can see what a lovely fluffy and soft coat they can get. Some breeds of dogs are more willing to wear coat and jumpers, and I think because of their thick long coat, bishops are one of those breeds – when the coat comes off, they do feel the cold more. With Borders, they have a naturally shorter fur coat, so they are less ‘patient’ in wearing any type of garment.
      I hope you will find my articles equally helpful for you, Coleen, and for your fur baby. Keeeeep reading!!

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    I am so glad I found this site! There is so much information that as a dog-mum, is relevant to me, even though my dogs are a different breed.
    I wonder, do you personally use the calming drops that you mentioned? I am interested in trying them with my boys, but only if others have had extreme success with them!

    1. // Reply

      Excellent point, Janice. If you check out my post about how scary sometimes this time of the year can be for all breeds of dog, I mention that it fact I’m quite lucky with my Indy, as he’s quite immune to big scares – or better, he can become a bit busy, but not enough to grant me using calming drops on him. However, I have discovered that the same brand of tablets I use for Indy’s joints is now also making tablets to calm your dog down. Watch this space as I shall review this product in the next few days!

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    Hi Giulia,
    I have no dog at home at the moment, I still looking to find the right one, need to be a small breed and a terrier is in my mind.
    But having no dog at home doesn’t stop me to go and check on dogs toys every time I go to the store, while my husband looks for what he needs at the store (tools mostly).
    I also love to buy dog toys for my sister who has two Chihuahuas and one Xolo.
    I love to read your blog.

    1. // Reply

      Well, do you know what I think? I think your subconscious makes you look for dog toys, as deep down you want a fur baby so much, you are getting ready by stocking up in toys for the future 🙂
      But seriously, I know you’ll be thinking I’m bias – which I probably am. But I strongly recommend a Border: small enough, but not lap dog, so good for earthy and healthy walks. Keep in touch, Alejandra, and let us know when you get a dog. You are welcome to email me pictures at Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Thank you for your promotional toys.
    This article is very useful for dog owners.
    They won’t waste time on searching toys on Amazon for their dogs.

    1. // Reply

      Oh well, thank you for passing by, Eli, and for leaving your comment here. I know there are ever so many retailers selling dog toys – no pet shop has exclusivity nowadays. I just wanted to remind my viewers that Amazon not only has competitive prices over other retailers, but over the Black Friday week, it can propose even more interesting deals. i hope you will let family and friends who own dogs know about it 🙂

  6. // Reply

    Hi Giulia,

    Great article!

    Although my dog is a German shepherd, he loves playing with toys, especially when it’s new:). I am going to check all the deals on Amazon, I am sure I will find some good stuff:) My best friend has three dogs and she will be pleased to buy some toys for them as well. I am sharing this article with her right now!

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    1. // Reply

      Excellent news Daniella, thank you ever so much. And of course I’m sure you are aware Amazon extends its Black Friday offer into today’s Cyber Monday, so you’ve got a few more hours to complete your Christmas shopping, canine or human one 🙂

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