This New Year Treat Your Dog To The Best Range Of Indestructible Toys

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This is not the first time that I write about dog toys. Regrettably it is not an experience I have ever had, as we adopted Indy when he was five years old, but I regularly read that play time for pups is as important in making them balanced and sociable adult dogs, as much as taking them to behaviour classes. I have certainly already spoken about how important play time is for dogs. And I can see that even now, in spite of growing older, Indy still likes and looks for his toys. Because toys stimulate his intelligence and keep his inquisitive nature alive (remember? Borders are a very intelligent breed).

But, like many other Border owners, I know too well how Borders and terriers more in general can ‘kill’ toys in the space of minutes. We stopped giving Indy rubber toys nearly soon after adopting him, as we discovered he would end up swallowing the pieces or rubber – definitely not good. Since then, we have endeavoured to find toys that are suitable for Indy: that is, INDESTRUCTIBLE TOYS FOR DOGS!!!

Indestructible toys
A mountain of indestructible toys … destroyed 🙂


Really indestructible?

If some more renowned brands of dog toys had not already thought to make indestructible dog toys, I’ll be honest, I would have probably attempted to become a bit of a wild inventor trying my magic wand at the task. So it happens, thankfully a lot of manufacturers have taken the bait, and got the message that toys for dogs must provide our canine friends with fun, but in a safe manner.

Times have gone when we used to feed dogs any leftover food from our tables. Human food is not good for dogs.

Well, the same principle is now applicable to dog toys. But, as well as being safe, we owners want toys that will virtually last for ever!

So, before I propose to you a few options, let me tell you whether I really think that indestructible toys are really dog proof. Or at least, whether they are sharp pup milk teeth proof, or terrier proof.

Well, let me burst that babble, because … no, I do not think the ever lasting toy has yet been created. Oops, sorry to disappoint you.


But … really it all depends on how often and how much your dog plays with the same toy,

Let’s take for instance the Classic Kong. Indy has a red one and a black one. The black one, Indy was lucky, as he won it at an Autumn fair organised by our vet surgery. And I am saying he was lucky, as in fact Indy had been stopped from playing with the first red Kong he had been given, after we found he had started munching on the edges. However, since reintroducing the black Classic Kong, Indy has never attempted nibbling at the edges again. We give this toy to Indy to play with regularly with a treat inside and wrapped up in old socks, as this is one of Indy’s favourite indoors activities.

So yes, if not quite indestructible, some dog toys are certainly made to last a very long time for your dog’s enjoyment.

For this reason, they can be a bit more expensive. Which is not big deal, if we know for sure that your dog is not going to kill the new toy within minutes. But, how to be sure that the money we are spending is well worth it?

Let me introduce you to indestructible toys sold by Zooplus!


Zooplus wide range of indestructible toys

Zooplus is not the only online shop I use to purchase toys for Indy. I do occasionally get £1 toys from my local supermarket – they are safe, Indy enjoys them, but they are certainly not indestructible, as Indy munches on them within minutes.

I used to get indestructible toys from Amazon, but I have now found that Zooplus has a much wider range, and at competitive prices.

The advantage with Zooplus is that, being a European company, it sources its products from across Europe rather than only UK. So, as well as the very renowned Kong brand, Zooplus proposes many other ones, such as Nerf and Nylabone.

Today, I would like to propose to you a few toys which have caught my attention for the perfect balance between durability, safety and fun.


Nothing beats Kong

Yes, Kong has survived the test of time with our Indy. Kong Classic is not the only Kong toy Zooplus has on offer. In fact, Indy finds that Kong tennis balls are also indestructible to him!

I could – and probably will, one day – write an article solely dedicated to Kong toy range. But for now let me point out that yes, Kong toys do last far longer than many cheaper dog toys on the market, but with Zooplus they retail at a far more competitive price than anywhere else.

Did I mention that currently Zooplus has many toys discounted as part of the Boxing Day period discount? And did I also mention that Zooplus offers 5% on the first order of any new customers?


Nylabone, for chewing Borders

This is a new brand I had never come across before starting looking on Zooplus. The uniqueness of this brand is in the fact that it specialises in reproducing chewable bones or antlers using a special nylon based material – but safe, of course.

Indestructible Gingerbread Man
Indy’s indestructible Gingerbread Man is meant to keep squeaking even after the squeaker has been punctured

The other peculiarity is that Nylabone uses flavouring agents on its toys, so that chewing a fake bone can become even more enticing for your dog, who will then be entertained for long periods of time.

I deem Nylabone toys most suitable to Borders, if your Border enjoying chewing like my Indy. I find it also most suited in preventing teeth problems, or for those dogs like my Indy who has always been naturally inclined to gum disease. The chewing action for a prolonged period of time helps your dog keep those teeth clean and those bad gums disinfected.


Innovative Beco

But it is with the brand Beco that Zooplus breaks all grounds. Because Beco makes biodegradable toys, which will break to landfill over a period of 3-5 when no longer good to use. In doing so, however, Beco have not compromised in durability of their dog toy range, as in fact their toys are as ‘Border resistant’ as any other brand.

The distinctive mark of Beco is the use of natural material, such as rubber or material resulting from recycled plastic bottles. At Beco too they sent toys with fragrances and flavours that your dog is partial too. But they ensure durability is matched to the one of other brands, for instance by double stitching textile based toys.


Zooplus additional perks

  • FREE DELIVERY: The additional perk of purchasing toys from Zooplus of course is that for orders of the value of £29 or more delivery is FREE.

    Zooplus Points and Free Delivery
    Zooplus has an excellent loyalty point scheme, as well as free delivery on orders over £29

  • FREEBIES WITH LOYALTY POINTS: Not only that, but Zooplus has a loyalty point scheme, where you get the first 100 points by simply subscribing to their newsletter. You then accumulate points for every order you place, and you can then redeem points for free toys or accessories from a wide choice of merchandise.


Dogs’ love affair with antlers

After so much talking about indestructible toys, I can’t leave you today without sparing a word in favour of antlers.

Yes, I am referring to reindeer’ antlers. Dogs love chewing on antlers for hours on end.

What some dog owners dispute is the safety aspect of antlers It’s hard to believe, as all reindeer are the same, and all antlers should be the same. But, like with meat bones, antlers are treated prior to being distributed to pet shop retailers. It is said that if the antler is of poor quality in the way it has been treated, it can splinter. I don’t know if you have ever allowed your dog to chew on an antler. But it would be interesting to know if you have had any bad experience. You are welcome to drop a line in the Comment space below.

Indy has only had an antler since being with us. I purchased his antler from Zooplus some three years ago. And he is still playing with it to this day. In spite of Indy being left with only a few teeth, he has managed to churn the tip of the antlers to make them soft and moist.

Antlers are the real indestructible ‘toy’ for dogs. For this reason, antlers are dearer than purchasing a toy for your hound, but then again, they truly last forever!

Indy loves his antler
Indy has been chewing away at his Zooplus antler for the last 2-3 years!


Indy's Reindeer Antler
Indy still has a lot of munching to do on his Zooplus antler!




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    We have 2 white German shepherds who are out of the chewing phase now. But my daughter often brings her 1 year old American Bullie to stay with us, and he is a chewer! She brings over one of his reindeer antlers, and he’s happy for an hour! We’ve never had any problems with it splintering.

    1. // Reply

      Very good to hear!! I must say, as mentioned in my article, my Indy has never found splinters either, but I can appreciate the concern of those whose dogs had a bad experience. That’s why I think it’s vital to get good quality antlers. I can vouch for the Zooplus one, as it’s the one my Indy has been chewing for so long.
      Thank you for your contribution, it’s really appreciated. And I’m hoping you will come back for more feedback 🙂

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    While I don’t have a dog myself, my brother has a Husky/Shepard mix that also loves to play and destroy his toys. I’ll have to send this post his way to give him some ideas for toys that will last Koda more than 5 minutes.

    Thanks for taking the time to share what you’ve learned!

    1. // Reply

      Brittany, it’s my pleasure. At the end of the day, that’s what having a dog related website is all about: sharing each other’s experience, so we can help and support each other.
      I hope your brother will find my advice useful. By all means, tell him he is welcome to leave a comment too, should he have any concerns or further questions. I can understand his predicament with his Koda. Like Koda, my Indy will no longer chew furniture, as I am guessing he may have done when he was a pup, but he loooves to chew toys!!!

  3. // Reply

    I have a friend that adores her dog so much. I am planning to get a dog myself. But since I don’t have a dog right now. I am going to share this article with her and I am sure she is going to love it. thank you so much for sharing.

  4. // Reply

    all vet advice is to avoid antlers as they cause dental problems which are expensive to treat!

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for the advice James. I shall definitely research more into this, as I was on the impression that biting on harder objects such as antlers may actually be good for your dog’s teeth. I only know too well how painful it can be for your dog to have rotten teeth – and how expensive it is for the dog’s owner!! Indy has had nearly all teeth removed with two surgeries. The least I would want is for other owners and their dogs to go through what we had to.
      Thanks for the sound advice, you should see more on this website in due course 🙂

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