Where are dogs allowed? – Part Two

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I am just back from one of my usual visits to Italy, and wanted to post a quick update following from our previous blog Where Are Dogs Allowed.  This time I manage to take pictures (with owners’ permission of course), and here you have them, to prove that other European countries indeed are more lenient allowing dog owners access in retail and food premises with their hounds:

Dog at Chinese Restaurant in Italy       I love shopping with mum in Italian supermarkets


Give my dog a chance!

The first picture was taken in a Chinese restaurant – the dog was on a lead latched to his ‘dad”s chair, long enough to enable to comfortably sit at his owners’ feet or in between their chairs.  The family had been given a table in a corner, so they would create as little disturbance to other guests as possible.  The dog was well behaved at all times.

I took the second picture in the supermarket chain Panorama the following day, on Monday, after witnessing again the most behaved dog, who kept sitting calmly but almost defiantly on the seat of the shopping trolley for the whole time that his ‘mum’ and human ‘sister’ did their food shopping.  And the defiance of this cute dog stood in the fact that he reminded me of when small children are allowed a privileged position, something that not all other children get to do – this dog was safely tied to the trolley by his harness, and again he kept looking at you as if he knew he was sitting not in a supermarket trolley, but on the throne!

These 2 examples go to prove that you can have dogs in retail premises, provided the owners are responsible ones and take all precautions in ensuring their hound does not cause havoc.  I am sure should this have happened, the 2 families in their respective circumstances would have been asked to leave.  But it is also true that the dogs had been trained to well behave because their owners, and society, had given them a chance.


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    Hi Giulia
    Love the picture of the dog in the trolley, and he/she looks so happy to be there too. It is a real shame that the majority of the world is so strict about where dogs are allowed. It’s great to see that Italy has a more lenient approach. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you, Jessie, for reading through and for taking an interest. It is reassuring knowing that there are people out there that understand your view point. Once again, thank you ever so much. Giulia ?

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