YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplements for Stiff and Older Dogs

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YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement Tables
YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement Tables

Best Buy:  Amazon.co.uk

Price:  £18 approx. for 120 tablets

Rating:  9 out of 10




It is scary to see your dog getting older under your own eyes, and struggling with every day tasks which only a few months ago he/she was still capable of carrying out.  And it is more so difficult to accept that your dog is growing older at a faster pace than you.  With that comes the realisation that, one day (and far from me wanting to fall into the morbid) your best friend will run to the greener pastures.

It is natural instinct of any parent – sorry, I mean dog owner – to want to prolong your dog’s life as for ahead as possible.  Likewise, I suspect it is so with every dog owner, and it is certainly so for me, to want to ensure that my Indy’s last years are to be the most comfortable ever – pain free and still full of fun and love.

One of older dogs’ health problems symptoms is achy and painful joints.  Like with us humans, I suspect.  How to tell if your dog is in pain?  I certainly have noticed so in Indy.  My Indy is now virtually back to normal, where he can go up and down stairs, he can jump on and off the sofa, he is back to being the happy dog he was prior to the injury.  And yet we have noticed he started slowing down in terms of energy and, in spite of what he can still do, agility.

Yes, Indy will still do stairs, but we prefer to carry him, and yes, of course Indy still enjoys his walks, but the walks are never as long as they used to be, and with much reduced amount of running.  In other words, and as hard as it is for me to admit it, Indy is growing older, and his legs and hips are ageing too.



Ouch, it hurts
Ouch, it hurts

So, how to try to reduce Indy’s stiffness?  I have been using supplements now since Indy was 10 years of age.  But recently I have discovered on Amazon, and purely by accident, this new produce, YuMOVE Joint Supplements, wanted to try them, and, well I firmly believe that not only they maintain Indy lubricated in his joints and muscles, but they probably contributed to his recovery from his injury.

Amazon retails YuMOVE at approx. £17.95 currently (with free delivery in UK, but check with your local Amazon site) for a tab of 120.  Which means, for small dog the size of Borders, feeding them no more than a tablet per day and the tab lasting 3 months.

So, what are these new tablets made of?  Well, amongst other ingredients, they contain glucosamine HCl and green lipped mussels extracts, which are deemed to be two of the most effective elements to help in the slow down of joint cartilage.  But YouMove also contains vitamin C and E, which are good respectively to strengthen the immuno-system and for slowing down the ageing process.

I feed Indy the one tablet daily in his breakfast along with his dry food, and, in spite of his few teeth left, he manages to chew it and he seems to like it.  However I read that, if you have a bigger size dog and you need to administer more than one tablet, it is advisable that you spread the quantity (I believe for big dogs no more than 3 a day) throughout his/her meals in the course of the day.


Pros & Cons

Starting with the cons, maybe this product is not one of the cheapest on the market.  I think especially if you have a bigger size dog and have to use more than one tablet a day, then I guess the expense can become a steep one over time when you have to reorder more regularly.  Amazon offers a bigger tab with 300 tablets, and a smaller one.  You may want to do your maths and work out which one is more convenient for you.

On the other hand, Amazon also offers YuMOVE under the Subscribe & Save scheme, where if you subscribe to regular repeat orders, you end up saving money.  Very hand scheme, which I use also for other products, as I don’t have to remember to order again, and I save monies at the same time.

Older dogs need help with their joints
Older dogs need help with their joints

Advantages of carrying on to purchasing YuMOVE, in spite of being slightly overpriced?  Well, it simply works.  I have found out, since starting using it on Indy, that other friends of mine had also started using it for their bigger sized dogs (and it is deemed that the bigger the dog,  the more joint problems he/she will suffer with and sooner in life), and on recommendation by their vets.  It appears that the beneficial effects of YuMOVE on canine health has been proven over time.  I can certainly vouch for the well this product is doing on Indy!!





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    Hi, i have gone through your website and i personally appreciate the niche and the cause which you have chosen for helping dogs which are facing health problems. i hope your website will reach out to all the suffering dogs owners and will help them to solve their pets suffering. wish you all the very best for your website and your future.

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      Thank you for taking your time to skip through my pages and for reading my review. And thanks for your support. As I often mention, I do not claim to scientific knowledge, but my aim is to purely share with others my experience as a dog owner to a Border. More so, therefore, your words are encouraging and mean a lot. Giulia :

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